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How to Request for MPesa Transaction Reversal

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Safaricom provides several ways in which you can perform MPesa reversal for money sent to the wrong MPesa number. You can request an MPesa reversal by sending the MPesa transaction message to 456, or through the mySafaricom App. You can also seek the services of Safaricom’s  Zuri WhatsApp bot to help you navigate through the reversal process.

Always remember to use Safaricom’s Hakikisha service which allows M-PESA customers to confirm the recipient’s name and/or number, before completing a transaction. With Hakikisha, you can cancel the transaction within 25 seconds by typing any letter or digit then Send.

For any queries on MPesa on reversing money wrongly sent, you can contact Safaricom customer care on: Call 100 (Free), SMS 100(Free), or +254 722 002100 (chargeable).

How to Request for an MPesa Reversal

The MPesa transaction reversal must be done by the customer who performed the transaction. Here are a number of ways you can request for MPesa transaction reversal:

Reverse MPesa Transaction by SMS Number 456

In case you send money to the wrong MPesa number, use the following steps to try and reverse the transfer.

  1. Send the whole message to SMS number456.
  2. You will receive a response from “Reversal” that the request for a reversal has been started, and that an update will be shared within 2  hours.
  3. You may check your messages for an update from “Reversal” on the status of the reversal.
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Reversals can only be done if the recipient has not yet withdrawn the money from his or her MPESA.

Reverse MPesa transaction Trough mySafaricom App

To request for an M-PESA reversal on the mySafaricom APP:

The transaction must be done by the person who send the money himself, or herself. The transaction must have been done using the mySafaricom APP, in order to use this method.

  1. Tap on the Reverse transaction icon
  2. You will be asked to confirm if you want to request for a transaction reversal
  3. You will receive a notification that the reversal request has been received for processing.
  4. You will then receive a message from “Reversal” indicating that the reversal request has been started.
  5. You are likely to receive feedback within 2 hours.
  6. You are encouraged to check your messages for an update from”Reversal”

In case the reversals take too long, you can call Safaricom customer care on 100 for prepay or 200 for postpay.

Perform MPesa Reversal Using Zuri

You can request for an M-PESA reversal by chatting with Zuri on WhatsApp number 0722000100.

MPesa reversal chart with Zuri bot

First, you have to save Zuri’s number 0722000100 on your phone, then follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Zuri’s Whatsapp number and type Hello to start a conversation with Zuri.
  • Zuri will respond with your name and Safaricom’s privacy policy.
  • Zuri will then respond with a number of options for you to choose from e.g. Manage subscriptions, M-PESA Help and Reversal, Loans and savings, etc
  • Respond with the option:  M-PESA Help and Reversal (type option number).
  • Then, respond with the option Reverse (type option number).
  • Zuri will ask you to type the M-PESA transaction code or copy-paste the entire transaction message.
  • Confirm your phone number.
  • You will be asked to confirm your M-PESA details by keying in your M-PESA PIN to authenticate that the number you are using is indeed yours.
  • Zuri will notify you on Whatsapp that the reversal request has been received and an update will be shared shortly.
  • The who received the money will be contacted by Safaricom for consent before the reversal is completed.
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