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How to Join and Use M-Pesa Pochi la Biashara

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Pochi La Biashara is a mobile money product offered by M-PESA that allows small business owners, such as kiosk owners, boda-boda operators, food vendors, and second-hand clothes dealers, to receive and manage their business finances separately from their personal funds. This service uses their existing M-PESA number, eliminating the need for additional paperwork or SIM cards.

Registration is simple and straightforward, allowing business owners to quickly enjoy the benefits of organized financial planning for their ventures, free from interference with their personal M-PESA transactions.

However, it’s important to note that standard M-Pesa transaction charges apply to both sending and receiving money through Pochi La Biashara. You can find the detailed M-Pesa charges on the Safaricom website or within the M-PESA app.

Advantages of M-Pesa Pochi La Biashara

Pochi la biashara advantages
Benefits of using Pochi.
  • Simple to register, no paperwork needed
  • You are able to separate business funds from personal funds
  • Payments once done cannot be reversed without the business owner’s approval
  • You can sell Airtime from Pochi La Biashara and earn a 5% commission
  • You can access  Mini statements showing the latest top transaction
  • Fuliza does not deduct loan settlements from Pochi
  • The daily transaction limit is Ksh. 500,000

How to Register for Pochi La Biashara

You will need a registered Safaricom M-Pesa line in order to opt in for this service.

  • Dial *334# and call
  • Select the option Pochi la Biashara
  • Now, select Join Pochi and Send
  • Then, select Accept, to accept Safaricom’s Terms and Conditions
  • Select your Business Category or Service Providers
  • After some time you will receive an SMS confirming successful registration

How to Use Pochi La Biashara

You can access Pochi la Biashara services using the USSD code *334#, M-Pesa STK menu or using the M-Pesa app. Here’s what you can do with Pochi:

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Deposit Money to Pochi or Receive Payments

For customers to deposit into your Pochi they can do the following:

  • Dial *334# or Select Lipa na Mpesa from M-Pesa menu
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select Send to Pochi (for USSD)
  • Enter the merchant’s phone number
  • Enter amount
  • Complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN and send
  • The merchant will receive a deposit notification.

For a business owner to pay other Pochi la Biashara merchants:

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select Send to Pochi
  • Enter phone number
  • Enter amount and completes the transaction using M-Pesa PIN
Business lady making mobile transaction
Making payments through mobile wallet. Photo Pexel | Alexander Suhorucov

Sell Airtime from Pochi

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select Sell Airtime
  • Enter the mobile number in the specified format
  • Enter the amount of airtime and complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN

Check Pochi Balance

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Pochi La Biashara
  • Select my Account
  • Select Check Balance and enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • An SMS will be sent with the Pochi La Biashara balance.

How to Withdraw Money From Pochi

To Move Money to Your M-Pesa Number:

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select From Pochi la Biashara to My M-Pesa
  • Enter the amount and complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN

Note: This transaction does not incur any charges. However, the daily M-Pesa transactional limit applies.

To Withdraw Through M-Pesa Agent:

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select Withdraw from Agent
  • Enter Agent Number
  • Enter the amount and complete the transaction using your M-Pesa PIN
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Note: Normal withdrawal from agent charges apply.

How to Check Your Statement

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select My Account
  • Select My Statement
  • Select Mini Statement and Enter M-PESA PIN to confirm the statement request
  • You will receive an SMS displaying the statement requested.

Note: No charges are applied.

How to Opt Out of Pochi la Biashara

To opt out of this product,  you will:

  • Dial *334# and Select Pochi la Biashara
  • Select My Account
  • Select Leave this Service
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation that you have opted out of the service.

Note: Upon opting out, any funds on the business account will instantly be moved to your personal M-Pesa account.


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