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List of KCB Bank Branches in Kenya and Their Contacts

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Kenya Commercial Bank, KCB Bank Kenya Limited is a financial service provider licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. KCB bank has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya and boasts of over 200 branches across the country.

KCB bank has been around since its inception in 1896, and currently offers financial services including agency banking, mobile money, internet banking, and other money transfer services.

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 KCB Bank Branches and Contacts in Nairobi

KCB bank branches are open from Monday to Friday, 08.30 am to 4 pm, and 8.30 am to 12 noon on Saturdays.

KCB Hurlingham Branch
Phone: 020 2731814
Email: hurlingham@kcbgroup.com
KCB Thika Road Mall

Phone: 020 8566001

Email: thikardmall@kcbgroup.com

KCB Capital Hill Branch

Phone: 020-2720208/7

Email: capitalhill@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kasarani Branch

Phone: +254208566004

Email: kasarani@kcbgroup.com

KCB Buruburu Branch

Phone: +254207788830

Email: buruburu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Garden Branch

Phone: 0771903864/0771719572

Email: gardenplaza@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kimathi Street Branch

Phone: 020 2213182 / 020 2213157

Email: kimathi@kcbgroup.com

KCB Nairobi High Court Branch

Phone: 202713860

Email: nairobihighcourt@kcbgroup.com

KCB Customer Experience Center

Phone: 020-210-351-1

Email: cxcentre@kcbgroup.com

KCB Towers, Off Hospital Road


Phone: 2247661/2241378

Email: kicc@kcbgroup.com

KCB Biashara Street Branch

Phone: 208024557

Email: biasharast@kcbgroup.com

KCB Mortgage Sarit Centre

Phone: 0759336305/ 0724001332

Email: slsarit@kcbgroup.com

KCB Sarit Centre Branch

Phone: 203747225/ 0203747576/ 0203747577

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Email: saritcentre@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kariobangi Branch

Phone: +254207788834

Email: kariobangi@kcbgroup.com

KCB Jogoo Road Branch

Phone: +254202382627

Email: jogoord@kcbgroup.com

KCB Upperhill Platinum Center Branch

Phone: 0742 651 598

Email: upperhillplatinum@kcbgroup.com

KCB Moi Avenue Branch

Phone: 0711012155/0203270155

Email: mgrops-moiavenue@kcbgroup.com

KCB River Road Branch

Phone: +254702723690

Email: riverroad@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kayole Branch

Phone: 020 7788838

Email: kayole@kcbgroup.com
Shujaa Mall, Off Spine Road, between Masimba and B Centre Stages

KCB Prestige Plaza Branch

Phone: +254203862392/3/4, /0202438776

Email: rmgrprestige@kcbgroup.com

KCB Haile Selassie Branch

Phone: 254739152046/254739152046/254739152046

Email: haileselassiesavloan@kcbgroup.com

KCB Tom Mboya Branch

Phone: +254203344450

Email: tommboya@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kipand House Branch

Phone: 203318682/0203341031/0202215935

Email: kipandehouse@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage Kipande House Branch

Phone: 020-334-103-1

Email: kipandehouse@kcbgroup.com

KCB Garden City Branch

Phone: 4401842/4401843

Email: gardencity@kcbgroup.com

KCB University Way Branch

Phone: 202027327/202027326/ 0202246710/203312390

Email: universityway@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage University Way Branch

Phone: 020-221-305-2

Email: universityway@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage Westgate Branch

Phone: 020-246-709-6

Email: westgate@kcbgroup.com

KCB Ngara Branch

Phone: 020 3760020

Email: ngara@kcbgroup.com

KCB Gikomba Branch

Phone: 020 2363174

Email: gikomba@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage Eastleigh Branch

Phone: 0712-997-817

Email: eastleigh@kcbgroup.com

KCB Mashariki Branch

Phone: 0207860880/ 0206553609/ 0715878600

Email: mashariki@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kibera Branch

Phone: 020 3860072/020 3860036

Email: kibera@kcbgroup.com

KCB Village Market Branch

Phone: 0207122010/003

Email: villagemarket@kcbgroup. com

KCB Karen Branch

Phone: 0202573627/0202177498

Email: karen@kcbgroup.com

KCB Gigiri Square Branch

Phone: 0745 430998

Email: ungigiri@kcbgroup.com

KCB Gateway Park Branch

Phone: 0703111434/ 0746737954

Email: gatewaybr@kcbgroup.com

KCB Platinum T-Square Centre Branch

Phone: 0732 187000

Email: Treasurysqr@kcbgroup.com

KCB Bank Branches and Contacts in Mombasa

KCB Changamwe Branch

Phone: +254-752-680-091

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Email: changamwe@kcbgroup.com

