TSC Recruitment Guidelines for Primary Schools and Score sheet – 2020/2021

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TSC recruitment score sheet for primary school teachers 2020/2021

The TSC has just advertised for the 2020/2021 mass recruitment exercise of additional teachers and the replacement of teachers for primary schools. The deadline for application is 14th September 2020. This article presents The new TSC recruitment guidelines for primary school teachers and the TSC marking score sheet for 2020/2021.

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General TSC Requirements for Primary School Teachers Recruitment

  • All applicants must be registered by the TSC before applying for the TSC job. Those not registered do not qualify to be recruited
  • Applicants who apply for the confirmation of results from KNEC should give the address of the County Director where they submitted their application. It is your responsibility to ensure that your results are received within 14 days after the verification of certificates.
  • You should have a sworn affidavit if your names differ on the certificates and/or ID card.
  • If you resat KCPE or KCSE (or equivalents), you MUST present certified copies of the certificates of the national exams in question for all attempts.
  • Applicants will be required to submit their applications to the Secretary Teachers Service Commission through the online platform www.teacheronline.tsc.go.ke for the county where the application has been declared.
  • You will be given a serial number during the selection after the sub-county directors communicate the selection date and venue.
Documents Required for TSC Recruitment For Primary Schools, 2020/2021

Applicants must present original and legible photocopies of the following, among other relevant documents:

  1.  National identification card
  2. National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPED) card, where applicable
  3. KCPE certificate or its equivalent (include certificates for attempts if you repeated exams)
  4. PTE certificate
  5. Certificate of Registration as a teacher
  6. Evidence of service as a teacher intern, where applicable
  7. Sworn Affidavit where names appearing on the submitted documents differ
  8. Primary and Secondary school leaving certificates and other relevant testimonials
Key Points to Note on TSC Recruitment Exercise

In case of a tie, consideration will be given in the following order of priority:

  1. Applicant(s) with disability(ies)
  2. Service as a teacher intern
  3. Applicants not previously employed by the TSC
  4. Attainment of the highest grade in teaching practice
  5. Applicants who graduated earlier
  6. Quality of certificates presented; higher aggregate KCSE grade should first be considered

The selection date will be displayed on notice boards at the county, sub-county, and zonal offices, at least 7 days before the selection exercise.

Applicants previously employed by the commission MUST declare their past employment history and reason(s) for break in service (with evidence in break of service). Failure to which you will be disqualified.

How to Register Complains if Dissatisfied with the TSC Recruitment Exercise

If dissatisfied with the exercise you can submit a written complaint immediately to the County Director and an email to the TSC Headquarters through dirtm@tsc.go.ke not later than the 7 days after the selection exercise.

TSC Score Sheet for Primary School Teachers

Here is the new 2020/2021 TSC marking scheme for teachers in primary schools; TSC marking scheme for primary schoolsDo note that the grand total is 100 marks.

TSC Score Sheet for Teachers Living with Disability

And here is the TSC marking scheme for primary school teachers living with disability;TSC score sheet for teachers living with disability

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