Airtel and Telkom Kenya USSD codes services
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USSD Codes for Airtel and Telkom Kenya Mobile Services

USSD codes are a short way of accessing mobile services for the telecommunication service you have subscribed to all in one place, at the comfort of your phone. Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya USSD shortcodes provide a quick and simple way to buy and get access to services like voice, SMS, mobile data, and special offers.

Apart from Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya USSD codes, I have also written an updated List of USSD Short Codes for all Safaricom Services in another article.

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List of Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes

Here is a list of popular USSD shortcodes for Airtel mobile services:

1. Access Airtel Menu *100#

Use this code to access services like:

  • Special offers
  • Buy airtime
  • Get PUK
  • Reset Airtel Money PIN
  • Buy bundles and services
  • Kopa Credo and other services

2. Airtime Top Up *130*Scratch card code#

3. Check Airtime Balance *131# or *133#

4. Kopa Credo (borrow credit) *310#

Services for borrowing airtime and data credit under this option include:

  • Kopa Credo
  • Kopa Internet
  • Kopa Unliminet

5. Access to Zawadi Points options *326#

6. News, Horoscopes, Quotes, Traffic and Jobline Alerts *411#

7. Airtel Tosha  bundles, SMS bundles, Data bundles, and International bundles *767#

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8. Subscribe to Club 10 *120#

9. Send Money *222#

This USSD code gives you access to services like:

  • Send money to Airtel Money
  • Send money to Mpesa
  • Send money to other countries
  • Withdraw money from Airtel Money agent
  • Access Lipa na Airtel Money services
  • Loans and Savings services

10. Data Bundles *544#

Services under this Airtel Kenya USSD include:

  • Buy Amazing Data bundles
  • Tubonge Voice
  • Kopa
  • SMS Bundles
  • Gift Bundle
  • International Bundles
  • Unliminet offers voice and data offers

List of Telkom Kenya Mobile USSD Codes

Here are Telkom Kenya mobile short codes to help you get access to their services easily and comfortably:

  • Get access to Telkom mobile Main Menu*100# or *123#
  • Telkom Airtime top-up *130*scratch card number#
  • Check airtime/data balance *131#
  • Check your Telkom mobile number *130#
  • Beat Yangu tunes (entertain callers) *811#
  • Buy international bundles*123#
  • Verify if your Telkom SIM is registered *232#
  • Buy SMS bundles*188#
  • Buy Niaje or Hola Bundles *10#
  • Unsubscribe from Hola bundles *11#
  • Check or Redeem Ziada points
  • Pewa Emergency Airtime *133#
  • Subscribe toTelkom entertainment services *150#
  • Telkom Pasha (Share or transfer airtime) *140#
  • Buy Home Plan bundles for Telkom 4G Routers *222#
  • Buy Telkom data bundles*544# or *124#
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