Buru Buru Girls Extra County Secondary School

Extra County Schools in Kenya per County, 2024

Extra county schools in Kenya are those secondary schools categorized after national schools. Extra county schools, just like national schools, can take students from all over the country. These schools also have higher capacities and more resources to take big numbers of KCPE graduates than county schools.

Extra County Schools in Kenya can be elevated to the National secondary school level if they meet the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.

Most extra county schools in Kenya are boys boarding or girls boarding schools.

upper hill extra county school
Upper Hill School. A boys-only extra county boarding school in Nairobi’s Kibra constituency.

Here is a detailed list of all the extra county secondary schools from all over Kenya, the type of school, and the county  and sub-county where they are located:

#Name of SchoolSchool TypeCountySub County
1Kapropita Girls High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoBaringo  Central
2Pemwai Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoBaringo Central
3Tenges BoysBoarding BoysBaringoBaringo Central
4Kabarnet High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoBaringo Central
5Kituro High School.Mixed BoardingBaringoBaringo Central
6Tabagon Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoBaringo Central
7Moi High School KabartonjoBoarding BoysBaringoBaringo North
8Ruth Kiptui Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoBaringo North
9Bartolimo Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoBaringo North
10Ngoron High SchoolMixed BoardingBaringoEast Pokot
11Saos High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoKoibatek
12Kabimoi High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoKoibatek
13Eldama Ravine Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoKoibatek
14Torongo Girls High School.Boarding GirlsBaringoKoibatek
15Poror High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoKoibatek
16Solian Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoKoibatek
17Toniok Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoKoibatek
18Marigat Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBaringoMarigat
19Kimngorom GirlsBoarding GirlsBaringoMogotio
20Kisanana BoysBoarding BoysBaringoMogotio
21Emining BoysBoarding BoysBaringoMogotio
22Mogotio Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBaringoMogotio
23Longisa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometBomet
24Kabungut Boys’Boarding BoysBometBomet
25Kabungut Boys’ Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysBometBomet Central
26Chepalungu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometChepalungu
27Kaboson GirlsBoarding GirlsBometChepalungu
28Moi Siongiroi GirlsBoarding GirlsBometChepalungu
29St.Brigids  Girls-ChemeletBoarding GirlsBometKonoin
30Kimulot Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometKonoin
31Saseta Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsBometKonoin
32Boito Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometKonoin
33Koiwa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometKonoin
34Kaplong Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBometSotik
35Ndanai Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsBometSotik
36Chebilat BoysBoarding BoysBometSotik
37Khasoko Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysBungomaBumula
38Teremi Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBungomaBungoma Central
39Our Lady Of Mercy Chebukaka GirlsBoarding GirlsBungomaBungoma Central
40St. Mary’s High School WebuyeBoarding GirlsBungomaBungoma East
41Ndivisi Girls High School.Boarding GirlsBungomaBungoma East
42Bungoma High SchoolBoarding BoysBungomaBungoma South
43Cardinal Otunga Girls’ High SchoolBoarding GirlsBungomaBungoma South
44St. Mary’s Kibabii Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBungomaBungoma South
45Cardinal Otunga Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBungomaBungoma South
46Chwele Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBungomaBungoma West
47St. Luke’s Boys High School- KimililiBoarding BoysBungomaKimilili
48Chesamisi High SchoolBoarding BoysBungomaKimilili
49Moi Girls High School KamusingaBoarding GirlsBungomaKimilili – Bungoma
50St. Mary’s Kibuk Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBungomaMt.Elgon
51St Augustine Girls LukhunaBoarding GirlsBungomaTongaren
52Friends School Bokoli BoysBoarding BoysBungomaWebuye West
53St.Benedicts Budalangi High SchoolBoarding and dayBusiaBunyala
54St. Stephen’s Lwanya Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsBusiaBusia
55St. Mary’s MundikaBoarding BoysBusiaBusia/ Matayos
56Busiada Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsBusiaButula
57St Annes Kisoko GirlsBoarding GirlsBusiaNambale
58Sigalame High SchoolBoarding BoysBusiaSamia
59Kolanya Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysBusiaTeso North
60Bishop Sulumeti Chelelemuk Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsBusiaTeso North
61St Monica Chakol Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsBusiaTeso South
62St. Paul’s Amukura High SchoolBoarding BoysBusiaTeso South
63Aic Girls Secondary School KessupBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo North
64Sing’Ore Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo North
65Tambach Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo North
66Simotwo Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo South
67Kapkenda Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo South
68Our Lady Of Glory Kaptagat GirlsBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo South
69Metkei GirlsBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo South
70Kipsaos Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetKeiyo South
71Kipsoen BoysBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetKeyo North
72Kerio Valley Boys SchoolBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet East
73Santa Maria Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet West
74St. Peter’s Marakwet BoysBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet West
75Chebara Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet West
76Yemit Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet West
77Yemit Girls’ Secondary.Boarding GirlsElgeyo MarakwetMarakwet West.
