Free Revision Papers, Notes and Schemes of Work ยป MOCK Revision Papers for Secondary Schools with Answers (Free, Including 2023)

We have selected good free mock exam revision papers from major schools in Kenya to help you prepare adequately for your KCSE and school internal exams. These revision past papers are in a format that is easy to print and read on any Android smartphone or computer.

The free secondary school MOCK revision papers come with complete question papers and marking schemes in PDF format or editable format, each in separate documents.

Feel free to download and make good use of the mock exam past papers below to assist you to prepare well for your exams:

2023 Mock Past Papers with Marking Schemes

2022 Mock Trial Papers With Answers

2021 Mock Papers With Answers

2020 Inter-School Mock Papers

2019 MOKASA Pre-Mock Exams with Answers

These mock revision papers contain the questions in the upper pages and the answers or marking scheme at the end within the same document.

Click on the mock revision paper you want to download, view, or print.

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