GOTV Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices [Updated 2023]

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GOtv Kenya packages and channels, paybill number, how to pay and customer care contacts.

GOtv Kenya is a digital TV provider that offers a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. GOtv offers 6 packages, each with a different set of channels and varying levels of quality. The prices for these packages range from 199 Kenya shillings to 3,500 Kenya shillings. GOtv gives you access to a wide variety of entertainment, news, documentaries and  sporting events like premier league and La Liga.

GOtv Kenya recently introduced an HD decoder with an HDMI output, named GOCoda. This means you can now view your favourite GOtv channels with better quality than before, if you connect through the HDMI port.

This decoder is currently being offered at Ksh. 2,700 along with a one-month GOtv Max package subscription.

When you purchase the GOCoda decoder you will have the opportunity to try it out for one month before committing to a package subscription of your choice.

Package upgrades and subscriptions can easily be done through the MyGOtv app, online self-care platform, or GOtv USSD code *423#.

You can pay for GOtv subscription using MPesa paybill number 423655.

GOtv full tarter kit

GOtv Kenya full starter pack.

GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices

Here is the updated list of GOtv packages, the number of channels, and the subscription cost per month:

GOtv PackagePriceChannels
GOtv Lite199 20+
GOtv Value649 35+
GOtv Plus99945+
GOtv Max1,449 60+
GOtv Supa1,899 70+
GOtv Supa+3,500 75+

GOtv Lite has flexible payment options that allow customers to pay Ksh. 199 per month, Ksh. 500 per quarter or Ksh. 1,200 per year. This means if you pay yearly, you will end up paying only Ksh. 100 per month, on average.

Thus it is cheaper to pay annually compared to monthly.

In addition to the GOtv packages above, you can access all Free-to-air local TV stations in Kenya using your GOtv decoder.

GOtv HD decoder with remote

Image: The new GOtv HD decoder

GOtv Kenya Channels per Package

Here is a breakdown list of all GOtv Kenya channels  in each package. The list does not include additional free to air local channels:

GOtv Lite Channels

  1. Maisha Magic East
  2. Magic Showcase
  3. SS Blitz Africa
  4. Jim Jam
  5. Akili Kids
  6. AFRO Music English
  7. Faith
  8. Islam Channel
  9. Emmanuel TV
  10. Al Jazeera
  11. eTV Africa
  12. Inooro TV
  13. KBC
  14. NTV
  15. KTN
  16. Citizen TV
  17. K24
  18. KTN News
  19. TV47
  20. KASS
  21. Kameme TV
  22. Classic FM
  23. Radio Milele
  24. Maisha FM
  25. Hope FM

GOtv Value Channels

  1. Africa Magic Epic
  2. Real Time
  3. E! Entertainment
  4. Novela Magic
  5. Magic Showcase
  6. Africa Magic Family
  7. Maisha Magic East
  8. Maisha Magic Poa
  9. National Geographic Wild
  10. SS Blitz Africa
  11. SS Select 2
  12. Sports Events
  13. eTV Africa
  14. Inooro TV
  15. KBC
  16. NTV
  17. KTN
  18. Citizen TV
  19. K24
  20. KTN News
  21. Kameme TV
  22. TV47
  23. KASS TV
  24. Weru TV
  25. Ramogi TV
  26. Hope TV
  27. Disney Junior
  28. Nickelodeon
  29. Jim Jam
  30. Akili Kids
  31. TRACE Mziki
  32. GE Events
  33. Faith
  34. Islam Channel
  35. Emmanuel TV
  36. Al Jazeera
  37. BBC World News
  38. Radio Milele
  39. Maisha FM
  40. Hope FM
  41. Classic FM

Read: GOtv Kenya Customer Care Contacts and Offices

Customer care service centre contacts

Customer Care Support Centre | Image courtesy: pexels | Yan Krukau

GOtv Plus Channels

  1. Maisha Magic Poa
  2. Mambo Moto
  3. Maisha Magic Bongo
  4. Maisha Magic Plus
  5. Magic Showcase
  6. Telemundo
  7. Zee World
  8. Novela Magic
  9. Africa Magic Family
  10. Real Time
  11. E! Entertainment
  12. Maisha Magic East
  13. M-Net Movies 4
  14. B4U Movies
  15. Africa Magic Epic
  16. SS Football Africa
  17. Sports Events
  18. SS Select 2
  19. SS Blitz Africa
  20. PBS  Kids
  21. Disney Junior
  22. Nickelodeon
  23. Jim Jam
  24. Moonburg Kids
  25. Akili Kids
  26. MTV Base
  27. Trace Mziki
  28. GE Events
  29. Weru TV
  30. TV47
  31. KBC
  32. NTV
  33. KTN
  34. Citizen TV
  35. TN News
  36. K24
  37. Inooro TV
  38. KASS TV
  39. Kameme TV
  40. eTV Africa
  41. Ramogi TV
  42. Hope TV
  43. CNN International
  44. BBC World News
  45. Al Jazeera
  46. Faith
  47. Islam Channel
  48. Emmanuel TV
  49. Discovery Family
  50. National Geographic Wild
  51. Food Network
  52. Classic FM
  53. Radio Milele
  54. Maisha FM
  55. Hope FM

