List of StarTimes Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices in 2023

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StarTimes is a Chinese company operating in over 30 countries and with a strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya. StarTimes Kenya offers both satellite and antenna TV packages with a wide range of channels ranging from live premium sports, kids’ entertainment, movies, news and documentaries.

StarTimes Kenya services comprise DHT (Direct To Home) and DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). If you are using a satellite dish with a satellite decoder to receive Startimes TV channels, then you are using the DHT technology.

On the other hand, if your decoder is connected to an aerial or antenna, then your decoder is DTT type.

StarTimes Aerial decoder

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The aerial decoder is currently going for Ksh. 1,199 plus a one-month classic bouquet. The satellite full kit is being offered at Ksh. 2,999 and comes with a one-month free super bouquet subscription, renewable at Ksh. 1,599. The  StarTimes satellite kit comes bundled with a combo decoder, a satellite dish, and a coaxial cable.

The combo decoder alone goes for Ksh. 2,000 at various leading supermarket outlets and StarTimes offices countrywide. The combo decoder has options to use both a TV Arial as well as a satellite dish.

StarTimes Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices

StarTimes Kenya has 3 packages for Satellite and 4 packages for antenna or (aerial) digital television.

Startimes Kids Channels

Startimes kids channels

Satellite TV Packages

The combo satellite decoder gives you access to the following packages:

  • Nova Package: Ksh. 449
  • Smart Package: Ksh. 1,059
  • Super Package: Ksh. 1,599
  • Chinese Package: Ksh. 1999
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Antenna Digital TV Packages

The StarTimes aerial decoder offers the following packages:

Package Price per Month Number of Channels
StarTimes Nyota Ksh. 299 35+
StarTimes Basic Ksh. 649 56+
StarTimes Classic Ksh. 999 75+

StarTimes Daily and Weekly Charges

You can also pay for your StartTimes bouquet package on a daily or weekly subscription;

  • Nyota bouquet: Ksh. 25 per day or Ksh. 100 per week
  • Basic bouquet: Ksh. 60 per day or Ksh. 220 per week
  • Classic bouquet: Ksh. 85 per day or Ksh. 340 per week

startimes daily, weekly, monthly packages cost

StarTimes Nyota Package Channels

This is the most affordable package and comes with over 35 channels, in addition to all free-to-air channels.

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST KungFu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. ST Sports Focus
  7. CGTN News
  8. Al Jazeera
  9. Jim Jam
  10. Elimu TV
  11. God TV
  12. AMC Movies
  13. Border TV
  14. Rembo TV
  15. KBC
  16. NTV Kenya
  17. K24
  18. KTN Home
  19. Citizen TV
  20. PPP TV
  21. MBCI
  22. Ebru Africa

StarTimes Kenya Basic Package Channels

The Startimes basic bouquet has more sports channels than the Nyota bouquet. The basic package has these channels in addition to all the local free-to-air stations:

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST KungFu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. AMC Movies
  7. PBO
  8. TNT Africa
  9. Rembo TV
  10. Border TV
  11. Zee One
  12. Mambo TV
  13. TV 3
  14. Novela E
  15. Star Life
  16. ST Bollywood
  17. Zee BollyMovies
  18. Zee Cinema
  19. TDC
  20. ST Bongo
  21. BTV
  22. ST Sports Focus
  23. ST Sports Arena
  24. ST Sports Life
  25. Real Madrid
  26. ESPN
  27. MUTV
  28. God TV
  29. Emmanuel TV
  30. Trace Mziki
  31. Trace Africa
  32. Jim Jam
  33. ST Kids
  34. Toonami
  35. Da Vinci
  36. Elimu TV
  37. Kartoon
  38. CGTN News
  39. Al Jazeera
  40. CNC World
  41. BBC World News
  42. Sky News
  43. Nat Geo Wild
  44. CGTN Documentary
  45. KBC
  46. NTV Kenya
  47. K24
  48. KTN Home
  49. Citizen TV
  50. PPP TV
  51. MBCI
  52. Ebru Africa
  53. FilmBox Action
  54. CBS Reality
  55. CBS Justice
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StarTimes Classic Package Channels

The classic package is the highest premium package and comes with over 60 premium tv channels, plus local stations.

