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How to Sambaza Safaricom Airtime to Another Number

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Need to share some airtime or internet bundles? Worry not! Safaricom offers several convenient ways to “sambaza” (share) your credit with friends and family on either prepaid or postpaid lines.

You can Sambaza airtime by using USSDs, through the Safaricom toolkit menu, or directly through the mySafaricom app.

You can also sambaza credit by sending a text message with the amount and the recipient’s number to 140. The sambaza text message should be in the format (Amount#Number you want to top up).

For prepay customers, the minimum amount you can share is Ksh. 5, and the minimum airtime account balance after the transfer should  be at least 5 shillings.

A lady talking on phone
A lady talking on phone.

Also, take note that you can not reverse airtime sent to another person.

How to Sambaza Airtime Using USSD Codes

1. The most common USSD code used for sharing airtime credit is *140#. To sambaza using *140#, follow this format:

  • Dial *140* Amount*Phone number you want to top up#
  • For example, *140*100*0700xxxxxx# to transfer 100 shillings to the stated number.
  • Press the call button or OK and you are done.

2. Using *100# USSD code

  • Dial *100# on Safaricom line
  • Select the option, Products & Services
  • Next, select Okoa/Sambaza/Please Call Me option
  • Now, choose Sambaza Airtime
  • Enter the phone number you wish to send airtime
  • Enter amount and press Send or OK
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3. Sambaza Airtime Using *456#

  • Dial *456# and call
  • Select Okoa/Sambaza/Please Call Me option
  • Choose the option Sambaza Airtime
  • Next, enter the phone number you wish to send airtime
  • Enter amount and press Send or OK

You can also use *444# and *544# and follow through to buy minutes or airtime gift for another number.

Sambaza Airtime through SMS

  • Draft a text message in the format: Amount#Number you want to top up
  • Send the text message to 140
  • For instance, if you want to transfer 50 shillings to the number 0700123456 you will write like this: 50#0700123456, then send the message to 140.

Sambaza Airtime Using Safaricom Sim Toolkit Menu

  • From the Safaricom Menu select My Account
  • Next, select Sambaza
  • Select Prepay Sambaza (or otherwise)
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Enter the Safaricom phone number you wish to sambaza to
  • Send or press OK

Share Airtime through Safaricom App

Android smartphone users can easily and conveniently share their airtime with friends and family using the MySafaricom app.

In addition, first-time users of the MySafaricom app get awarded free 500Mbs of data for downloading and installing the app.

So, here is how you can transfer credit to another phone number through the app:

  • Download and install the MySafaricom app from the Play Store. You require data to download the app.
  • Now open the App
  • Set your PIN
  • The app will confirm your identity by sending an OTP (which it can catch automatically, no need of entering)
  • Next, select Login and accept the terms and conditions
  • You will be taken to the home screen
  • Select Account at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on Sambaza option
  • The app displays your airtime balance at the top
  • Type the phone number to sambaza to
  • Type amount (minimum Ksh. 5)
  • Remember, for this to work, you should remain with at least Ksh. 5 as balance after the transfer
  • Next tap on the CONTINUE button
  • Complete the action by accepting to sambaza
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Other Methods of Buying Airtime for Another Number

You can buy airtime for another number directly from the M-Pesa menu. You do this by selecting the option Buy Airtime, Other phone, Enter phone number, Enter amount, put your PIN, confirm and send.

You can also load scratch card credit directly to another number using *456#. Here is how you do this:

  1. Buy the scratch card credit you want
  2. Dial and call *456#
  3. Choose the option Balances/Top Up
  4. Select Top Up
  5. Select the option Other Number
  6. Enter the phone number you wish to buy the credit for
  7. Next, enter the scratch card PIN number
  8. Send or press OK

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