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Equity Bank Agent Business Requirements

You can partner with Equity bank to offer agent services in your locality and help facilitate the introduction of trans-formative financial solutions to people as well as your business, allowing it to run more efficiently and thrive. Read on for details of Equity bank agent requirements, and documents required before being approved.

Many people transact with Equity bank because the bank understands the ordinary citizen better, hence you can make a good profit from the bank’s agent services provided you meet the requirements, and your business is strategically placed.

Equity Bank Agent Requirements

Equity bank has set out several requirements, which must be met before you can be approved to offer Equity bank agent services in your business.

To become an Equity bank agent you must make sure you have:

  1. An existing business that has been operating successfully in the same location for a minimum of 12 months prior to application.
  2. Valid business permits for the existing business
  3. A strategic business location – accessibility, visibility and security
  4. A good reputation and high moral standing
  5. An excellent reach and catchment area
  6. Brief description of commercial activity- 12 months
  7. Current statements for the last 6 months

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Equity Bank Agent, Documents Required

In addition to the above minimum requirements, you must provide the following documents at your nearest brank together with your application:

Equity Bank Agency ducuments required

  1. Agency Banking application form duly completed and signed by the applicant
  2. National ID and copies for principal applicant(s)
  3. A certificate of good conduct
  4. A brief description of commercial activity for the past 12 months (business profile)
  5. Bank and/or Loan statements from any other institution for the past 12 months
  6. Three (3) copies of pre-signed Equity Agent Contract to accompany the application
  7. Copy of certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration of business name as applicable
  8. Articles and memorandum of association/Partnership deed where applicable
  9. Board resolution (applicable to companies and partnerships)
  10. Valid business licence or permit for any lawful commercial activity carried on by the entity
  11. Audited financial records for the past 12 months
  12. Sketch map for business and home location
  13. Credit Reference Bureau report (CRB)
  14. Two passport size photos for every applicant
  15. Curriculum vitae (CV) of all the applicants
  16. Three coloured photos of the business outlet showing:
  • Interior view of premises from the door
  • Interior view showing stocks
  • Outside view – 15 metres from the door showing nearby premises

Upon making the application and you have met all the conditions and documentation above, Equity bank may give you approval within a month.

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For more information, you can visit your nearest Equity bank branch or contact:

  • Mobile: +254 763 063 000
  • Email:

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