Airtel Money Transfer and Withdrawal Charges (Updated 2023)

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Airtel Kenya has adjusted Airtel Money transaction tariffs that will see their customers withdraw money from agents at reduced charges. The cost of sending money to other networks has also been revised. On the other hand, the daily transaction limit has been increased from Ksh. 300,000 to Ksh. 500,000.

Airtel has also reduced the transaction bands from the previous 20 to 12 bands, while all Airtel to Airtel money transaction charges are still free.

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The Revised Airtel Money Tariff Guide

Airtel to Mpesa interoperability

Airtel internetwork money transfer.

In the current tariff guide, only Airtel to Airtel money transaction charges are nil.

Airtel Money Transfer to Other Networks Charges

Minimum (KSh.) Maximum (Ksh.) Charges (Ksh.)
10 49 FREE
50 100 FREE
101 500 6
501 1,000 10
1,001 2,500 20
2,501 5,000 50
5,001 10,000 75
10,001 25,000 90
25,001 35,000 100
35,001 45,000 105
45,001 70,000 105
70,001 150,000 105

Airtel Money Agent Withdrawal Charges

Minimum (KSh.) Maximum (Ksh.) Charges (Ksh.)
10 49 N/A
50 100 9
101 500 22
501 1,000 23
1,001 2,500 25
2,501 5,000 40
5,001 10,000 75
10,001 25,000 125
25,001 35,000 160
35,001 45,000 225
45,001 70,000 270
70,001 150,000 270
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Revised Airtel Money transaction limits

  • The maximum amount per transaction for Airtel Money is Ksh. 150,000
  • The daily mobile money transactions limit has been increased to 500,000
  • Airtel Money account balance limit has increased from Ksh. 140,000 to Ksh. 500,000
  • Charges have been waived for transfers from an Airtel Money account to a bank account
  • Airtel customers will still transfer up to Ksh. 100 to any customer on any network free of charge

Airtel International Money Transfer

Airtel Money has partnered with Remitly to enable registered Airtel Money customers to receive money from over ten countries around the world.

Airtel Money registered customers can now receive money from the US, UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

That is, provided the sender from these countries uses Remitly to send money to Airtel Money customers.

You will not incur any charges when receiving Money from other countries.

How to Send Money to Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia & Malawi

If you are an Airtel money customer in Kenya, you can send money to other Airtel Money customers in Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia & Malawi as follows:

  • Dial *222#
  • Select Send Money
  • Select International Money Transfer
  • Select the country where the money is to be sent
  • ¬†Enter the recipient’s mobile number starting with the country code (eg 250 for Rwanda, 255 for Tanzania)
  • Enter the amount you wish to send
  • Confirm details of the transaction
  • Enter your Airtel Money PIN
  • Select the reason for the transfer and complete the transaction.
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After a short while, you will receive a notification SMS from Airtel Money confirming the status of the transaction.

Note: The recipient will receive the transferred funds in their country’s currency.

Airtel Money Tariffs Customer Care Contacts


Mobile: (+254) 780 673 985

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