Becoming a Safaricom M-Pesa agent is a good thing if you want to earn a stream of monthly cash from commission earned from M-Pesa deposits and withdrawals, or as a company or business, you may want to add M-Pesa services to enable customers to easily access your services or products.

To become an M-Pesa agent, you must meet the minimum requirements, depending on the agency type. You will then be issued with an M-Pesa Agent Number (Till) and a Store Number, or several, depending on the agent type.

The Safaricom M-Pesa Agent Number is a unique number that operates on a different SIM card, majorly configured to run M-Pesa agency services.

Basically, you can become an M-Pesa agent in three ways:

  1. Apply directly to Safaricom as an M-Pesa Agent (Standard Outlet)
  2. Aggregated Line Sub-Agent (Sub-Dealer)
  3. Non-Aggregated Line Sub-Agent

As an M-Pesa agent, your work will be to register new M-Pesa users, receive M-Pesa deposits and give out cash against withdrawals.

Become an M-Pesa Agent as a Standard Outlet

This is a principal agent (aggregator) operating several M-Pesa outlets and has the capability to register sub-agents and help aspiring sub-agents to meet Safaricom’s minimum operating requirements.

As a Principal agent, you also get to keep all the commission earned to yourself.

Requirements for this type of M-Pesa agency include:

  1. You must have a registered limited company with at least 3 outlets ready to offer M-Pesa services under the same company name.
  2. The company must have traded for at least 6 months.
  3. Ready to invest a minimum of Ksh. 100,000 float per outlet and another Ksh. 100,000 for SIMEX (SIM replacement cards).
  4. You will also need to avail original and copies of the following documents certified by the commissioner for oaths:
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Form CR12 or an equivalent form valid for the last 3 months
  • Copies of IDS of Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the application forms
  • Completed agent application forms
  • Copies of VAT and PIN certificate where applicable
  • Form CR12 or an equivalent form valid for the last 3 months
  • List of Outlets
  • Completed agent application forms
  • Business permits for each of the outlets
  • Proof of a minimum 6 months of trading history
  • 6 months of company bank statements and a letter from their bank
  • Original Police certificate of good conduct
Safaricom shop services

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Become an M-Pesa Agent by Applying Through an Authorized M-Pesa Dealer

This option is more affordable though you have to apply through a registered M-Pesa Agent. You can either register the M-Pesa shop business as an aggregated line or a non-aggregated line sub-agent.

As a sub-dealer, you are required to maintain a minimum M-Pesa float of Ksh. 30,000 on your M-Pesa Till line. You will also be required to avail some documents which include a National Identity card, Certificate of Good Conduct, and Business Name, in order to get the sub-dealer line.

The dealer may charge a small fee for goodwill before you are issued with a sub-dealer agent line.

There are two types of M-Pesa sub-dealers:

1. Non-Aggregated M-Pesa Line Sub-Dealer

You are recruited by M-Pesa agents directly to operate an M-Pesa line that you have no much control over.

The agent fails to register the sub-agent with Safaricom and has all the power to decide what commission to give you, usually 60% to 80%, but might be lower than this.

In addition, you have no control over your float, and the agent might dig into your float and render you cashless. The agent might also decide that your store is not profitable anymore and hence can terminate the sub-agent line without notice.

2. Aggregated M-Pesa Line Sub-Dealer

Safaricom knew the problems sub-agents are facing hence came up with this solution. The sub-agent line is registered directly with Safaricom but aggregated with the principal agent.

You get paid commissions of 80% on withdrawals and deposits, while the principal agent gets 20%. This money is paid directly into the sub-agents aggregated M-Pesa Till.

You also have control over your float, and conflicts that emerge between the agent and the sub-agent are solved directly by Safaricom.

Take note that you are required to keep your Till line active since Safaricom deactivates dormant Till lines.

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