GOtv Max Channels

  1. TV Novelas
  2. ROK 2
  3. BET
  4. Star Life
  5. Maisha Magic Poa
  6. Maisha Magic Plus
  7. Magic Showcase
  8. Mambo Moto
  9. Maisha Magic Bongo
  10. Telemundo
  11. Zee World
  12. Novela Magic
  13. Africa Magic Family
  14. Real Time
  15. E! Entertainment
  16. CBS Reality
  17. Maisha Magic East
  18. Movie Room
  19. TNT Africa
  20. M-Net Movies 4
  21. B4U Movies
  22. Africa Magic Epic
  23. SS La Liga Africa
  24. SS Select 1
  25. SS Football Africa
  26. ESPN
  27. SS Select 2
  28. SS Blitz Africa
  29. Sports Events
  30. Cartoon Network
  31. PBS  Kids
  32. Disney Junior
  33. Nickelodeon
  34. Jim Jam
  35. Moonburg Kids
  36. Akili Kids
  37. Trace Gospel
  38. MTV Base
  39. Trace Mziki
  40. GE Events
  41. Weru TV
  42. TV47
  43. KBC
  44. NTV
  45. KTN
  46. Citizen TV
  47. TN News
  48. K24
  49. Inooro TV
  50. KASS TV
  51. Kameme TV
  52. eTV Africa
  53. Ramogi TV
  54. Hope TV
  55. CNN International
  56. BBC World News
  57. Al Jazeera
  58. Faith
  59. Islam Channel
  60. Emmanuel TV
  61. Discovery ID
  62. Discovery Family
  63. National Geographic Wild
  64. Food Network
  65. Classic FM
  66. Radio Milele
  67. Maisha FM
  68. Hope FM
Watch major sports on GOtv

Watch the Premier League, La Liga and other major footballs on GOtv

GOtv Supa Channels

  1. Maisha Magic Plus
  2. Africa Magic Urban
  3. TV Novelas
  4. ROK 2
  5. BET
  6. CBS Reality
  7. Star Life
  8. Maisha Magic Poa
  9. Maisha Magic Showcase
  10. Mambo Moto
  11. Maisha Magic Bongo
  12. Telemundo
  13. Zee World
  14. Novela Magic
  15. Africa Magic Family
  16. Real Time
  17. E! Entertainment
  18. Maisha Magic East
  19. Studio Universal
  20. ROK
  21. KIX
  22. Movie Room
  23. TNT Africa
  24. M-Net Movies 4
  25. B4U Movies
  26. CineMagic
  27. Africa Magic Epic
  28. SS La Liga Africa
  29. SS Select 1
  30. SS Football Africa
  31. ESPN
  32. SS Select 2
  33. SS Blitz Africa
  34. Sports Events
  35. WWE
  36. Nick Jr
  37. Nick Toons
  38. Moonbug Kids
  39. Cartoon Network
  40. Cartoonito
  41. PBS  Kids
  42. Disney Junior
  43. Nickelodeon
  44. Jim Jam
  45. Akili Kids
  46. Trace Gospel
  47. MTV Base
  48. Trace Mziki
  49. GE Events
  50. Weru TV
  51. TV47
  52. KBC
  53. NTV
  54. KTN
  55. Citizen TV
  56. TN News
  57. K24
  58. Inooro TV
  59. KASS TV
  60. Kameme TV
  61. eTV Africa
  62. Ramogi TV
  63. Hope TV
  64. CNN International
  65. BBC World News
  66. Al Jazeera
  67. Faith
  68. Islam Channel
  69. Emmanuel TV
  70. Discovery ID
  71. Discovery Family
  72. CBS Reality
  73. National Geographic Channel
  74. National Geographic Wild
  75. Food Network
  76. Classic FM
  77. Radio Milele
  78. Maisha FM
  79. Hope FM

GOtv Supa+ Channels

Has all channels in GOtv Supa (above) plus the following stations:

  • Universal TV
  • Studio Universal
  • SS Premier League
  • Supersport Select 3
  • Disney Channel

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  1. Jayesh

    I want to subscribe to go TV.I have two tv sets,so need two decoders.please advise,would like the max package with indian channels.
    Please advise of cost of installation.

    • Ezekiel Ochami

      Kindly contact any of the installers near you on the following link: GOtv installers and their contacts
      BTW: You might consider switching to Azam Tv instead to benefit from the numerous Asian channels. GOtv has very few Asian contents.


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