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Family Bank Charges on Various Services

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Family Bank has a tariff guide that details transaction charges on various services offered by the Bank. Under the tariff, services like cash deposits at ATMs, activating a dormant account, and using a debit card to buy items in supermarkets (POS) are free of charge.

Withdrawing cash at a Family Bank ATM costs 30 shillings while withdrawal from Kenswitch and Pesa Point ATMs charge Ksh. 75 and Ksh. 80 respectively.

Cash Withdrawal from other local and international Visa ATMs will cost you Ksh. 200 per transaction.

Family Bank Transaction and Service Charges

All the charges below are subject to 10% excise duty.

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General Charges

  • Account Closure: sh. 1,000
  • Cash Withdrawal over-the-counter: sh. 100
  • Interim Statement (per page): sh. 100
  • Certified Bank Statement (per page): sh. 500
  • Statement of a Closed Account: sh. 2,000
  • Standing Order Setup Fee: sh. 250
  • Amendments of Standing Order: sh. 300
  • Stop/Cancel Standing Order: sh. 300
  • Salary Processing: sh. 100
  • Visa Debit Card Issuance: sh. 500
  • Visa Debit Card Replacement: sh. 500
  • Cash Withdrawal at Family Bank ATMs: sh. 30
  • Cash Withdrawal from local Visa ATMs: sh. 200

Family Bank Internet Banking Charges

  • Set-up Fee: Free
  • Access Fee: Retail customers sh. 1,500 p.a.; Corporate customers sh. 6,000 p.a
  • Internal Transfer: sh. 50
  • Transaction Processing (EFT): sh. 100
  • Utility Payments (Bills): sh. 30
  • RTGS: sh. 500
  • SWIFT Transfer: sh. 1,500
  • PIN Regeneration: sh. 100
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Mobile Banking (PesaPap) Charges

  • Balance Inquiry: sh. 10
  • SMS notifications: Free
  • Full Statement: sh. 30
  • Mini Statement: sh. 10
  • Cheque Book Request: Free
  • Change M-Pin: sh.20
  • Block Card: Free
  • Loan Request: Free
  • MPESA to Family Bank Account – Paybill 222111: sh. 35
  • Family Bank Account to MPESA: sh. 80
  • Internal Funds Transfer: sh. 30
  • RTGS: sh. 500
  • mVisa Transfer: sh. 100
  • Airtime Topup: Free
  • Utility Payments (DSTV, Zuku, GOTv, JTL): sh.30
  • KPLC Prepaid Token: sh. 30
  • NCC Wallet Topup: sh.10
  • Parking Fee Ticket Payment: sh. 10
  • Seasonal Parking Ticket Payment: sh. 10
  • KRA Payments (Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, Customs): sh. 30
  • Forex Enquiry: sh. 10
  • Beneficiary Management: Free
  • Value Add Alerts (local number): sh. 5
  • Value Add Alerts (international number): sh. 15


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