KCSE Topical Questions

Here are the KCSE topical questions revision papers for all common subjects in secondary school. The revision exam papers are arranged by the subject and topics in each class or form. The format of the papers is pdf so that your smartphones can be able to open the papers easily. You can preview the pdf format KCSE revision papers before you download them to your device or print them.

You can click on each link to visit the page where you will find all the topical questions in each subject. You will find all the topical questions arranged by the class or form in the secondary school syllabus.

Some topical revision papers have answers attached at the end of the questions within the same document. We shall try our best to avail answers or marking scheme to all the topical questions and these revision papers.


Agriculture Topical Questions

Biology Topical Questions

CRE Topical Questions

History Topical Questions

English Topical Questions

Kiswahili Topical Questions

Business Studies Topical Questions

Geography Topical Questions

Chemistry Topical Questions

Physics Topical Questions

MathematicsTopical Questions


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