How to apply for TSC duplicate certificate

How to Apply for TSC Duplicate Certificate, Requirements and Bank Payment Details

Perhaps you have misplaced or lost your original TSC certificate. The Teachers Service Commission has an option for you to register and apply for a reprint of the TSC duplicate certificate.

Requirements for Application of TSC Duplicate Certificate

As a teacher, you are required to fulfill the following requirements in order before being issued with a duplicate certificate:

  • Pay a non-refundable fee of Ksh. 2055 deposited to TSC Registration Account: National Bank of Kenya – Direct Banking A/C No. 0100100570400
  • Bank slip of the payment
  • An original police abstract in case of lost, destroyed, or misplaced certificate
  • In case of a change of names on the certificate, an affidavit or marriage certificate must be uploaded.

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How to Apply for TSC Replacement Certificate
  • You will need to visit
  • Enter your National ID number and Surname and click next
  • Follow through with the process until section C
  • Select the mode of payment, and type the pay-in slip number
  • Save and finalize after confirming that all the details are entered accurately

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For duplicate certificate application, you can also visit the Teachers Service Commission offices at Upperhil for direct printing of the certificate.

Make sure you have paid the relevant duplicate certificate fee beforehand, and you have the bank slip with you upon visiting the TSC offices.

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