Airtel Money Agent Commission Chart

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An authorized Airtel Money agent earns a commission whenever an Airtel customer or non-customer deposits money or withdraws money at the agent’s kiosk through Airtel Money service.

The commission earned by the Airtel Money agent performing the transaction depends on the amount of money deposited or withdrawn by the customer.

Deposit commission range from 30 shillings when a customer deposits Ksh. 500 to 1,500, and Ksh. 990 for deposits between Ksh. 300,001 and Kh. 500,000.

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Withdrawal commissions range from Ksh. 44 to Ksh. 1,080 for both Airtel and non-Airtel customers. Therefore, you get bigger commissions when customers withdraw than when they deposit.

You need to apply and register first before you become an authorized Airtel money Agent in Kenya, by meeting the Airtel Money minimum requirements set and availing all the required documents to the nearest Airtel Shop.

Airtel Money Agent Commission Chart

The charts indicate that the Airtel Money agents might not earn any commissions on all deposits and withdrawals below 500 Kenya shillings.

Commission Earned on Deposits
Min Max Agent Commission
500 1,500 30
1,501 5,000 60
5,001 10,000 80
10,001 20,000 110
20,001 30,000 140
30,001 50,000 230
50,001 75,000 370
75,001 150,000 630
150,001 300,000 940
300,001 500,000 990
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Airtel Money agent Commission on deposits

Airtel Money Commission Earned on Withdrawals

When a registered Airtel Money customer or a customer who is not registered withdraws money at your kiosk, you will earn a commission according to the following Airtel Money withdrawal agent commission chart:

Min Max Agent Commission
500 1,500 44
1,501 5,000 97
5,001 10,000 115
10,001 20,000 142
20,001 30,000 188
30,001 50,000 277
50,001 75,000 408
75,001 150,000 716
150,001 300,000 1,069
300,001 500,000 1,080

To maximize earnings from your Airtel Money business, you need to set up your Airtel Money kiosk at a very strategic place, especially where you are likely to get frequent transactions or big deposits and withdrawals.

You can also incorporate Airtel Money services at your outlet with other products and services like Equity Bank ageny business, KCB Bank agent business, or Co-operative Bank agency.

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