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How to Buy KPLC Tokens

Kenya power postpaid bill payment, KPLC Okoa Stima Loan Services

Unlike the KPLC postpaid service where the customer pays the bill, at the end of the month, according to the power consumed, the token system on the other hand requires the customer to buy the units and load the tokens into the prepaid meter before power is reconnected.

It’s rather frustrating when you run out of the tokens and don’t remember how to purchase and load them into the token metre.

In this article, I will show you how to buy KPLC tokens using MPesa, Airtel Money and Equitel. I will also show you how to check your prepaid metre number, in case you can’t find it.

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How to Buy KPLC Tokens

KPLC prepaid metre
KPLC Prepaid tokens metre

Buying Tokens Via MPesa

  1. Dial *334# or open the MPesa menu from the SIM Tool Kit
  2. Select Lipa na MPesa
  3. Next, select Pay bill
  4. Enter the KPLC Paybill number 888880
  5. Enter your Prepaid metre number
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay, between Ksh. 100 and 35,000
  7. Key in your Mpesa PIN
  8. Confirm your details and the “Hakikisha” message and then Send
  9. You will receive a message confirming your transaction
  10. After a short while, you will also receive an SMS from KPLC with your token code and the number of units bought
  11. Now, go to your prepaid metre and enter the token code from the SMS received and press enter

Alternatively, you can dial the KPLC USSD code *977# which allows you to buy tokens with MPesa, and retrieve your lost token code, among other services.

Buy Tokens through Airtel Money

  1. Dial *334# or open the Airtel Money menu
  2. Select Make Payments
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Next, select KPLC PREPAID
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  6. Enter your Airtel Money PIN
  7. Under the Reference, type your KPLC metre number
  8. Press OK to complete the purchase
  9. You will receive an SMS from Airtel Money confirming the transaction
  10. You will receive another SMS from KPLC with your tokens code and the number of units bought
  11. Go to your prepaid metre and key in the token code then press enter

Buy Tokens through Equitel

  1. Open the Equitel Menu
  2. Select Eazzy Pay
  3. Select Pay Bill
  4. Choose the bank account number to pay from
  5. Select business number – KPLC Bills (PrePaid)
  6. Enter your Kenya Power Prepaid metre number
  7. Enter the amount you wish to pay, between 100 to 500,000 Kenya shillings
  8. Enter your Equitel PIN and press OK
  9. Confirm your details are correct and press OK
  10. You will receive a confirmation text from Equity Bank for a successful transaction
  11. You will also receive a text message from KPLc with your units and tokens code
  12. Enter the code into your metre and press enter

How to Check Your KPLC Metre Number

Your metre number should be visible on a sticker in front of the prepaid metre. However, if the sticker is missing, there are several ways you can retrieve the metre number:

1. You can check your KPLC account number or metre number by dialing the KPLC self-service USSD code *977# and following the instructions given.

2. You can also get the metre number by calling customer care through the phone numbers 95551, 0703070707 and 0732170170.

3. Another method for checking your metre number is by dialing a specific code on the keypad of the prepaid metre. Here’s how to access the metre number on some token metre brands:

  • HEXING: Dial 804 and then press enter or #
  • SHENZEN: Dial 65 then press enter
  • ACTARIS: Dial 100 and then press enter or #
  • CONLOG: Dial #100 then press enter or press #
  • If the above do not work, try pressing  000# or 100# which work for some models

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