Proposed TSC salary increment for teachers
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Proposed Teachers Salary and Allowances Increment 2021 – 2025

TSC has now forwarded the new proposed salary increment for teachers to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC, to prepare for the new 2021 – 2025 TSC CBA agreement with the teachers’ unions. If accepted, the new teachers salary increment will take effect from July 1st, 2021, in four phases, until July 2025. In the new 2021 TSC CBA, teachers in the lower job groups win big.

This comes amid protests from the teacher’s unions. KNUT had demanded a basic salary increment between 120% to 200%, which TSC blatantly rejected.

However, the new perks seem to fall within the KUPPET’s proposal of a salary increment between 30 to 70%. That is for teachers in the lower cadres who felt left out in the just concluded 2017/2020 CBA.

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The teachers’ unions accuse TSC of forwarding salary increment proposals to the SRC without consultations and engagements with them.

KNUT wanted TSC to peg house, commuter, and leave allowances increment to 50% of teachers’ basic salaries. KUPPET on the other hand wanted TSC to harmonize house allowances of other areas with that of teachers in major municipalities.

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KUPPET also requested TSC to introduce township allowance to teachers in major towns.

Details of the 2021 – 2025 TSC Salary Proposal Sent to the SRC

In the new TSC 2021 CBA salary increment proposal for teachers, TSC suggests a basic salary increment of 32% for teachers in job grades B5 to C3.

Teachers in job groups C4 to D5 will take home a salary increment of 16%.

B5 is the entry-level for teachers in primary schools and C2 for teachers in secondary.

TSC also proposes house allowance to be increased by 10%. Commuter allowance and leave allowance would be increased by 20%.

The Proposed TSC Salary Increment 2021 – 2025

If SRC accepts the new TSC CBA for basic salary increment, here is the CBA breakdown of what each teacher will take home. B5 to C3 taking home an increment of 32%, and C4 to D5 gaining 16%.

This means a primary school teacher in job group B5 will take home Ksh. 28,718 – 35,897 up from Ksh. 21,756 – 27,195.

Job Group Proposed Min (Ksh) Proposed Max (Ksh)
B5 28,718 35,897
C1 35,897 44,872
C2 46,141 57,676
C3 56,963 71,205
C4 60,677 75,847
C5 72,236 90,294
D1 90,294 108,353
D2 105,608 126,729
D3 121,387 145,665
D4 137,161 164,594
D5 152,401 182,199

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