Siaya Institute of Technology courses and fees

Siaya Institute of Technology Courses and Fee Structure

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Siaya Institute of Technology (SIT) is a public TVET college located in Siaya town, Siaya County and offers a wide range of courses at artisan, craft certificate, and diploma levels. The institute also offers training in KASNEB professional courses and various CBET courses.

Intakes are done in January, May and September and major examination bodies for courses at the institute are KNEC, KASNEB, and CDACC.

Artisan courses require at least a KCPE certificate while craft certificate courses require a D plain and above in KCSE. Diploma courses require a C- in KCSE.

Other specific course requirements will be provided in your admission letter and are also outlined on the SIT website.

Courses Offered at Siaya Institute of Technology

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation
  2. Diploma in Fashion Design
  3. Diploma in Food and Beverage Production and Service Management
  4. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
  5. Diploma in Library and Information Studies
  6. Diploma in Counselling HIV
  7. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  8. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  9. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option)
  10. Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture
  11. Diploma in Environmental Studies
  12. Diploma in Agriculture
  13. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  14. Diploma in Applied Biology
  15. Diploma in Architecture
  16. Diploma in Building Technology
  17. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  18. Diploma in Land Surveying
  19. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Instrumentation)
  20. Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Telecommunication)
  21. Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Power)
  22. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Management
  23. Diploma in Cooperative Management
  24. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  25. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  26. Diploma in Marketing Management
  27. Diploma in Project Management
  28. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  29. Diploma in Computerized Secretarial Studies
  30. Diploma in Road Transport Management
  31. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  32. Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  33. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  34. Diploma in Business Management

Certificate Courses

  1. Craft Certificate in Hair Dressing (NITA)
  2. Certificate in Information and Communication Technology
  3. Certificate in Library and Information Studies
  4. Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  5. Craft Certificate in Automotive Technology
  6. Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  7. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Welding and Fabrication)
  8. Craft Certificate in Agriculture
  9. Certificate in Entrepreneurial Agriculture
  10. Certificate in Fisheries Technology
  11. Craft Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
  12. Craft Certificate in Building Technology
  13. Certificate in Land Surveying
  14. Craft Certificate in Masonry
  15. Craft Certificate in Plumbing
  16. Craft Certificate in Electrical Technology (Power)
  17. Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation
  18. Craft Certificate in Fashion Design
  19. Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and Service
  20. Craft Certificate in Beauty Therapy (NITA)
  21. Certificate in Banking and Finance
  22. Certificate in Business Management
  23. Certificate in Cooperative Management
  24. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development
  25. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  26. Certificate in Marketing Management
  27. Certificate in Road Transport Management
  28. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  29. Secretarial Single & Group
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Artisan Courses

  1. Artisan in Automotive Engineering
  2. Artisan in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  3. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication
  4. Artisan Certificate in Agriculture
  5. Artisan Certificate in Plumbing
  6. Artisan in Electrical Installation
  7. Certificate in Solar PV Installations
  8. Artisan in Beauty Therapy (NITA)
  9. Artisan Certificate in Catering and Accommodation
  10. Artisan in Fashion Design
  11. Artisan Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and Service
  12. Artisan In Hair Dressing (NITA)

CBET Courses

  • Masonry
  • Child Care and Protection
  • Christian Ministry
  • Counseling and Psychology
  • Electrical Installation
  • Front Office Operations
  • Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy
  • Marriage and Counselling
  • Plumbing
  • Road Transport
  • Social Work and Community Development
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Community Health
  • Apiculture
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Dairy Farm Management

KASNEB Courses

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  2. Certificate in Accounting Management Skills
  3. Certified Investment Financial Analyst
  4. Accounting Technician Diploma

KASNEB Courses have additional qualification requirements.

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How to Apply for Courses and Download Admission Letter

There are three ways of applying for admission to Siaya Institute of Technology:

1. Physically visit the institute and make applications at the registrar’s office.

You will be guided on every course application step, hostel booking, and charges.

2. Apply through the KUCCPS Students portal.

You can apply for a course at SIT by visiting the KUCCPS application portal once the portal is open for applications and revisions.

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Follow these steps (when the portal is open) to apply on the KUCCPS portal: Application for KUCCPS Online TVET Placement.

KUCCPS charges an online application fee of Ksh. 1,500. If you apply through KUCCPS you will qualify for the government’s TVET sponsorship and HELB loans, which you can request through the HEF portal.

3. Apply Online through the SIT Application Portal

  • Navigate to the Siaya Institute of Technology application portal.
  • Read through the instructions carefully before beginning then pay the application fees of Ksh. 300 to Siaya Institute of Technology KCB Account number 1106857135.
  • Enter your details in the fields as accurately as possible ensuring you provide a valid email address that you can easily access.
  • Attach your scanned academic credentials including the application fees payment bank slip ensuring each document attached has a size that does not exceed 2 Mbs (Do not attach pictures of the documents because they will be rejected).
  • Click the submit button to complete the application process.

Your documents once received will be processed and if approved your admission letter and other documents will be sent to you via the email you provided during the application.

Carefully read through the admission documents received before filling them accurately, then proceed to pay fees and purchase any admission requirements.

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On the day of admission, carry the duly filled admission documents, the original fee payment bank slip, and other course requirements.

Hostel facilities can be booked before reporting by first contacting the Office of the Dean of Students before making payments.

Siaya Institute of Technology Fee Structure

The fee per academic year is Ksh. 67,189 per year. Students who are 35 years and below and placed by KUCCPS are eligible for the GOK sponsorship and HELB loans.

All students are eligible to apply to Higher Education Loans Board to finance their training.

Boarding fees is optional at Ksh. 3,000 per term on a first-come first-served basis. The above fees do not include KASNEB and KNEC external examination bookings.

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SIT Contacts

Physical Location: Siaya town, along the Siaya – Ugunja Road, just after the Siaya County Referral Hospital.

  • P. O. Box 1087-40600, Siaya
  • TEL: 0703 564 522
  • Admissions: 011 281 4143
  • Dean of Students: 0720801545
  • Website:
  • Email:,
  • Book Hostels: +254 720 801 545
  • SIT Students Portal:

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