HELB loan disbursement status

How to Check if Your HELB Loan is Disbursed, Application Status [2023 Updated]

After applying for a Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loan, it’s important to track the status of your loan disbursement. To view the status of your loan application, you can use the HELB student portal, USSD code, or the HELB app. Each of these options allows you to easily and conveniently check on the status of your loan.

It’s important to note that new students can only register and apply for HELB loans through the HELB portal. Once registered, subsequent loan applications can be made through the HELB app or by dialing the USSD code *642#.

This will allow you to easily and conveniently apply for your HELB loan, check the status of your application, and manage your loan details.

How to View Disbursement Status of Your HELB Loan

You can check the status of your HELB loan through the following ways:

Check Loan Status Online through the Student Portal

  1. Visit the HELB Student Portal
  2. Enter your Email and Password then click Login. Otherwise, you need to register if you don’t have an account.
  3. Enter a working phone number
  4. Enter the OTP code sent to the mobile number you provided and click Verify
  5. Click on the link “My Loans
  6. Next, click on “View Details“, against your current HELB loan application
  7. A page will appear with details of your loan disbursement status
  8. You can now check the amount awarded to you and the date disbursed
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HELB loan application status
Infographic showing steps to access HELB loan status on student portal | HELB Twitter.

Check Loan Application Status Using the HELB App

To check your HELB loan disbursement status through the HELB app, follow these steps:

  1. Search and Install the HELB app from the Play Store
  2. Enter your phone number and tap on Generate PIN, then continue to verify the OTP code
  3. Next, enter your first name, email address and set up a new login PIN
  4. You can now log in using your PIN
  5. Next tap on the menu “Application status”
  6. Select the academic year from the drop-down menu
  7. Your HELB loan disbursement status will be displayed on the screen
HELB app dashboard for loan status application and other services
HELB mobile app dashboard

Check HELB Loan Status Via USSD Code

You can easily check the status of your HELB loan application by dialing the USSD code *642#. You will first have to register on the HELB Mobile platform before accessing the services using USSD.

Here are simple steps to get you going:

  1. Dial *642#
  2. Select the option Register
  3. Enter the serial number of your National ID card
  4. Enter your National ID
  5. Next, create a 4-digit PIN
  6. Next, select 00 to go to the Main Menu, or close and log in again with your PIN
  7. Select either the option Loan Application Status or Loan Disbursement
  8. Select your loan type and then the academic year
  9. After a short while you will receive your HELB loan disbursement status through SMS
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HELB loan status USSD Menu
HELB USSD menu options with services available on the HELB mobile platform.

Finally, you can also check with the bank, whose details you used to apply for HELB with, whether the loan has been deposited to your account.

HELB Contacts

Physical Address: Aniversary Towers, University Way.

Phone: +254 711 052 000

Email:  contactcentre@helb.co.ke

You can also contact them through their Facebook page and Twitter handle. You will get a quicker response if you reach HELB through their Twitter handle.

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