78Kegonge Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu East
79Kyeni GirlsBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu East
80St.Agnes Girls-KiaganariBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu East
81King David High School- KamamaBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu North
82Nguviu Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu North
83Nguviu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu North
84St. Anne’s Kiriari Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu North
85Kangaru Girls’ SecBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu West
86St. Paul’s High School- KevoteBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu West
87St Mary KiangimaBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu West
88St. Teresa’s Girls’ Secondary School KithimuBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbu West
89Kirimari Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu West
90St Catherine Nthagaiya Girl’SBoarding GirlsEmbuEmbueast
91St. Stephens High School- KavutiriBoarding BoysEmbuEmbu-North
92Siakago Boys HighBoarding BoysEmbuMbeere North
93Kanyuambora Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuMbeere North
94Gangara Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingEmbuMbeere North
95Kiambere School ComplexMixed BoardingEmbuMbeere North
96Mariari Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsEmbuMbeere South
97Nyangwa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuMbeere South
98Mayori Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingEmbuMbeere South
99Nyangwa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysEmbuMbeere South
100Saka Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsGarissaBalambala
101Sankuri Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysGarissaBalambala
102Fafi Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsGarissaFafi
103County High SchoolBoarding BoysGarissaGarissa Sub County
104Homa Bay High SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayHoma Bay Town
105Tom Mboya Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayMbita
106Nyamasare Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayMbita
107Ambassador Pamela Mboya Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayMbita
108Mirogi Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayNdhiwa
109Ratang’A Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayNdhiwa
110Dudi Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayRachuonyo East
111Atemo Mixed Secondary SchoolDayHoma BayRachuonyo East
112Ober Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayRachuonyo East
113Olm Ringa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayRachuonyo East
114Bishop Linus Okok Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayRachuonyo East
115Gendia High SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayRachuonyo North
116Mawego Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayRachuonyo North
117Eng. Peter Owidi Nyahera Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BayRachuonyo South
118Kuoyo Kochia Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayRangwe
119Orero Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysHoma BayRangwe
120Tonga Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysHoma BaySuba
121St Gabriel Gwassi Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsHoma BaySuba Sub-County
122Isiolo Boys High SchoolBoarding and DayIsioloIsiolo Sub-County
123Kiluani Newlife SecondaryBoarding BoysKajiadoKajiado Central
124Olkejuado High SchoolBoarding BoysKajiadoKajiado Central
125Enoomatasiani Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKajiadoKajiado North
126Nakeel Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKajiadoKajiado North
127Baraka Oontoyie Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKajiadoKajiado West
128Najile Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKajiadoKajiado West
129Olooseos Girls SecBoarding GirlsKajiadoKajiado West
130Oloitokitok Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKajiadoLoitokitok
131Butere  Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaButere
132Bishop Sulumeti Girls Secondary School KakamegaBoarding GirlsKakamegaKakamega Central
133The Sacred Heart Mukumu Girks’s High SchoolBoarding GirlsKakamegaKakamega East
134St Ignatius Mukumu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaKakamega East
135Shanderema Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaKakamega East
136St.Agnes Girls High School ShibuyeBoarding GirlsKakamegaKakamega East.
137St. Annes Musoli Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKakamegaKakamega South
138Shikunga High SchoolMixed BoardingKakamegaKakamega South
139St . Theresa’s Eregi Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKakamegaKakamega South
140Musingu High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaKakamega South
141Mwihila High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaKhwisero
142Moi Girls  High SchoolBoarding GirlsKakamegaLikuyani
143St. Anne’s Nzoia GirlsBoarding GirlsKakamegaLikuyani
144St John The Baptist Likuyani BoysBoarding BoysKakamegaLikuyani
145St. Paul’s Lugari BoysBoarding BoysKakamegaLugari
146Mautuma Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaLugari
147Archbishop Njenga Girls High SchBoarding GirlsKakamegaLugari
148Kivaywa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaMatete
149Ack St James Namamba Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaMatungu
150St Mathias Kholera Boys Secondary SchoolBoys Day & BoardingKakamegaMatungu
