How to Buy Airtel Airtime from MPesa

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Tingg has unveiled a USSD code that enables MPesa and Airtel Money users to buy airtime for Airtel and other networks in Kenya without any charges. Before the USSD code, you could only rely on other third party paybill numbers so as to purchase credit for Airtel and other telcos. However, these thirdy parties charge a small fee, deducted from your MPesa account, to send airtime to other numbers.

In this article, I will show you how to simply buy airtime credit for any number free  of charge using the new Safaricom’s USSD *487*2#. I will also show you how to buy airtime through third party paybill numbers.

If you have registered for the Safaricom Fuliza service, you can even buy airtime credit for Airtel, Telkom and JTL, using Fuliza.

To Buy Airtel Airtime from M-Pesa Using USSD *487*2#:

  1. Dial *487*2# from your M-Pesa enabled line
  2. To buy airtime for Airtel or another number, select the option Enter a Number
  3. Select the destination network as Airtel
  4. Next, enter a valid mobile number
  5. enter amount
  6. Select the option pay with mpesa
  7. enter mpesa PIN and Send to complete the transaction
  8. After a short while, confirmation messages will be send to the Airtel number and your number
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Send Money from Equitel to Mpesa/ Airtel Money Charges, buy airtime

Buy Airtel Airtime through M-Pesa  Paybill Numbers

Some third parties that allow you to buy Airtime through their paybill numbers include:

  • Pesapal: 220220
  • Tupay :737373
  • Onfon: 710101
  • Milton Sons: 665511
  • MyAirtime Kenya: 215215
  • Jovan communication: 833030
  • Okazika: 156215

How to Buy Airtime for any Network Using Paybill Number Option

  1. Go to the MPesa Menu
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Select Pay Bill
  4. Enter a Business Number from the list above, e.g. 220220
  5. Enter the mobile number you wish to send to, as Account Number
  6. Enter the airtime credit amount you wish to buy and press OK
  7. Key in your Mpesa PIN and Send
  8. Confirmation messages will be send to you and the other line, for succesful airtime purchase

Normal Lipa na M-Pesa charges will apply for transactions above 100 Kenya shillings. MPesa does not charge you to transact money below Ksh. 100. However the third party paybill services will charge you a fee to buy airtime through their business numbers.

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