Nyeri National Polytechnic courses, requirements and fee structure

Nyeri National Polytechnic Courses, Requirements, Fee Structure

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The Nyeri National Polytechnic (Former Nyeri Technical Training Institute) is a public TVET National training institution registered under the Ministry of Education in Kenya. Nyeri National Polytechnic offers various degree courses in collaboration with Technical Universities, higher diploma, diploma, craft and artisan levels as well as CBE and short courses as per the needs of the industry.

At the institution, you have the option to be a day scholar or to board at its students’ hostel facilities.

Nyeri National Polytechnic is located in Nyeri County, within the Nyeri Municipality sub-county along Mumbi Road, about 1 km from Nyeri town CBD.

Courses at The Nyeri National Polytechnic are examined and certified by KNEC, Curriculum Development Assessment and Certification Council (CDACC), KASNEB, NITA, International Computer Driving License (ICDL), CISCO Networking Academy, The Nyeri National Polytechnic and the collaborating Universities.

The Nyeri National Polytechnic is approved by Pharmacy and Poisons Board to train in Pharmaceutical Technology. Intakes at The Nyeri National Polytechnic are done in January, May, and September.

Minimum Entry Requirements for Courses at Nyeri National Polytechnic

a) Higher National Diploma

Relevant Diploma or degree from a recognized institution

b) Technical/ Engineering Diploma Courses

Mean grade C- (minus) and above or Relevant Craft Certificate.

c) Health Sciences Courses

Pharmaceutical Technology: Mean Grade C (Plain) with C (Plain) in Mathematics/Physics, English/Kiswahili, Chemistry or Biological Sciences.

d) Business and ICT Diploma Courses

  • Mean grade C- (minus) and above or Relevant Craft Certificate.
  • CPA (KASNEB): Mean grade C+ (plus) with C+ in Mathematics and English.
  • CICT (KASNEB): Mean grade C+ (plus) with C+ in Mathematics and English.
  • Accounting Technician Diploma Mean grade (KASNEB): C- (minus)

e) All Certificate Courses

Mean grade D (Plain)

f) All Artisan Courses

Open to all

g) Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) Courses by CDACC

  • Level 3 KCPE or its Equivalent
  • Level 4 KCSE or its Equivalent
  • Level 5 KCSE Grade D or its Equivalent
  • Level 6 KCSE C- (Minus) or its Equivalent
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Courses Offered at Nyeri Polytechnic

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  2. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)
  3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications Option)
  4. Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)
  5. Electrical Wireman Grade I, II & III Trade Test (NITA)
  6. Solar PV Installation Grade I, II & III Trade Test in (NITA)
  7. Certification of Competency in Electrical Installation Level 3 (CDACC)

Mechanical Engineering Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
  3. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option)
  4. Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  5. Certificate in Welding & Fabrication
  6. Grade I, II & III Trade Test in Welding & Fabrication (NITA)
  7. Certificate of Competency in Manual Arc Welding Level IV (CDACC)
  8. Certificate of Competency in Lathe Operator Level IV (CDACC)

Building and Civil Engineering Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering
  2. Diploma in Building Technology
  3. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  4. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  5. Certificate in Building Technology
  6. Grade I, II & III Trade Test in Plumbing (NITA)
  7. Artisan in Masonry Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  8. Certified of Competency in Masonry Level 3 (CDACC)
  9. Certified of Competency in Plumbing Level 3 (CDACC)

Automotive Engineering Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  2. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  3. Diploma in Construction Plant Engineering
  4. Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  5. Artisan in Motor vehicle Mechanics
  6. Certificate in Agricultural Mechanics
  7. Certificate in Construction Plant Mechanics
  8. Motor Vehicle Mechanics Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  9. Motor Vehicle Electrician Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  10. Vehicle Panel Beating Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  11. Vehicle Spray Painting Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  12. Certificate of Competency in Motor Cycle Mechanics Level 3 (CDACC)
  13. Driving Course (NTSA) Monthly Jan, May & Sept.