151Mary Seat Of Wisdom  Bulimbo Girls.Boarding GirlsKakamegaMatungu
152Ack St. Paul’s Lubinu Boys High School.Boarding BoysKakamegaMumias East
153St Joseph’s Shibinga WDayKakamegaMumias East
154St. Mary’s Mumias Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKakamegaMumias West
155Chebuyusi High SchoolBoarding BoysKakamegaNavakholo
156Chepkoton Girls Sec.SchoolBoarding GirlsKerichoBelgut
157Kaborok Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKerichoBelgut
158Cheptenye BoysBoarding BoysKerichoBelgut
159A. I. C Tebesonik Boys’ High SchoolMixed BoardingKerichoBureti
160Korongoi GirlsBoarding GirlsKerichoBureti
161Cheborge Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKerichoBureti
162Chelilis Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsKerichoBureti
163Kiptewit Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKerichoBureti
164Tengecha Girls Secondary  School.Boarding GirlsKerichoBureti
165Tengecha Boys Secondary SchBoarding BoysKerichoBureti
166A.I.C Litein GirlsBoarding GirlsKerichoBureti
167Kericho High SchoolBoarding BoysKerichoKericho
168Moi Tea Girls SecBoarding GirlsKerichoKericho
169Kericho Tea BoysBoarding BoysKerichoKericho
170Kipkelion Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKerichoKipkelion
171Londiani Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsKerichoLondiani
172Londiani Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKerichoLondiani
173Moi Kipsitet Girls’ Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKerichoSoin/Sigowet
174Dt Francis Girls ManguBoarding GirlsKiambuGatundu North
175St. Joseph’s GithunguriBoarding BoysKiambuGithunguri
176Githiga Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKiambuGithunguri
177Senior Chief Koinange Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambaa
178Muthurwa Girls Sec School.KiambaaBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambaa
179Loreto Kiambu Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambu
180St Annes LiokiBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambu
181Kiambu High SchoolBoarding BoysKiambuKiambu
182Loreto Kiambu Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambu
183Ndumberi Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKiambuKiambu
184Kijabe GirlsBoarding GirlsKiambuLari
185Thika High SchoolBoarding BoysKiambuThika West
186Sokoke Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKilifiGanze
187St. George’s High SchoolBoarding BoysKilifiKaloleni
188St. John’s Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKilifiKaloleni
189Kilifi Township Sec. School.Boarding BoysKilifiKilifi North
190Garashi Secondary SchoolDayKilifiMagarini
191Ngala Memorial Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKilifiMalindi
192Kakoneni Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKilifiMalindi
193Malindi High SchoolBoarding BoysKilifiMalindi
194Kombeni GirlsBoarding GirlsKilifiRabai
195Dr Krapf Memorial Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKilifiRabai
196Ribe Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKilifiRabai
197Ngaru Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKirinyagaKirinyaga Central
198Kerugoya Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKirinyagaKirinyaga Central
199Kamuiru Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKirinyagaKirinyaga Central
200Kerugoya Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKirinyagaKirinyaga Central
201Kiamutgu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKirinyagaKirinyaga East
202Kianyaga Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKirinyagaKirinyaga East
203Ngiriambu Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKirinyagaKirinyaga East
204Karoti Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKirinyagaMwea East
205St Mary’S Kagio BoysBoarding BoysKirinyagaMwea West
206St Mary’S Mwea Girls’ Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKirinyagaMwea West
207Tabaka Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKisiiGucha South
208Riokindo Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKisiiKenyenya
209Nyanchwa Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKisiiKisii Central
210Nyamagwa Sda SecMixed BoardingKisiiKisii Central
211E.L.C.K. Itierio Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKisiiKisii South
212St. Paul’s Igonga Dok SecondaryBoarding BoysKisiiKisii South
213St Peter’s Suneka SecMixed BoardingKisiiKisii South
214Bishop Mugendi Nyamokenye Sec SchMixed DayKisiiKisii South
215Elck Itierio  Girls  Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKisiiKisii South
216St Pauls Gekano BoysBoarding BoysKisiiManga
217Itibo Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKisiiMarani
218Itibo GirlsBoarding GirlsKisiiMarani
219St Charles Lwanga Ichuni GirlsBoarding GirlsKisiiMasaba South
220Moi GesusuBoarding BoysKisiiMasaba South
221St. John’s Nyamagwa BoysBoarding BoysKisiiSameta
222St. Mary’S Nyamagwa GirlsBoarding GirlsKisiiSameta
223Sameta Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKisiiSameta
224Kisumu Boys’ High SchoolBoarding BoysKisumuKisumu Central
225St. Teresa’s Girls  Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKisumuKisumu Central
226Chulaimbo SecBoarding BoysKisumuKisumu West
227Sinyolo Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsKisumuKisumu West
228Miwani BoysBoarding BoysKisumuMuhoroni
229Achego Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKisumuMuhoroni
230St. Stephen’s Menara Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKisumuMuhoroni
231St Gregory Koru Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsKisumuMuhoroni
232Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary SchoolMixed Boarding and DayKisumuNyakach
233Ack Rae GirlsBoarding GirlsKisumuNyakach
234Nyabondo Boys’Boarding BoysKisumuNyakach
235Nyakach Girls High S HoolBoarding GirlsKisumuNyakach
236Sang’Oro Mixed Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingKisumuNyakach
237Sigoti Complex High SchoolBoarding GirlsKisumuNyakach Sub-County
238Ahero Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKisumuNyando
239Migingo Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKisumuNyando
240Ngere High SchoolBoarding BoysKisumuSeme
241St Aloys Reru GirlsBoarding GirlsKisumuSeme
242St. Barnabas Girls Sec Sch. BarkorwaBoarding GirlsKisumuSeme
243Ikutha Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKituiIkutha
244Ikutha Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysKituiIkutha
245Itoleka Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKituiKatulani
246Maliku Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKituiKatulani
247Mulango Girls High SchoolBoarding BoysKituiKatulani
248Kisasi BoysBoarding BoysKituiKisasi
249St Monica Girls’ MulutyBoarding GirlsKituiKitui Central
250St. Ursula Girls Sec School- TungutuBoarding GirlsKituiKitui Central
251St. Angela’s GirlsBoarding GirlsKituiKitui Central
252St.Thomas Aquinas Kalawa Boys Sec.SchoolBoarding BoysKituiKitui Central
253Kyondoni Girls SecBoarding GirlsKituiKitui West
254Katheka Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKituiKitui West
255Mutonguni Boy’s SecondaryBoarding BoysKituiKitui West
256Kimangao Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsKituiKyuso
257St.Lukes Yatta Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysKituiLower Yatta
258Nguutani Sec SchoolBoarding BoysKituiMigwani
259Aic Itoloni GirlsBoarding GirlsKituiMigwani
260Thitani GirlsBoarding GirlsKituiMigwani
261St Joseph Mutito Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKituiMutito North
262St. Mary’s Mutito Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsKituiMutito North
263Aic Sombe Girls SecBoarding GirlsKituiMutitu
264Mutomo GirlsBoarding GirlsKituiMutomo
265Mwingi Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysKituiMwingi Central
266St Teresa’s Ukasi Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsKituiMwingi East
267KinangoBoarding BoysKwaleKinango
268Franz Josef Sec MambaBoarding GirlsKwaleLungalunga
269Shimbahills High SchoolMixed BoardingKwaleMatuga
270Waa Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKwaleMatuga
271Waa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysKwaleMatuga
272Kingwede GirlsBoarding GirlsKwaleMsambweni
273Msambweni Boys SchoolBoarding BoysKwaleMsambweni
274Mazeras High SchoolBoarding BoysKwaleSamburu
275Mazeras Girls Memorial Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsKwaleSamburu
276St Joseph Tigithi Boys HighBoarding BoysLaikipiaLaikipia Central
277St Jude Nturukuma GirlsBoarding GirlsLaikipiaLaikipia East
278Loise Nanyuki Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsLaikipiaLaikipia East
279Endana Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingLaikipiaLaikipia East
280Victoria GichuhiBoarding GirlsLaikipiaLaikipia East
281St Francis Girls Secondary School-DoldolBoarding GirlsLaikipiaLaikipia North
282Doldol Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysLaikipiaLaikipia North
283Gg Rumuruti Boys SecBoarding BoysLaikipiaLaikipia West
284Ngumo SecBoarding BoysLaikipiaLaikipia West
285Ndururumo High SchoolMixed BoardingLaikipiaNyahururu
286Njorua High SchoolMixed BoardingLaikipiaNyahururu
287Mwenje Sec. SchoolMixed BoardingLaikipiaNyahururu
288Gatero GirlsBoarding GirlsLaikipiaNyahururu
289Ndururi SecMixed BoardingLaikipiaNyahururu
290Lamu Bujra SecondaryBoarding BoysLamuLamu Central
291Aic Nyayo GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosKalama
292St Francis Misyani GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosKangundo
293Kangundo High SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosKangundo
294Kathiani Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosKathiani
295Mumbuni GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosMachakos
296Ngelani High SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosMachakos
297Machakos Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMachakosMachakos
298Masinga Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosMasinga
299St Josephine Bakhita Masinga GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosMasinga
300Tala GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosMatungulu
301Aic Sengani GirlsBoarding GirlsMachakosMatungulu
302Vyulya Girls’ Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMachakosMwala
303St Michael Kabaa HighBoarding BoysMachakosMwala
304Masii Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosMwala
305Mwala SchoolBoarding BoysMachakosMwala
306Masii Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMachakosMwala
307Muthetheni Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMachakosMwala
308St Martin Kathonzweni SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniKathonzweni
309Kithingiisyo  SecondaryMixed BoardingMakueniKibwezi
310St Joseph’S G KibweziBoarding GirlsMakueniKibwezi
311Kalulini Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysMakueniKibwezi
312Precious Blood Secondary  KilunguBoarding GirlsMakueniKilungu
313Moi Girls Secondary School – KibweziBoarding GirlsMakueniMakindu
314Makindu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniMakindu
315Kaumoni Boys SecBoarding BoysMakueniMakueni
316Makueni GirlsBoarding GirlsMakueniMakueni
317Mwaani Boys HighschoolBoarding BoysMakueniMakueni
318Kitondo BoysBoarding BoysMakueniMbooni East
319Kisau Girls’ SecondaryBoarding GirlsMakueniMbooni East
320Kalawa Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniMbooni East
321Mbooni Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniMbooni West
322Mukaa Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniMukaa
323Kasikeu Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMakueniMukaa
324Ngoto Boys High School.Boarding BoysMakueniNzaui
325Barazani GirlsBoarding GirlsMakueniNzaui
326Darulhikma Day High SchoolDayManderaMandera Central
327Rhamu Girls SecondaryBoarding DayManderaMandera North
328Libin Nomadic Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysManderaMandera North
329Takaba Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsManderaMandera West
330Marsabit Boys’ High SchoolBoarding BoysMarsabitCentral
331Sasura Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMarsabitCentral
332Chalbi Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMarsabitChalbi (Marsabit North)
333Moyale Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsMarsabitMoyale
334Dr Guracha Memorial Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsMarsabitSololo
335Kibirichia Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysMeruBuuri East
336Kibirichia GirlsBoarding GirlsMeruBuuri East
337Ruiri GirlsBoarding GirlsMeruBuuri East
338Ontulil BoysBoarding BoysMeruBuuri West
339Kangeta GirlsBoarding GirlsMeruIgembe Central
340Burierure BoysBoarding BoysMeruIgembe Central
341Njia Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysMeruIgembe Central
342Ntunene Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruIgembe North
343Igembe Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysMeruIgembe South Sub County
344Kaaga Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruImenthi North
345Kaaga BoysBoarding BoysMeruImenti North
346Gikumene Girls Sec Sch. -MeruBoarding GirlsMeruImenti North
347Yururu GirlsBoarding GirlsMeruImenti South
348Nkubu High SchoolBoarding BoysMeruImenti South
349Nkuene Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruImenti South
350Gikurune Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruImenti South
351Gakuuni Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruImenti South
352Maua Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruMeru
353Kirigara GirlsBoarding GirlsMeruMeru Central
354Abothuguchi Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysMeruMeru Central
355Kinjo Girls Sec.Boarding GirlsMeruMerucentral
356Miathene Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMeruTigania West
357Mikinduri Girls Secondari SchoolBoarding GirlsMeruTigania Central
358St Alberts Girls High School – UlandaBoarding GirlsMigoriAwendo
359St. Mary Gorrety’S Dede GirlsBoarding GirlsMigoriAwendo
360Nyaroha GirlsBoarding GirlsMigoriKuria East
361Ikerege Sec SchoolMixed Day and BoardingMigoriKuria West
362Taranganya BoysBoarding BoysMigoriKuria West
363St. Angela Merici Isibania Girls’Secondary SchoolDay/ boarding girls’MigoriMabera
364Isibania Boys Secondary School.Boarding BoysMigoriMabera
365Anjego Mixed Sec SchoolMixed BoardingMigoriMigori
366Sori Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriNyatike
367Bande Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsMigoriNyatike
368Kanyawanga High SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriRongo
369Oyugi Ogango GirlsBoarding GirlsMigoriRongo
370Kangeso Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriRongo
371Koderobara Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriRongo
372Kadika Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMigoriSuna East
373Moi Suba Girls’ Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMigoriSuna West
374St Peters Abwao Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMigoriSuna West
375Migori Sec SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriSuna-East
376St Joseph’s Rapogi HighBoarding BoysMigoriUriri
377St.Pius Uriri High SchoolBoarding BoysMigoriUriri
378Bware Secondary SchoolMixed boarding and DayMigoriUriri
379Gatanga GirlsBoarding GirlsMurangaGatanga
380Christ The King Kirwara HighBoarding BoysMurangaGatanga
381Kahuhia Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaKahuro
382Kianderi GirlsBoarding GirlsMurangaKahuro
383Kiaguthu Boys SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKahuro
384St  Alexis Ruchu Girls High SchBoarding GirlsMurangaKandara
385Githunguri GirlsBoarding GirlsMurangaKandara
386St Charles Lwanga Sec SchoolMixed BoardingMurangaKandara
387Gaichanjiru High SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKandara
388Githumu High SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKandara
389Ngararia Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaKandara
390Kibutha Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsMurangaKangema
391Nyagatugu Boys’ High SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKangema
392Kangema High SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKangema
393Njiiri SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaKigumo
394Kiriaini Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaMathioya
395Gitugi Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaMathioya
396Njumbi High SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaMathioya
397Gituru Sec. SchoolMixed BoardingMurangaMurang’a
398Mumbi Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaMurang’a East
