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70 Loan Apps Without CRB Check in Kenya in 2024

Loan apps that never check your CRB status

Ever applied for an emergency loan and gotten rejected due to a low CRB score? Worry no more! The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has blocked about 70 loan apps from accessing your CRB information or blacklisting you on the system. This means these apps can’t check your credit history before offering a loan or report any late payments to CRBs.

Here’s the catch: most loan apps in Kenya still assess your borrowing history, but they do it differently. They might look at your mobile money transactions, like Mpesa messages, to get a sense of your income and spending habits.

This means you might only qualify for smaller loans at first.

But the good news is, as you continue to borrow responsibly and repay your loans on time, these apps will build trust with you. Over time they will gradually increase your loan limit, and give you access to larger loan offers.

So, even with a low CRB score, there are still options for getting a loan in Kenya. Just be sure to choose a CBK-approved app, borrow responsibly, and repay on time to build a good reputation with these lenders.

mobile loan apps not requiring CRB check
Non CRB loan apps in Kenya

Loan Apps that Never Check Your CRB Status to Give You a Loan

  1. Afrika loans
  2. Aspira
  3. Branch Loan app
  4. Carbon
  5. Craft loan app
  6. Dolax loan app
  7. Duta
  8. Eazzy Loans
  9. Fadhili Loan app
  10. Fair Branch: Instantly and Accuracy
  11. Fair Money
  12. Fintech Loans
  13. FlashPesa
  14. Fuliza Branch
  15. Fululiza Senti
  16. Hela Pesa
  17. HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to MPESA
  18. Hikash
  19. i-Save Mobile
  20. Imarika Credit
  21. Instant Cash- Reliable Money
  22. Investor
  23. iPesa
  24. Izwa Loans
  25. Kano Loan App
  26. Kash Pesa Loans
  27. Kashway
  28. Kava Personal Loans
  29. Kenya Quick Loan Shop
  30. Kenya Quick Loans Market
  31. Kopa Jirani
  32. Kua
  33. Kuwazo
  34. Lendi Mkopo
  35. Lendy Loans
  36. LionCash
  37. Loanika
  38. Loans Chap Chap
  39. M-Kopa
  40. M-KOPAY
  41. MB-Kash
  42. MKash Bee
  43. Mshiko Chap
  44. Okash
  45. Okoa 0% Interest Loans
  46. Okoa Cash Loans
  47. Okoa Pesa pap
  48. Okolea
  49. Okolea Quick Loans
  50. Opesa
  51. Palm Loans Kenya
  52. PesaFlash
  53. PesaPata
  54. Peso Loans
  55. Pezesha
  56. Phedha Loans
  57. Saida
  58. Senti
  59. Stawika
  60. Tala Loan app
  61. Top Loan Lenders
  62. TumaPesa
  63. Tunzi
  64. UbaPesa
  65. Umba (Formerly Mkopo Kaka)
  66. Upazi loan app
  67. Utajiri loan app
  68. Zash Loan
  69. Zenka Loan app

And here are the best loan apps without CRB Check in Kenya:

How to apply for eazzy loan


Remember, even with a low CRB score, you still have options for responsible borrowing in Kenya. Choose a CBK-approved app, borrow only what you can afford, and repay on time to build trust and unlock access to larger loans in the future.

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