  1. ST Zone
  2. ST Sino Drama
  3. E-Stars
  4. ST Kungfu
  5. ST Swahili
  6. ST Movie Plus
  7. FilmBox Action
  8. ST Nollywood
  9. AMC Movies
  10. ST Novela E
  11. Star Life
  12. ST Bollywood
  13. Zee BollyMovies
  14. Zee Cinema
  15. ST Novela E Plus
  16. ST Bongo
  17. PBO
  18. Zee One
  19. Rembo TV
  20. TNT Africa
  21. TDC
  22. Border TV
  23. Mambo TV
  24. TV 3
  25. BTV
  26. ST Sports Focus
  27. ST Sports Arena
  28. ST Sports Premium
  29. ST Sports Life
  30. World Football
  31. W Sport
  32. Real Madrid
  33. ESPN
  34. ESPN 2
  35. MUTV
  36. CGTN News
  37. BBC World News
  38. CNC World
  39. Aljazeera
  40. Fox News
  41. Sky News
  42. God TV
  43. Emmanuel TV
  44. Trace Mziki
  45. Trace Africa
  46. ST Kids
  47. Toonami
  48. Da Vinci
  49. Baby TV
  50. Jim Jam
  51. Kartoon
  52. Elimu TV
  53. National Geographic Channel
  54. Nat Geo Wild
  55. E!
  56. CGTN Documentary
  57. KBC
  58. NTV Kenya
  59. K24
  60. MBCI
  61. KTN Home
  62. Ebru Africa
  63. Citizen TV
  64. PPP TV
  65. CBS Reality
  66. CBS Justice

Startimes has the following kids channels:

  1. Elimu TV
  2. ST Kids
  3. JimJam
  4. Kartoon
  5. Toonami
  6. DaVinci Kids
  7. Akili Kids
  8. CBeebies
  9. Mindset Learn
  10. Canal J

How to Pay for StarTimes Kenya Packages and Channels by MPESA

  • Select Lipa na Mpesa from Mpesa Menu
  • Select Pay bill and enter the StarTimes business number: 585858
  • Enter your StarTimes Smart Card number as the Account number
  • Key in the amount of the package you want to pay
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and send
  • You will receive text messages from Mpesa and StarTimes confirming the transaction
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How to Change StarTimes Bouquet by Phone:

  • Dial and call *858# on either Safaricom or Airtel line
  • From the on-screen menu, select the option Change Package
  • Choose decoder type; Digital Decoder (Antenna) or Dish Decoder (Satellite)
  • Choose your bouquet
  • Input your Smart Card Number (First 11 digits)
  • Follow through with instructions to complete the switch of the StarTimes package
  • You can also call the StarTimes customer care line listed below for assistance

StarTimes Kenya Customer Care Contacts

For issues concerning StarTimes services, you can contact customer care through the mobile number 0719077077. StarTimes Offices (Headquarters) are located at Victoria Towers, Kilimanjaro Road, Ground floor,  Upper Hill, Opposite Crown Plaza.

You can also contact StarTimes using the self-care USSD code *858# on Safaricom or Airtel lines. You can also visit a StarTimes office near you.

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  1. Alex

    I am your customer but ita difficult. to get to you. . have paid 320 for smart kindly. check its for how long. was paying for one week. decorder.. no 01713335443

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Kindly contact StarTimes customer care on 0719077077 to assist you

  2. Jane

    Do they really answer? It seems permanently engaged

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Hi Jane. They answer. Perhaps it’s a technical hitch.

  3. Irene

    How can i use coupon

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Kindly use the StarTimes app for quick self-service actions like recharge and live chat with customer care.

