AON Minet was once again given the mandate to provide medical insurance cover to over 318,000 teachers and their dependents under the Teachers Service Commission. TSC awarded the medical insurance a 3-year contract which will last up to September 2022.

Here, I will guide you on how to register AON dependents and how to access AON Minet registered dependents.

Requirements and eligibility for the Minet medical scheme

  • You, the principal member, need to be an employed teacher by the Teachers Service Commission and in active service
  • Only one legal spouse is allowed
  • You can register up to four unmarried children whether biological or adopted
  • The cover also includes children from birth to 25 years, provided they are in a renowned post-secondary establishment
  • There is no age limit for child dependents with disabilities.

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How to register for TSC AON medical cover

The registration process for TSC AON Minet must be done by the principal member himself or herself. The initial registration of the chief member and dependents can be done using a USSD on either Airtel or Safaricom line.

Here are the steps to help you register;

  • Dial *865# on your Safaricom or Airtel line
  • Select 1 Self registration and send
  • Key in your TSC number and National ID number
  • Enter your name, role, and gender
  • You will receive a message confirming your successful registration and a prompt to register your dependents.

To register dependents, follow these steps;

  • Dial *865#
  • Choose 1 Register dependents and send
  • Choose dependent to register, either spouse, son or daughter
  • Continue with this process for all your dependents.

How to check your TSC AON  dependents

It is good to check your dependents from time to time so as to confirm that there are no strangers added to your list.

  • Dial *865#
  • From the popup message that appears, choose 2 My dependents  and send
  • A message will appear showing all your dependents

How to Check AON Hospitals

To check for the AON hospital list available in your area, dial *340# from your Safaricom or Airtel line and follow the guides on your mobile phone screen.

TSC AON Minet Contacts

At times you may need Minet to fasten accrediting a  medical bill or activating a dependent. You can contact TSC AON Minet through their call center hotline 1528.

You can also call them on;




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