Lipa na Mpesa Paybill application process online

How to Get Lipa na Mpesa Till Number Online and Activate Using USSD

Running a business in Kenya means juggling a million tasks, and managing cash flow can be a real headache. Counting bills, dealing with change, and worrying about security are just a few of the hassles that come with traditional cash transactions. But what if there was a better way?

Enter the Safaricom Lipa na Mpesa Till, also known as the Buy Goods Till Number. This innovative solution isn’t just another payment option; it’s a complete financial management platform designed to simplify your life and boost your business.

Here’s how the Lipa na Mpesa Till empowers you:

Seamless Payments: Forget about fumbling with cash or worrying about network limitations. Thanks to Merchant Interoperability, customers from any mobile money network in Kenya can pay you instantly using their Lipa na Mpesa. This opens up your business to a wider audience and eliminates the hassle of handling different currencies.

All-in-one Functionality: The Lipa na Mpesa Till isn’t just for receiving payments. You can use the collected funds to pay suppliers, send salaries, or withdraw cash to your personal Mpesa account or any bank ATM. It’s like having a dedicated business wallet at your fingertips!

Extra Income Stream: Turn your till number into a profit center! Sell airtime directly from your Lipa na Mpesa Till and earn a 5% commission on every sale. This is a no-brainer way to boost your income without requiring any extra effort.

Unlock Growth Potential: Growing your business often requires access to capital. With the Lipa na Mpesa Till, you gain eligibility for financing options like Boost ya Biashara and M-Pesa Business Loan. This gives you the resources you need to invest, expand, and take your business to the next level.

Dedicated Account, Enhanced Security: Unlike using your personal Mpesa for business, the Lipa na Mpesa Till provides a separate SIM card and account. This ensures clear separation of your business finances, offering better organization and peace of mind.

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More Than Just Payments: The Lipa na Mpesa Till is a complete business management tool. You can track transactions, generate reports, and gain valuable insights into your cash flow. This data empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations for maximum profitability.

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Some operators in Kenya that allow mobile money interoperability.

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How to Apply for Lipa na M-Pesa Till Number

  1. Complete the application of the Mpesa till number on the Safaricom Self Onboarding portal:
  2. Click Apply Now on the portal
  3. Choose a product; M-PESA Business Till (Buy Goods Till), or Short Term Paybill
  4. Select individual, sole proprietor, or limited liability company
  5. You will receive the till number and store number by SMS, on your current Safaricom number or the number you provided when applying (nominated number)
  6. Download the Lipa Na Mpesa sticker from the same Self Onboarding portal
  7. Activate the Business till by dialing *234#
  8. Change PIN and begin transacting
  9. You will automatically begin receiving payment notifications made to the till on the nominated number.

Remember to consult Safaricom for any updates or questions about specific needs.

Paybill numbers for banks in Kenya, Kenyan banks lipa na Mpesa services

How to Activate the Till Number

  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number
  2. Select option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  3. Enter Store number (One received on SMS)
  4. Select option 1 – Yes
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions
  6. Submit
  7. You will receive Mpesa message with your operator ID and a Start key PIN
  8. See the following steps to change your PIN;

How to Change the Till Number PIN

  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number
  2. Select option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  3. Enter your Store number
  4. Select option 5 – Account Services
  5. Select option 1 – Change PIN
  6. Enter operator ID send earlier
  7. Enter old PIN (which is the start key on SMS from M-PESA)
  8. Enter New PIN (Create your own secret PIN)
  9. Confirm new PIN (Repeat your own secret PIN)
  10. Submit
  11. You will receive a message confirming that your PIN has been changed and till successfully activated
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You can also activate your Till by downloading the M-Pesa Business app from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store.

Mpesa business till
Business Till display | Image: Safaricom

M-Pesa Business (Buy Goods) Till Requirements

Applying for an M-Pesa Business Till account is simple! Here’s what you need to know:

Documents Required

Individual Category

  • For funds to settle only to M-Pesa:
    • Copy of National ID (front and back)
  • For funds to settle to both M-Pesa and bank account:
    • Copy of National ID (front and back)
    • Individual KRA PIN Certificate
    • Cancelled cheque or bank letter verifying account details
    • Copy of Certificate of Registration (applicable to registered businesses)

Sole Proprietor Category

  • Basic Requirement:
    • Copy of National ID (front and back)
    • Copy of Certificate of Registration or Business Permit
  • For funds to settle to both M-Pesa and bank account:
    • (All documents listed above)
    • Individual KRA PIN Certificate

Limited Liability Company

  • Basic Requirement:
    • Annual Returns with filling receipt
    • Cancelled cheque or bank letter verifying company bank details
    • Company KRA PIN Certificate
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
    • Copy of CR12 (validity within 90 days)
    • Copy of directors’ National IDs or Passports (front and back)
    • Filled, stamped, and signed resolution letter from company directors
    • Kenyan Director KRA PIN Certificate
  • For funds to settle to both M-P-esa and bank account:
    • (All documents listed above)

Short-term Lipa na Mpesa Paybill Number

This temporary option is available for specific purposes like fundraising. Here are specific document requirements for common scenarios:

Medical Fund:

  • Certified hospital admission documents
  • Copy of applicant’s ID
  • (For minors) Birth certificate or affidavit
  • Bank letter or cancelled cheque


  • Copy of applicant’s ID
  • Institution admission letter
  • Bank letter or cancelled cheque
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  • Copy of burial permit/death certificate
  • Copy of applicant’s ID
  • Bank letter or cancelled cheque


  • Copy of IDs for the couple
  • Letter from the couple (if traditional wedding)
  • Bank letter or cancelled cheque
  • Letter from the wedding institution


  • Cover letter stating purpose, signed by authorized committee members
  • Copies of IDs for signatories

Remember: All photocopies should be clear and legible.

Lipa na Mpesa Till: A Breakdown of Rates and Charges for Businesses and Customers

For customers, using Lipa na Mpesa Till to pay for goods and services is completely free. You won’t be charged any transaction fees, regardless of the amount.

For businesses, the cost structure is as follows:

  • Collections:
    • Free: You’re charged nothing for collecting payments of Ksh. 200 and below.
    • Standard: For transactions above Ksh. 200, you’ll pay a 0.55% fee capped at Ksh. 200.
  • Paying other Business Tills: Sending money to another Lipa na Mpesa Till incurs a 0.27% fee, also capped at Ksh. 200.
  • Receiving Payments: There are no additional charges for customers paying into your Business Till.
    • Exception: Payments made at fuel stations have separate charges associated with them.
  • Paying Utilities: When paying to a utility till using Lipa na Mpesa, the standard M-Pesa paybill charges apply.
  • Sending Money: If you choose to pay using a mobile number instead of the till number, regular M-Pesa send-money charges will apply.

Here’s a table summarizing the key points:

Transaction TypeCustomer ChargeBusiness Charge
Buying goods/servicesFreeN/A
Collecting payments (Up to Ksh. 200)FreeFree
Collecting payments (Above Ksh. 200)Free0.55% (capped at Ksh. 200)
Paying to other Business TillsFree0.27% (capped at Ksh. 200)
Receiving payments (excluding fuel stations)FreeFree
Paying utilitiesStandard M-Pesa paybill chargesN/A
Sending money to mobile numberStandard M-Pesa send-money chargesN/A

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