  4. Felix

    Channel 57 & 79 lost, two wks now

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Kindly contact Startimes customer care on 0719077077 for assistance.

  5. Dorcad

    Is there Edu Channel on the Startimes satellite Dish?

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Yes. Edu Channel is among the local TV stations present on StarTimes Dish service

  6. Ken Majanga

    Is there BTV on Nyota bouquet?

  7. Abdinoor

    Can I get somali channels in star times

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Startimes does not have Somali channels apart from those available in free to air channels like STN.Try Zuku tv services instead. Zuku have some Somali channels.

  8. kelvin

    which bouqet supports europa league?

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Go for the highest bouquet to benefit from premium sport channels.

  9. Paul oduor

    I want to pay my bro’s decorder, account no.02133798082 and its been lying unused for long..will it be activated to viewing?

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Yes startimes does not deactivate dormant accounts. You can contact customer care on 0719077077 for queries regarding reactivation or change of bouquet.

  10. Paul oduor

    Activate account;02133798082

  11. Mercy Ochieng

    Some channels are not showing like AMC and Nollywood and if I pay 90shiloings for a day at 1am what time will it end????

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Please call startimes customer care on 0719077077 to be assisted.

  12. Kipkemoi collins

    I want to watch Europe which daily pages could I paid

  13. Josh

    I have two decorders… One shows local channels without being paid… And the other…one until I pay that’s when it starts to show things on screen whats what’s the problem

  14. Peter Alambo

    my decoder error:OxCO2C0005……

  15. Catherine kendi

    Is their any daily subscription in startimes decorder??and if their is any how much is it for all the packages in satellite dish(each).

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Hi Catherine, check out this:
      – Nyota bouquet: 25/= per day, 100/= per week
      – Basic bouquet: 60/= per day, 220/= per week
      – Classic bouquet: 85/= per day, 340/= per week

      Read more at Jitimu: List of StarTimes Kenya Packages and Channels 2021


    We need to access french channels. We want you give us french bouquets here in Kenya. French communities are here. Why do you give us only English bouquets?
    We need also french bouquets.
    Thanks for your good understanding.

  17. Rose

    Am paying for classic bouquet but I only get 20 channels why is that???

    • Furidah

      Can i watch New Life Tv on startimes

  18. maurineluta

    Startimes is the worst…i can’t believe am not getting assistance yet after calling them severally

  19. Benson

    Why is Ramogi TV not anywhere among your channels?

  20. Mercy rono

    I paid for Classic bouquet and l linked my phone to my decorder but am no longer able to download previous programs on my star time app what is the problem?

  21. Jacques

    Hi, what is the difference between the dish and the aerial decoder in terms of signal quality, programme quantity, etc?

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Hi, satellite decoder is hd hence better signal quality. It also has a little bit more stations, although more expensive. The satellite decoder (combo) can work with a tv aerial to receive same satellite channels.

      Aerial decoder has poor video quality although cheaper. The classic package has most channels including all sports channels.

  22. Maina

    Hello have combo decorder but I am unable to change the package

  23. Samuel

    Can someone give me his or her decoder for me to use?

  24. Thomas Njoroge

    Av not used startimes for some long time, how can I activate an start again

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Hi, please use the startimes ussd code *858# to change or update decoder.

  25. Nicholas Kurui

    Can I watch Mwangaza tv on startimes?

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Yes its available as free to air on the aerial decoder.

  26. Manoti

    I have paid for basic but you people are not upgrading me 01801731993

    • Ezekiel M.

      Hi Manoti. Kindly contact Startimes customer care on +254 719077077.

  27. Joshua kadenge

    Have paid for a daily subscription buh nothing yet!

  28. Felox

    Is there maisha magic Swahili and east on basic bouquet?

    • Ezekiel M.

      Those are Gotv and dstv channels.

  29. Everlyne

    I’m wondering mbona mnasema classic bouquet iwe 999 na hakuna channels za kutosha.Currently in Nakuru

  30. David muema

    Which European league is in startime decorder


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