About Us

At jitimu.com we strive to give reliable information on current affairs in the education sector in Kenya and around the globe. Students will find in-depth information on careers to help them make informed decisions when choosing a career path.

The following list presents some of the services we provide at this website:

  • We offer in-depth career guidance to students wishing to join various technical/vocational colleges and universities
  • We bring news on current matters touching on the education sector
  • We provide ultimate guides and tutorials on various technical matters that are of daily concern
  • We also have a section to guide young minds and the young at heart on STEM subjects. Students are given a step by step guide on hands-on technical activities which include using microcontrollers like Arduino to make interesting gadgets.
  • Teachers will benefit from teaching notes, editable schemes of work, syllabus booklets and other materials
  • We provide top-notch handpicked revision papers and past KCSE papers to help students adequately prepare for any exam.