Applied Sciences Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  2. Diploma in Applied Biology
  3. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  4. Diploma in Food Technology
  5. Certificate in Food Technology
  6. Diploma in Environmental Science & Tech
  7. Certificate in Science Lab. Technician
  8. Certificate of Competency in Aqua-Culture Technician (Fish Farming) Level 3 (CDACC)
  9. Certificate of Competency in Api-Culture Technician (Bee-Keeping) Level 5 (CDACC)
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Health Sciences Courses

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Hospitality and Tourism Management

  1. Diploma in Tourism Management
  2. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
  3. Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Management
  4. Certificate in Food and Beverage Production & Services
  5. Cert in Catering & Accommodation
  6. Artisan in Food and Beverage
  7. Certificate of Competency in House Keeping Level 3 (CDACC)
  8. Food and Beverage Prod. in Culinary Arts Level 3 (CDACC)
  9. Certificate of Competency in Food and Beverage Sales Level 3 (CDACC)

Computer Science and Networking Courses

  1. Diploma in Information Com. Technology
  2. Certificate in Inform. Com. Technology
  3. Certified Information Com. Technologist (KASNEB)
  4. Diploma in ICT (KASNEB)
  5. Certificate of Competency in ICT Technician Level 5 (CDACC)
  6. Information Technology Essentials (CISCO)
  7. CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA 1 – 4)
  8. Computer Proficiency (ICDL)

Fashion Design and Beauty Therapy Courses

  1. Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology
  2. Certificate in Fashion Design & Garment Making
  3. Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing Grade I, II & III (NITA)
  4. Artisan in Garment Making & Fashion Design
  5. Certificate of Competency in Fashion Design Technology Level 4 (CDACC)

Nyeri National Polytechnic Business Courses

  1. Higher Diploma in Business Management
  2. Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management
  3. Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship Devt
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  6. Diploma in Supplies Chain Management
  7. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  8. Diploma in Co-operative Management
  9. Diploma in Accountancy
  10. Diploma in Project Management
  11. CPA, Part I, II, III
  12. Accounting Technicians Diploma Level I, II (KASNEB)
  13. Certificate in Accounts & Management Skills CAMS Level I, II (KASNEB)
  14. Certificate in Clerical Operations
  15. Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  16. Certificate in Business Management
  17. Certificate in Supplies Chain Management
  18. Certificate in Co-operative Management
  19. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  20. Certificate of Competency in Insurance Studies Level 3 (CDACC)
  21. Certificate of Competency in Office Assistant Level 4 (CDACC)
  22. Certificate of Competency in Banking and Finance Level 3 (CDACC)
  23. Certificate in Front Office Operations Level 3 (CDACC)
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Liberal Studies Courses

  1. Diploma in Library & Information studies
  2. Diploma in Community Development & Social work
  3. Certificate in Library & Information studies
  4. Certificate in Community Development & Social work
  5. Certificate of Competency in Records and Archives Level 5 (CDACC)
  6. Certificate of Competency in Security Guard Level 3 (CDACC)

How to Apply for Courses Online via Email

Download and dully fill the application form from this link.

Pay a non-refundable application fee of Ksh. 500 via M-Pesa Paybill Business Number: 4019819, Account Name: Your Full Official Name

Attach and send to this email: application@thenyeripoly.ac.ke, the following documents:

(a) Scanned copy of Dully filled Application Form

(b) Screenshot of the M-Pesa Message

(c) Scanned copy of KCPE Certificate

(d) Scanned copy of KCSE Certificate/Result slip

(e) Scanned copy of ID Card/Waiting Card, where applicable

(f) Scanned copy of Primary and Secondary School Leaving Certificates

(g) Scanned copy of Birth Certificate.

Nyeri National Polytechnic Fee Structure

The current fee for diploma, certificate and artisan courses is fixed at Ksh. 67,189 per year.

You can get the latest fee structure on The Nyeri National Polytechnic download page. Visit the site and scroll down until you see a document called fee structure.

Nyeri National Polytechnic Contacts

  • P. O. Box 465-10100, Nyeri, Kenya
  • Along Mumbi Road
  • Tel: +254 61 2032330 / +254 724 477 942
  • Fax: +254 61 2032852
  • E-mail: info@thenyeripoly.ac.ke, nyerinp@gmail.com
  • Students e-Learning Portal: https://elearning.thenyeripoly.ac.ke

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