399Kamahuha Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaMurang’a South
400Nginda Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsMurangaMurang’a South
401Ichagaki Boys SchoolBoarding BoysMurangaMurang’a South
402Makuyu BoysBoarding BoysMurangaMurang’a South
403Ofafa Jericho High School.Boarding BoysNairobiBuruburu
404Nembu Girls Boarding & Day GirlsNairobiDagoretti
405Precious Blood RirutaBoarding GirlsNairobiDagoretti
406Uhuru Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiKamukunji
407Upper Hill SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiKibra
408Huruma Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsNairobiMakadara
409Buruburu GirlsBoarding GirlsNairobiMakadara
410Highway Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiMakadara
411St. Annes Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsNairobiMakadara
412Aquinas High SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiMakadara
413Olm South BBoarding GirlsNairobiMakadara
414Pumwani Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiStarehe
415Ngara Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNairobiStarehe
416Kangemi High SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiWestlands
417Highridge  Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNairobiWestlands
418Hospital Hill High SchoolBoarding BoysNairobiWestlands
419Michinda Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruMolo
420Molo Academy Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruMolo
421Mary Mount Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsNakuruMolo
422Maai Mahiu BoysBoarding BoysNakuruNaivasha
423Naivasha High SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruNaivasha
424Enaiposha Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNakuruNaivasha
425Jomo Kenyatta Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNakuruNakuru North
426Jomo Kenyatta Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruNakuru North
427Njoro Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNakuruNjoro
428Njoro Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruNjoro
429Kirobon Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNakuruRongai
430Kirobon Boys HighBoarding BoysNakuruRongai
431Aic Morop Girls SecBoarding GirlsNakuruRongai
432Lelmokwo Boys. High SchoolBoarding BoysNandiChesumei
433Itigo Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNandiChesumei
434Kilibwoni Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNandiNandi Central
435Holly Rosary Girls..KoibemBoarding GirlsNandiNandi Central
436Kipsigak High SchoolBoarding BoysNandiNandi Central
437Kapsabet GirlsBoarding GirlsNandiNandi Central
438Our Lady Of Victory High School KapnyeberaiBoarding GirlsNandiNandi Central
439Terige Boys Secondary School.Boarding BoysNandiNandi Central.
440Our Lady Of Peace Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNandiNandi East
441Lelwak Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNandiNandi East
442Samoei Boys SecBoarding BoysNandiNandi East Sub County
443Tulwo Girls SecBoarding GirlsNandiNandi North
444Kurgung Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysNandiNandi North
445Ndalat Gaa GirlsBoarding GirlsNandiNandi North
446Stephen Kositany GirlsBoarding GirlsNandiNandi North
447Cheptil High SchoolMixed BoardingNandiNandi North
448Laboret BoysBoarding BoysNandiNandi North
449Aldai Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsNandiNandi South
450Kemeloi Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNandiNandi South
451Ack St Mark’s Kaptumo BoysBoarding BoysNandiNandi South
452Kapkolei Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsNandiNandi South
453Aic Chebisaas GirlsBoarding GirlsNandiNandi South
454Serem Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNandiNandi South
455St Mary’s Tachasis Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsNandiTinderet
456Meteitei Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysNandiTindiret
457St. Mary’s Girls Sec. School_ NarokBoarding GirlsNarokNarok North
458Maasai Girls Secondary School (Narok)Boarding GirlsNarokNarok North
459Narok HighBoarding BoysNarokNarok North
460Ololulung’A Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNarokNarok South
461Moi Naikarra Sec SchoolMixed BoardingNarokNarok West
462Oloomiran Boys Sec SchoolBoarding BoysNarokNarok West
463Kilgoris Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsNarokTrans Mara West
464St.Paul Nyandoche Ibere GirlsBoarding GirlsNyamiraBorabu
465Mwongori High SchoolMixed BoardingNyamiraBorabu
466St.Gonzaga Gonza Isoge Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingNyamiraBorabu
467Nyansiongo High SchoolBoarding BoysNyamiraBorabu
468St. Mathias Mulumba Girls Sec. Sch.Boarding GirlsNyamiraBorabu
469Menyenya Sda High SchoolMixed BoardingNyamiraBorabu
470Tombe GirlsBoarding GirlsNyamiraManga
471Nyaikuro Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingNyamiraManga
472St Cyprian Biticha SecMixed Day and BoardingNyamiraMasaba North
473Matongo Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyamiraNyamira North
474Kebabe Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyamiraNyamira North
475St.Charles Lwanga Nyansabakwa Boys High SchhoolBoarding BoysNyamiraNyamira South
476Nyamira Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyamiraNyamira South
477Marindi SecondaryMixed Day and BoardingNyamiraNyamira South
478Gesiaga Sda Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingNyamiraNyamira South
479Our Lady Of Mercy Rangenyo GirlsBoarding GirlsNyamiraNyamira South
