StarTimes is a Chinese company operating in over 30 countries and with a strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya. StarTimes Kenya offers both satellite and antenna TV packages with a wide range of channels ranging from live premium sports like Bundesliga, RSL and COPPA Italia, as well as kids’ entertainment, movies, news and documentaries.

StarTimes TV Kenya offers two types of decoders to its viewers; DHT (Direct To Home) and DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television).

If you are using a satellite dish with a satellite decoder to receive Startimes TV channels, then you are using the DHT technology.

Startimes DHT decoder

Startimes DHT Dish (Satellite) decoder

On the other hand, if your decoder only requires an aerial to receive Nyota, Basic and Classic packages, then your decoder is DTT type.

Startimes aerial decoder (DTT)

Startimes DTT (Aerial) decoder

The aerial decoder is currently going for Ksh: 1,699 plus a one-month classic bouquet. The satellite full kit is being offered at Ksh. 3,499 and comes with a one-month free super bouquet subscription, renewable at Ksh. 1,799. The  StarTimes satellite kit comes bundled with a combo decoder, a satellite dish, and a coaxial cable.

The combo decoder alone goes for Ksh. 2,000 at various leading supermarket outlets and StarTimes offices countrywide. The combo decoder has options to use both a TV Arial as well as a satellite dish. Remember prices may change at any time.

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StarTimes Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices

StarTimes Kenya has 3 packages for Satellite subscribers and 4 packages for antenna subscribers.

Satellite TV Packages

With the StarTimes satellite decoder, you can get access to the following 4 packages:

  • Nova Package: Ksh. 549
  • Smart Package: Ksh. 1,119
  • Super Package: Ksh. 1,799
  • Chinese Package: Ksh. 2,300

Antenna TV Packages

The StarTimes aerial decoder offers the following packages:

Package Price per Month Number of Channels
StarTimes Nyota Ksh. 329 35+
StarTimes Basic Ksh. 749 56+
StarTimes Classic Ksh. 1,149 75+

You can pay an additional Ksh. 150 on top of your normal Nyota or Basic bouquet to access all the kids’ channels on the StarTimes aerial decoder.

StarTimes Nyota Package Channels

This is the most affordable package and comes with over 35 channels, in addition to all free-to-air channels in Kenya.

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST KungFu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. ST Sports Focus
  7. CGTN News
  8. Al Jazeera
  9. Jim Jam
  10. Elimu TV
  11. God TV
  12. AMC Movies
  13. Border TV
  14. Rembo TV
  15. KBC
  16. NTV Kenya
  17. K24
  18. KTN Home
  19. Citizen TV
  20. PPP TV
  21. MBCI
  22. Ebru Africa

StarTimes Kenya Basic Package Channels

The Startimes basic bouquet has more sports channels than the Nyota bouquet. The basic package has these channels in addition to all the local free-to-air stations:

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST KungFu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. AMC Movies
  7. PBO
  8. TNT Africa
  9. Rembo TV
  10. Border TV
  11. Zee One
  12. Mambo TV
  13. TV 3
  14. Novela E
  15. Star Life
  16. ST Bollywood
  17. Zee BollyMovies
  18. Zee Cinema
  19. TDC
  20. ST Bongo
  21. BTV
  22. ST Sports Focus
  23. ST Sports Arena
  24. ST Sports Life
  25. Real Madrid
  26. ESPN
  27. MUTV
  28. God TV
  29. Emmanuel TV
  30. Trace Mziki
  31. Trace Africa
  32. Jim Jam
  33. ST Kids
  34. Toonami
  35. Da Vinci
  36. Elimu TV
  37. Kartoon
  38. CGTN News
  39. Al Jazeera
  40. CNC World
  41. BBC World News
  42. Sky News
  43. Nat Geo Wild
  44. CGTN Documentary
  45. KBC
  46. NTV Kenya
  47. K24
  48. KTN Home
  49. Citizen TV
  50. PPP TV
  51. MBCI
  52. Ebru Africa
  53. FilmBox Action
  54. CBS Reality
  55. CBS Justice

StarTimes Classic Package Channels

The classic package is the highest premium package, with over 60 premium TV channels, plus local free-to-air stations.

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST Kungfu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. ST Movie Plus
  7. FilmBox Action
  8. ST Nollywood
  9. AMC Movies
  10. ST Novela E
  11. Star Life
  12. ST Bollywood
  13. Zee BollyMovies
  14. Zee Cinema
  15. ST Novela E Plus
  16. ST Bongo
  17. PBO
  18. Zee One
  19. Rembo TV
  20. TNT Africa
  21. TDC
  22. Border TV
  23. Mambo TV
  24. TV 3
  25. BTV
  26. ST Sports Focus
  27. ST Sports Arena
  28. ST Sports Premium
  29. ST Sports Life
  30. World Football
  31. W Sport
  32. Real Madrid
  33. ESPN
  34. ESPN 2
  35. MUTV
  36. CGTN News
  37. BBC World News
  38. CNC World
  39. Aljazeera
  40. Fox News
  41. Sky News
  42. God TV
  43. Emmanuel TV
  44. Trace Mziki
  45. Trace Africa
  46. ST Kids
  47. Toonami
  48. Da Vinci
  49. Baby TV
  50. Jim Jam
  51. Kartoon
  52. Elimu TV
  53. National Geographic Channel
  54. Nat Geo Wild
  55. E!
  56. CGTN Documentary
  57. KBC
  58. NTV Kenya
  59. K24
  60. MBCI
  61. KTN Home
  62. Ebru Africa
  63. Citizen TV
  64. PPP TV
  65. CBS Reality
  66. CBS Justice

Startimes Kids’ Channels

Startimes Kids Channels

Startimes kids channels

The young and the young at heart can get access to the following kids’ channels on StarTimes TV:

  1. Elimu TV
  2. ST Kids
  3. JimJam
  4. Kartoon
  5. Toonami
  6. DaVinci Kids
  7. Akili Kids
  8. CBeebies
  9. Mindset Learn
  10. Canal J

You can get access to the above children’s channels by paying an extra Ksh. 150 on your nyota or basic package.

StarTimes Daily and Weekly Charges

startimes daily, weekly, monthly packages cost

You can also pay for your StartTimes bouquet package on a daily or weekly subscription;

  • Nyota bouquet: Ksh. 25 per day or Ksh. 100 per week
  • Basic bouquet: Ksh. 60 per day or Ksh. 220 per week
  • Classic bouquet: Ksh. 85 per day or Ksh. 340 per week

How to Pay for StarTimes Kenya Packages and Channels by MPESA

To pay StarTimes via MPesa paybill:

  • Go to MPesa menu and Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select Pay bill and enter the StarTimes business number 585858
  • Enter your StarTimes Smart Card number as the Account number
  • Key in the amount of the package you want to pay
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and send
  • You will receive text messages from Mpesa and StarTimes confirming the transaction

How to Change StarTimes Bouquet by Phone:

You can upgrade or downgrade your StarTimes package through the selfcare USSD code *858# on Safaricom and Airtel lines.

Follow more instructions in this article: How to Change StarTimes Package, Upgrade or Downgrade. Just make sure you have your decoder Smart Card Number before initiating the switch.

StarTimes Kenya Customer Care Contacts

For issues concerning StarTimes services, you can contact customer care through the mobile number 0719077077. StarTimes Offices (Headquarters) are located at Victoria Towers, Kilimanjaro Road, Ground floor,  Upper Hill, Opposite Crown Plaza.

You can also get some assistance through the StarTimes self-care USSD code *858# available on Safaricom and Airtel networks. You can also visit a StarTimes office near you for further assistance.

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