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Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology, KIHBT, All Campuses

Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT) is a public college mandated to train Ministry of Roads Staff and Other Government Employees, public and private sector trainees, and other nationalities from the Sub-Saharan region, in the various technical fields. KIHBT offers regular certificate, diploma, higher diploma courses, capacity building, road construction, as well as short courses.

The institute also organizes from time to time PBC courses for the NCA road contractors.

KIHBT diploma courses generally take 3 years to complete and are examined by the Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC.

The institution has three campuses:

1. KIHBT Nairobi Main Campus

The main campus is located on Commercial Street in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. All Higher Diploma Courses are Conducted in the Nairobi Main Campus.

2. KIHBT Kisii Campus

Kisii Training Centre (KTC) organizes annual International Training Courses to pass information and experiences on to engineers, technicians, contractors, and trainers from Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world.

KTC is directly responsible for road construction and maintenance activities in the area hence, everything which is taught in the classrooms can be exercised and tested immediately on the site.

3. KIHBT Ngong Campus

Ngong Campus is located at Ngong Hills, 3.5 km from Ngong Town towards Kibiko trading centre. The campus has another centre in Ngong town, still under it, for short courses and seminars.

The campus boasts of being fully equipped to develop skilled manpower for the infrastructure sector by promoting the theory and the Practice of Knowledge.

KIHBT plant operator practical
KIHBT plant operator practical session

Diploma Courses offered at KIHBT, and Fees

Diploma courses are examined by KNEC and take 3 years to complete. These courses normally commence in September every year.

Here is a list of the regular diploma courses offered by KIHBT, and the fee per course, per year:

  • Highways Engineering (Fee: Ksh. 74,420)
  • Land Surveying (Ksh. 60,420)
  • Architecture (Fee: Ksh. 64,420)
  • Quantity Surveying (Fee: Ksh. 60,420)
  • Civil Engineering (Ksh. 78,420)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option – Ksh. 64,420)
  • Construction Plant Engineering ( Fee: Ksh. 64,420)
  • ICT (Fee: Ksh. 64,420)
  • Land Surveying (Fee: Ksh. 60,420)
  • Building (Fee: Ksh. 64,420)
  • Electrical Engineering (Power Option Ksh. 78,420)
  • Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Option – Ksh. 78,420)
  • Automotive Engineering (Fee: Ksh. 64,420)
  • Industrial Plant

A breakdown of the fees is available on the institution’s website:

Minimum Requirements for Diploma Courses

C- (KCSE) OR DIV. II (EACE/KCE) with C- OR Credit Passes in:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics or Physical Science

Certificate Courses at KIHBT and Their Fees

Here are the certificate courses offered at KIHBT. The fees are per academic year.

  • Certificate in Building Technology (Ksh. 64,420)
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation (Ksh. 64,420)
  • Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Ksh. 64,420)
  • Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe Fitting (Ksh. 58,420)
  • Certificate in Road Building and Construction (Ksh. 58,420)

KIHBT Higher Diploma in Engineering

Examined By KNEC and Mombasa Polytechnic University College and takes 2 years to complete. These courses are tenable in the Nairobi Campus only and usually commence in May each year. Higher diploma courses offered by KIHBT include:

  • Building & Civil Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Building Economics
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (Automotive and Plant Option)

Minimum Requirements

KNEC Diploma or Technician Part III certificate in the respective disciplines (Evening & Saturday Classes).

Proficiency Certificate Course at KIHBT

Courses in this category are examined by NITA and take 3 years to complete. The courses are tenable in the Ngong campus.

KIHBT proficiency courses include:

  • Auto Electrician
  • Construction Plant Mechanics
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing & Pipe Fitting
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Painting & Decorating

Minimum Requirements


Craft Certificate Courses (KNEC Examined)

Craft certificate courses take 2 years to complete. At the end of the 2 years of the course, you get a KNEC Craft Certificate in:

  • Roads Construction
  • Electrical Installation – Module 1
  • Telecommunication – Module 1
  • Automotive Mechanics – Module 1
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Masonry

Minimum Requirements

D (KCSE) OR DIV. III (EACE/KCE) with D OR Passes in:

  1. English Language or Kiswahili
  2. Physics or Physical Science
  3. Mathematics

For the Performance-Based Road Maintenance Contracting Course (PBC), check the current schedule on the KIHBT website.

KIHBT Short Courses

Here is a list of the short courses offered by KIHBT:

  • First Aid (5 – days) – fee 6,000/=
  • Defensive Driving (1 wk) – fee 10,000/=
  • Elementary Driving, for school leavers (4 wks) 11,000/=
  • Road Overseers (6 wks) – 126,000/=
  • Building Supervisors (6 wks) – 40,000/=
  • Fleet Management (1 wk) – 30,000/=
  • Plant Operators (2 months) – 65,000/=
  • Basic Computer Applications (3 wks) – 10,000/=
  • AutoCAD and ArchCAD (2 wks) – 15,000/=
  • Basic Training Course for Engineers (for assistant engineers and engineers seeking registration, 2 weeks) – 25,000/=
  • Refresher course for drivers (1 wk) – 10,000/=
  • Fire Safety & Disaster Preparedness (1 wk) – 25,000/=

Take note that these fees may change at the discretion of KIHBT without our knowledge. You can check the updated fees on their website at

KIHBT Contacts

You can get in touch with the Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology in any of the following ways:

  1. Telephone: 0202465760/0202465761
  2. P.o Box 57511, Nairobi, 0020
  3. Email:

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