480Mt. Kinangop Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyandaruaKinangop
481Magumu BoysBoarding BoysNyandaruaKinangop
482Njabini Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyandaruaKinangop
483Wanjohi Girls’ SecBoarding GirlsNyandaruaKipipiri
484Nyakiambi GirlsBoarding GirlsNyandaruaMirangine
485Ndaragwa Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyandaruaNyandarua North
486Leshau Boys’ High SchoolBoarding BoysNyandaruaNyandarua North
487Magomano Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyandaruaNyandarua South
488St Paul’s Amani Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyandaruaNyandarua West
489Nyahururu High SchoolBoarding BoysNyandaruaNyandarua West
490St Teresa Moi Equator GirlsBoarding GirlsNyeriKieni East
491Naromoru Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriKieni East
492Naromoru GirlsBoarding GirlsNyeriKieni East
493Endarasha BoysBoarding BoysNyeriKieni West
494St Bakhita Gataragwa Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNyeriKieni West
495Kanjuri High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriMathira East
496Kirimara High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriMathira East
497South Tetu Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyeriMukurweini
498St. Bonaventure Kaheti Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriMukurweini
499Mukurweini Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriMukurweini
500Giakanja Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri Central
501Muruguru GirlsBoarding GirlsNyeriNyeri Central
502Nyeri High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri Central
503Othaya Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri South
504Chinga Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri South
505Birithia Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsNyeriNyeri South
506Karima Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri South
507Kenyatta High School-MahigaBoarding BoysNyeriNyeri South
508Olof Chinga GirlsBoarding GirlsNyeriNyeri South
509Mahiga Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsNyeriNyeri South
510Stellamaris Othaya Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsNyeriNyeri South
511Dedan Kimathi Memorial HighBoarding BoysNyeriTetu
512Kangubiri Girls SchoolBoarding GirlsNyeriTetu-
513Wamba Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysSamburuSamburu East
514Wamba Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsSamburuSamburu East
515Baragoi GirlsBoarding GirlsSamburuSamburu North
516Baragoi Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysSamburuSamburu North
517Usenge Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysSiayaBondo
518St. Augustine Nyamonye Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsSiayaBondo
519Nyamira Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsSiayaBondo
520Nyawara Girls Sec.SchoolBoarding GirlsSiayaGem
521 Aluor Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsSiayaGem
522St Mary’s School YalaBoarding BoysSiayaGem
523Sirembe Mixed Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingSiayaGem
524SinagagirlsBoarding GirlsSiayaGem
525Sawagongo High SchoolBoarding BoysSiayaGem
526St. Mary’s Lwak Girls’ High SchoolBoarding GirlsSiayaRarieda
527Chianda High SchoolBoarding BoysSiayaRarieda
528Ramba Boys HighBoarding BoysSiayaRarieda
529Barding Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysSiayaSiaya
530Bishop Okoth Girls MbagaBoarding GirlsSiayaSiaya
531Barding BoysBoarding BoysSiayaSiaya
532St. Mary’s Ukwala High SchoolBoarding BoysSiayaUgenya
533Sega Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsSiayaUgenya
534St. Francis Rang’Ala Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsSiayaUgunja
535Rangala Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysSiayaUgunja
536Murray Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaMwatate
537Mwasere Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaMwatate
538Kituma SecondaryBoarding BoysTaita TavetaMwatate
539St. Agatha NgolokiBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaTaita
540St. Mary’s High School LushangonyiBoarding BoysTaita TavetaTaita
541Canon Kituri Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingTaita TavetaTaita
542Senior Chief MwangekaBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaTaita
543Bishop John Njenga Secondary SchoolMixed Day and BoardingTaita TavetaTaveta
544Timbila Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysTaita TavetaTaveta
545Eldoro Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaTaveta
546Mahoo GirlsBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaTaveta
547Voi Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTaita TavetaVoi
548Moi Boys High School -KasigauBoarding BoysTaita TavetaVoi
549Mwakitawa GirlsBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaVoi
550Mwakitawa Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaVoi
551Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Girls’SecBoarding GirlsTaita TavetaVoi
552Madogo SecMixed BoardingTana RiverTana North
553Hirimani Secondary SchoolMixed BoardingTana RiverTana North
554Maumau Memorial GirlsBoarding GirlsTana RiverTana River
555Wenje SecondaryMixed BoardingTana RiverTana River
556Ngaita Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsTharaka Nithi Maara
557Itugururu Sec SchoolMixed BoardingTharaka NithiIgambang’ombe
558Kiurani Boys High School.Boarding BoysTharaka NithiMaara
559Kiini High SchoolMixed BoardingTharaka NithiMaara
560Chogoria Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMaara
