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Skiza Tunes: How to Select, Change and Remove a SKIZA

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SKIZA Tunes is a service from Safaricom that allows you to entertain your callers or yourself with selected tunes until the call is picked up or disconnected. SKIZA Tunes started in 2009 and has grown to over 700,000 skizas in the Safaricom Skiza database by the time of writing this article.

This service is available for both Post and Pre-Pay Safaricom subscribers and requires no registration to use it. You cannot use the service when the subscriber is out of the country or is on Safaricom’s roaming service.

You cannot also use the SKIZA Tunes service on diverted calls and secondary lines if you are subscribed to two SIM cards.

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How to Subscribe to SKIZA Tunes

First of all, you need to have the SKIZA tune code of the song you want to set. You can access all the SKIZA Tunes and codes by visiting the Safaricom SKIZA Tunes catalogue here:

Safaricom allows you to have up to 40 tunes and you can set 10 phone numbers per SKIZA Tune.

Each SKIZA Tune costs 1 shilling and 50 cents per day for both Local and International  Skiza tunes, and is renewed automatically, daily at midnight.

If your account does not have sufficient funds, the tune will be suspended until you top up the airtime. You cannot purchase SKIZA Tunes using Bonga points but you could use Okoa Jahazi.

You can subscribe to your selected SKIZA tune or tunes using any of the following ways:

1. Dialing *811# USSD

  • Dial *811#
  • Now, Select  Subscribe to SKIZA
  • Enter the SKIZA Tune code  you like to subscribe to
  • Download the SKIZA Tune
  • Next, Confirm and Subscribe

You can repeat these steps for every SKIZA Tune you want to add to your subscription list. You will be charged sh. 1.50 per day for every tune you place.

2. Set SKIZA Tune through SMS

Send an SMS beginning with the word  SKIZA followed by your SKIZA Tune code, to 811. For instance,  SKIZA 5000001.

You can repeat this for every tune you wish to add to your list of SKIZA Tunes.

You can also send an SMS with the word SEARCH followed by the name of the artist or song to 822 and follow the prompts. For example, send SEARCH kibali to 822.

3. Through Interactive Voice Response

Dial 811 and follow the voice prompts. This will cost you 3 shillings per minute, billed every second.

4. By Copying as You Make a Call (Dialing 11)

You can copy your friend’s SKIZA tune when you call them by dialing 11 while the song is playing.

4. Through the SKIZA Portal

You can use the SKIZA portal to personalize caller tunes, add more tunes to your list, configure the tunes as default or assign different tunes to friends and group.

Login to the SKIZA Tunes portal:

Enter your phone number and click Get Password. You can only login if you are already subscribed to SKIZA, using any of the above methods.

You can now access all your SKIZA tunes in one place and conveniently select and add tunes from different categories.

You can also prelisten to the song or tune by clicking the headphone icon against the song.

Clicking on the Skiza Name will take you to a page where you can enter your phone number,download and set it as your SKIZA.

How to Check Your Subscribed SKIZA Tunes

You can check out your subscribed SKIZA tunes by dialing *811# and selecting “Check Active Tunes”. You can also login to the SKIZA portal to view and personalize your skizas.

How to Remove a SKIZA Tune

You can remove a skiza tune in several ways. Make sure you have the skiza code at hand because you cannot remove a skiza tune without knowing the code. Check your skiza code by dialling *811#.

Remove SKIZA Tune By SMS

To unsubscribe from a SKIZA tune, SMS the word DELETE followed by the SKIZA Tune code to 811. E.g type DELETE 500001 in an empty text message and then send to 811.

Your skiza tune will be deactivated instantly. You can repeat this for every tune you want to remove. Each SMS costs 1 shilling.

Remove SKIZA Tune Through USSD

  • Dial *811#
  • Select Manage my Tunes and click Send
  • Select Skiza Tune
  • Choose the Skiza Tune you want to remove
  • Select Delete.

How to Earn from SKIZA Tunes as an Artist

You can join SKIZA Tunes as a musician or content producer and earn from your sweat.

You cannot join directly but you have to be registered through one of SKIZA Tune Service Providers companies contracted by Safaricom.

Get the service providers’ contacts on the given web address.

The provider will then register your music or audio content and issue you a code that subscribers will use to access your content.

As an artist on the SKIZA platform, you can then keep track of your income on the platform by dialing *622# and following the prompts.

You can also keep track of your SKIZA payments by logging in to the Safaricom SKIZA site, then enter your details and generate your SKIZA payment information.

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