List of MKopa phones available in Kenya

List of M-KOPA Phones, Deposit and Daily Charges in 2024

M-KOPA offers a service that enables Kenyans to purchase smartphones, including models that might be considered high-end, on a credit basis. This makes phone ownership more accessible for those who wouldn’t be able to afford the full upfront cost. With M-KOPA, customers select a phone, pay an initial deposit, and then make daily repayments for up to a year.

While M-KOPA primarily offers Nokia and Samsung phones currently, they also have other brands available and are expanding their selection. It’s important to note that while M-KOPA and Safaricom are separate entities, they do have a partnership.

List of M-Kopa Phones and Daily Prices

Phone ModelDeposit (Ksh)Daily Repayment (Ksh)
Nokia C12,69935
Nokia C01 Plus3,29940
Nokia 1.43,99950
Nokia C103,29940
Nokia C203,99945
Nokia C213,99950
Nokia C21 Plus4,69955
Nokia C304,29955
Nokia G103,69960
Nokia G204,99970
Nokia G214,99970
Nokia 5.45,49985
Nokia G509,499140
Nokia X107,999100
Samsung A023,49955
Samsung AO33,49960
Samsung AO3 Core3,99950
Samsung A03s3,99965
Samsung A124,49970
Samsung A135,99990
Samsung A225,99985
Samsung A237,499100
Samsung A3310,999170

Please note that the repayment period for all M-KOPA phones is up to 365 days. However, it’s important to remember that:

  • Prices can change at M-Kopa’s discretion. It’s always best to check their website or app for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • There may be slight variations in pricing depending on the agent you purchase from.
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How to Get M-KOPA Phone in Kenya

M-Kopa phones available on the credit platform
Infographic showing steps in getting M-KOPA phone.

You can get an M-Kopa phone by visiting any authorized M-Kopa agent or dealer. Be sure to bring your Kenyan National Identity Card and a registered Safaricom SIM card.

Browse the available phones, their minimum deposit, and daily repayment charges. After registering your details and undergoing a potential creditworthiness check, you can pay the deposit and take the phone home.

M-Kopa will activate the phone within 24 hours.

You can also explore online purchase options on the M-Kopa website or app. For more information and to find authorized agents/dealers near you, visit the M-Kopa website:

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What happens if you default on your daily repayment?

If you do not meet the daily M-Kopa repayment as agreed, your phone will be deactivated and you will not be able to use it. Once you finish repayment for your M-Kopa phone, you will be given a certificate of full ownership.

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