561Igwanjau  High  SchoolMixed BoardingTharaka NithiMaara
562Kiriani Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMaara
563Iruma Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMaara
564Chief Mbogori Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMaara
565Our Lady Of Mercy Girls Sec School- MagunduBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMaara
566Kajiunduthihi High SchoolBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMaara
567Njuri High SchoolMixed BoardingTharaka NithiMeru South
568Chuka HighBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMeru South
569Ikuu GirlsBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMeru South
570Ikawa High SchoolMixed BoardingTharaka NithiMeru South
571Magumoni Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMeru South
572Mukuuni Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMeru South
573Chuka Girls Sec SchoolBoarding GirlsTharaka NithiMeru South
574Karamugi  Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysTharaka NithiMeru South
575Materi Boys HighBoarding BoysTharaka NithiTharaka South
576St. Paul’s Kitum High SchoolBoarding BoysTrans NzioaEndebess
577Kabuyefwe Friends Girls SecBoarding GirlsTrans NzioaKiminini
578Kabuyefwe Friends Secondary _BoysBoarding BoysTrans NzioaKiminini
579St. Anthony’s Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTrans NzioaKiminini
580Goseta Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTrans NzioaKwanza
581St.Marks Girls Sec.School CheranganiBoarding GirlsTrans NzioaTrans Nzoia East
582Boma Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysTrans NzioaTrans Nzoia West
583Kitale School SecondaryBoarding GirlsTrans NzioaTrans Nzoia West
584St Joseph’s Girls KitaleBoarding GirlsTrans NzioaTransnzoia West
585Kataboi GirlsBoarding GirlsTurkanaNorth
586Rcea Lokori Boys Sec.SchoolBoarding BoysTurkanaTurkana East
587Sa Lokitaung Sec SchoolBoarding BoysTurkanaTurkana North
588Katilu Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysTurkanaTurkana South
589Our Lady’s Girls Secondary School – KakumaBoarding GirlsTurkanaTurkana West
590Brightstar Integrated Secondary SchoolDay MixedTurkanaTurkana West
591Kipkabus Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuAinabkoi
592Kapngetuny High SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuAinabkoi
593Plateau GirlsBoarding GirlsUasin GishuAinabkoi
594Arnesen’s Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuAinabkoi
595Drys Girls Sec.Boarding GirlsUasin GishuAinabkoi
596Arnesen’s Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuAinabkoi
597Aic Ngeria Girls Sec SchBoarding GirlsUasin GishuKapseret
598Simat High SchoolMixed BoardingUasin GishuKapseret
599Hill School Girls EldoretBoarding GirlsUasin GishuKesses
600Cheplaskei Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuKesses
601Ack St Luke’s Cheptiret SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuKesses
602Moiben HighBoarding BoysUasin GishuMoiben
603Seko Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsUasin GishuMoiben
604Aic Chebisaas Boys HighBoarding BoysUasin GishuMoiben
605Loreto High School MatundaBoarding GirlsUasin GishuSoy
606Kipsangui Boys High SchoolBoarding BoysUasin GishuSoy
607Turbo GirlsBoarding GirlsUasin GishuTurbo
608Turbo Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsUasin GishuTurbo
609Kamagut High SchoolMixed BoardingUasin GishuTurbo
610Paul Boit Boys High School.Boarding BoysUasin GishuTurbo
611Sugoi Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsUasin GishuTurbo
612Emusire High SchoolBoarding BoysVihigaEmuhaya
613Goibei Girls’ High SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaHamisi
614Friends School Kaimosi BoysBoarding BoysVihigaHamisi
615Friends School SenendeBoarding BoysVihigaHamisi
616Erusui Girls’ High SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaHamisi
617Tigoi Girls’ High SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaHamisi
618Nyang’Ori BoysBoarding BoysVihigaHamisi
619Hobunaka Boys SecondaryBoarding/day boysVihigaLuanda
620Ebusakami Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaLuanda
621Friends School MbaleBoarding BoysVihigaSabatia
622Friends Girls High School IgungaBoarding GirlsVihigaSabatia
623Moi Girls Secondary School VokoliBoarding GirlsVihigaSabatia
624Friends School, Keveye Girls’Boarding GirlsVihigaSabatia
625Mudavadi Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaVihiga
626St. Clares Maragoli Girls High SchoolBoarding GirlsVihigaVihiga
627Vihiha Friends  High SchoolBoarding BoysVihigaVihiga
628Madira GirlsBoarding BoysVihigaVihiga
629Griftu Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysWajirWajir West
630Sabunley Sec SchoolsBoarding BoysWajirWajir East
631Bute Boys SecondaryBoarding BoysWajirWajir North
632Bute Girls Secondary SchoolBoarding GirlsWajirWajir North
633Hon Khalif Girls SecondaryBoarding GirlsWajirWajir West
634Chepkorniswo Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysWest PokotKipkomo
635St. Stephen LaikongBoarding GirlsWest PokotKipkomo
636Ortum Boys Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysWest PokotKipkomo
637Holy Rosarygirls_ OrtumBoarding GirlsWest PokotKipkomo
638At.  Cecilia Girls ChepareriaBoarding GirlsWest PokotKipkomo
639Weiwei Boy’S Secondary SchoolBoarding BoysWest PokotPokot Central
640St.Comboni Amakuriat S.S.Boarding BoysWest PokotPokot North
641Holy Cross Boys Sec Sch KachelibaBoarding BoysWest PokotPokot North
642Kapenguria SchoolBoarding BoysWest PokotWest Pokot

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