TSC teachers basic salaries

Teachers Basic Salary in Kenya and the New TSC Grading System 2017 – 2021

Teachers got a boost in their basic salaries in 2016 when the Teachers Service Commission, KNUT, and KUPPET signed into action a four-phase CBA effective July 1, 2017, and ending in July 2020. However, those who benefitted the most in the new TSC teachers’ basic salary enhancement are school administrators and teachers in higher job groups.

In the 2016 CBA, old job groups were scraped off and replaced with new grades. Job group G for P1 tutors was replaced with B5, which became the new entry point for new teachers in primary schools.

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Teachers with diplomas in education just beginning to teach high school will enter at grade C1, formally job group J.

Those entering the teaching profession with degrees will begin at C2, formally called K.

TSC allowances, house allowance per region and job group in Kenya

After teaching for 3 years under the TSC, teachers in C1 have a chance to move to grade C2 for diplomas and C3 for those with degrees without undergoing interviews.

Most teachers in secondary schools are trapped in job group C3, which requires interviews before progressing to higher grades.

Other job groups were restructured as follows;

  • L became C3
  • M – C4
  • N – C5
  • P – D1
  • Q – D2
  • R – D3
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The TSC also introduced 2 more job groups S and T, in the 2016 CBA, for chief principals. This became D4 and D5 respectively.

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New Teachers Basic Salary in Kenya

All teachers under the TSC are paid basic salaries according to the following scales:

A primary school teacher in B5 now takes home a basic salary of Ksh. 21,756 to 27,195, in line with the 2017 CBA. The highest paid teacher, chief principal now has a maximum basic salary of Ksh. 157,068.

A new secondary school diploma graduate teacher, who falls in C1, takes home a starting basic salary of Ksh. 27,195. A degree graduate in C2 is paid Ksh. 34,955. The teachers will continue getting a yearly increment until the ceiling of the salary bracket is reached.

B5 21,756 27,195
C1 27,195 33,994
C2 34,955 43,694
C3 43,154 53,943
C4 52,308 65,385
C5 62,272 77,840
D1 77,840 93,408
D2 91,041 109,249
D3 104,644 125,573
D4 118,242 141,891
D5 131,380 157,068

When the CBA fulfillment comes to completion in July 2020 most teachers would have reached their salary scale ceiling. Hence, no more annual increment.

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