M-Kopa Phones in Kenya, Deposit and Daily Repayment Prices

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Have you ever wanted to own a high-end smartphone but are pushed back by high costs? Well, M-Kopa gives an opportunity to Kenyans to own phones on credit basis that would not have been possible to access in one go. With M-Kopa, all you have to do is to select the smartphone you desire, pay an upfront deposit and make the required daily repayment for up to a year.

Currently, M-Kopa offers mostly Nokia and Samsung phone models and is looking into listing more smartphones in the near future. It’s worth noting that there is no link between M-Kopa and Safaricom.

How to Get M-Kopa Phones

M-Kopa phones available on the credit platform

To get an M-Kopa phone, you can visit any nearest M-Kopa agent or dealer together with your national ID card and a registered Safaricom SIM card.

You will have the opportunity to look at the M-Kopa phones available at the dealer and the corresponding minimum deposit and daily repayment charges.

After registering your details with the agent, you can proceed to pay the deposit on the phone that pleases you. After that, you can take the phone with you. M-Kopa will activate the phone within 24 hours.

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List of M-Kopa Phones and Prices

Here are some of the phones offered by M-Kopa:

Phone Model Deposit (Ksh) Daily Repayment (Ksh)
Nokia C1 2,699 35
Nokia C01 Plus 3,299 40
Nokia 1.4 3,999 50
Nokia C10 3,299 40
Nokia C20 3,999 45
Nokia C21 3,999 50
Nokia C21 Plus 4,699 55
Nokia C30 4,299 55
Nokia G10 3,699 60
Nokia G20 4,999 70
Nokia G21 4,999 70
Nokia 5.4 5,499 85
Nokia G50 9,499 140
Nokia X10 7,999 100
Samsung A02 3,499 55
Samsung AO3 3,499 60
Samsung AO3 Core 3,999 50
Samsung A03s 3,999 65
Samsung A12 4,499 70
Samsung A13 5,999 90
Samsung A22 5,999 85
Samsung A23 7,499 100
Samsung A33 10,999 170

Take note that all these phones have a repayment period of up to 365 days. Prices can change at the discretion of M-Kopa and there might be slight variations on the price chart depending on the agent.

What happens if you default on daily repayment?

If you do not meet the daily M-Kopa repayment as agreed, your phone will be deactivated and you will not be able to use it. Once you finish repayment for your M-Kopa phone, you will be given a certificate of full ownership.

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