KCB Nyali Branch

Phone: 0202636507

Email: nyali@kcbgroup.com

KCB Treasury Square Branch

Phone: 041 2225435

Email: ccaretsquare@kcbgroup.com

KCB Branch

Phone: +254-771-097-973

Email: kisauni@kcbgroup.com

KCB Town Centre Mombasa Branch

Phone: 0412220013/412220014

Email: ccaretcentre@kcbgroup.com

KCB Mwembe Tayari Branch

Phone: 0412220011

Email: mwembetayari@kcbgroup.com

KCB Mvita Branch

Phone: 0737724698/412220010/662324012/3

Email: mvita@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kilindini Branch

Phone: +254-711-087-000

Email: kilindini@kcbgroup.com

KCB M-Pesa open savings account and borrow loan

KCB Bank Branches and Contacts in Kisumu

KCB Kisumu Airport Branch

Phone: 0721537584 or 0713893841

Email: kisumuairport@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage Kisumu Main Branch

Phone: +254-572-020-702

Email: kisumu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Advantage United Mall Branch

Phone: +254-572-024-465/ +254-572-020-893

Email: unitedmall@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kisumu West Branch

Phone: 0572020404


KCB Kisumu Main Branch

Phone: 0721-702532/057-2021563

Email: kisumu@kcbgroup.com

KCB United Mall Branch

Phone: 0572025699


KCB Muhoroni Branch

Phone: 0709812000/ 0572026600

Email: muhoroni@kcbgroup.com

KCB Bank Branches and Contacts in Nakuru

KCB Naivasha Branch

Phone: 0711012000


KCB Egerton Branch

Phone: 0512217998/9

Email: egerton@kcbgroup.com

KCB Njoro Branch

Phone: 0752526674

Email: njoro@kcbgroup.com

KCB Menengai Branch

Phone: 0512216413/0512216414

Email: menengai@kcbgroup.com

KCB Flamingo Branch

Phone: 0512212190

Email: flamingo@kcbgroup.com

KCB Nakuru Main Branch

Phone: 0512211711

Email: nakuru@kcbgroup.com

KCB Branches in Uasin Gishu County

KCB Moi’s Bridge Branch

Phone: 05430334

Email: moisbridge@kcbgroup.com

KCB Mtrh Branch

Phone: +254-722-408-063

Email: mtrh@kcbgroup.com

KCB Eldoret East Branch

Phone: 0532030561

Email: eldoreteast@kcbgroup.com

KCB Eldoret West Branch

Phone: 0722885556/0724112472/0722135931

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Email: eldoretwest@kcbgroup.com

KCB Eldoret Main Branch

Phone: 0532030523

Email: eldoret@kcbgroup.com

KCB Platinum Eldoret Centre Branch

Phone: 0208111011

Email: Eldoretplatinum@kcbgroup.com

KCB Branches in Kiambu County

KCB Kikuyu Branch

Phone: 0726-622-854

Email: kikuyu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Limuru Branch

Phone: +254202103511

Email: limuru@kcbgroup.com

KCB Thika Branch

Phone: 067-218-68/69

Email: thika@kcbgroup.com

KCB Makongeni Branch

Phone: 0795-900-464/5

Email: thikamakongeni@kcbgroup.com

KCB Ruiru Branch

Phone: 0774421558

Email: ruiru@kcbgroup.com

KCB Gatundu Branch

Phone: +254207860887

Email: gatundu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kiambu Branch

Phone: 0789394274/ 020 2429411

Email: kiambu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Branches in Kajiado County

KCB Kiserian Branches

Phone: 202499585

Email: kiserian@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kitengela Branch

Phone: 452121506

Email: kitengela@kcbgroup.com

KCB  Kajiado Branch

Phone: +254706024740

Email: kajiado@kcbgroup.com

KCB  Namanga Branch

Phone: 020-235-0292

Email: namanga@kcbgroup.com

KCB Branches in Kilifi

KCB  Watamu Branch

Phone: 042- 2332392

Email: watamu@kcbgroup.com

KCB Kilifi Branch

Phone: +254-746-410-212

Email: kilifi@kcbgroup.com

KCB  Mtwapa Branch

Phone: +254412220008

Email: mtwapa@kcbgroup.com

KCB  Mariakani Branch

Phone: +254704957657

Email: brmgrmariakani@kcbgroup.com

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