Nairobi Water Tariffs for Different Consumer Categories

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The  Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC), fully owned by the county government of Nairobi is responsible for providing and managing water and sewerage services in Nairobi county. Nairobi Water revised their tariffs from 2015 upwards with some categories of consumers seeing their water bills doubling.

In the current Nairobi Water tariffs, domestic and industrial consumers, and government institutions pay a fixed flat rate of Sh. 204 for units between 0 and 6 cubic metres.

Units of water above 6 and between the range 7 to 60 for domestic consumers will attract levies of Sh. 53 per cubic metre consumed.

To calculate your water consumption bill, first you need to know that a cubic metre of water is equivalent to 1000 litres.

So, in the category of domestic consumers, if you consume 10 cubic metres of water (10,000 Litres) you will pay sh. 204 + (4 x 53) which equates to sh. 416.

Nairobi Water tariffs vary depending on categories of consumers.

Nairobi Water Tariffs for Different Categories of Consumers

Domestic, Industrial, and Public Government Institutions

Consumption Block Tariff  per Cubic Metre (Ksh)
0 to 6 Fixed flat rate Ksh. 204
7 to 60 53.00
Above 60 64.00

Public Schools Water Consumption Tariffs

Consumption Block Tariff  per Cubic Metre (Ksh)
0 to 600 48.00
601 to 1200 55.00
Over 1200 60.00
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Other types of water consumers within Nairobi county are charged at flat rates as follows:

Type of Consumer Tariff  per Cubic Metre (Ksh)
Water Kiosks 2000
ATM Water Dispenser 25.00
Bulk Water to residential flats/ gated communities (from 25 households and above) 53.00
Pre-paid Meter customers 52.00
Bulk Water to WSPs for resale 30.00

Meter Rent Charges Per Month

Meter Size Charges (Ksh)
½ inches 50
¾ inches 100
1 inch 250
1 ½  inches 250
2 inches 250
3 inches 450
4 inches 800
6 inches 1250
8 and above 2000

Water Deposits Rates

Category of Consumer Rates (Ksh)
Domestic 2,500
Water Kiosks 5,000
Commercial 25,000
Industries 50,000
Domestic Construction 25,000
Commercial construction 50,000

Other Charges and Penalties


Type of Service Charge Per Service or Illegality (Ksh)
New Water Connection fee, 1/2 inch  to 1 inch 2,500
New Water Connection fee, 1 1/2  to 3 inch 7,500
New Water Connection fee, above 3 inch 15,000
Reconnection fee – at the meter point 1,000
Reconnection fee – at mains 5,000 and double deposit
Illegal connection – Commercial, Industry,

Construction (Fraud)

100,000 plus estimated consumption during the period of the illegality
Illegal connection (Fraud) – Domestic 30,000 plus estimated consumption during the period of the illegality
Tanker – 8000, 16,000 litres 2,500, 5,000 respectively per tanker within the WSP area for all consumers
Replacement of stolen or damaged meters 100% of the market cost of the meter
Meter testing on request 100
Leak detection services 1,000
Sewer Connection – Residential 5,000
Sewer Connection – Commercial 7,500
Sewer Connection- Industrial 15,000
Private sewer unblocking(per manhole) 2,500
Sewer Reconnection 15,000
Exhauster Services (Company Exhauster) 5,000 for other customers and 4,000 for informal settlements
Private Exhausters. (Dumping into the company’s sewer system) 15,000 per Truck per month

Disclaimer: These rates can change any time at the discretion of the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company. We are not liable for any discrepancies that may occur, but we will do our best to adjust the changes as they occur.

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