List of Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya

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Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) is a form of education and training that prepares the youth for work by providing knowledge and skills for employment. Under TVET, you can learn a wide variety of skills under one course including entrepreneurship and ICT skills. We have compiled a good list of marketable diploma courses in Kenya to help you in your career path.

Employers prefer diploma holders because of the ready hands-on skills gained by diploma graduates. Diploma graduates are also hardworking and stay longer in their jobs than degree graduates.

Diploma courses’ minimum qualification is a C- in KCSE except for medical courses where you are required to have scored at least C plain mean grade, and C in Biology.

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Here’s a List of Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya:

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Deals with the design, maintenance, and construction of physical structures like roads, bridges, sewerage systems, railway systems, and airports. It is wider than architectural programs.

With a diploma in civil engineering, you also have a chance to work as a trainer in technical and TVET colleges.

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

You require a minimum grade of C plain in biology and C plain mean grade in KCSE in order to pursue a diploma in clinical medicine.

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KMTC College is best known for producing good graduates in medical studies, especially clinical medicine.

Diploma in Graphics and Web Design

Very good for students who have a keen eye in the arts and wish to try out in computer-aided designs.

Skills gained will enable you to create and maintain websites and social media sites for businesses and organizations.

You will also be proficient in designing and producing marketing cartoon clips, billboards and posters for various organizations all over the world.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

You will be responsible for hiring,  firing, and management of the human workforce of an organization.

Diploma graduates are more preferred over their degree counterparts because of the key practical skills gained by the former.

Diploma in Quantity Surveying

This is a very marketable course that may land you a job in a short while after graduation. Quantity surveying involves conducting feasibility studies in order to estimate the cost of materials, time, and labour costs involved.

Under this course, you will be prepared for careers in the construction industry in the areas of building and engineering construction, cost modeling, construction cost consultancy and project management and dispute resolution, among others.

Graduates will get employment in government ministries, consulting quantity surveying firms, construction companies, local authorities, parastatals, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other players in the construction industry as well as in self-employment.

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 Diploma in Architecture

You can become a technician/draftsman in the building industry or become self-employed. As an architect, you will be responsible for planning, design, and overseeing the construction of building structures.

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Under this course, your talent matters a lot.

Of late in Kenya, we have seen that being outgoing and having good communication skills, and especially showcasing your talent, for example comedy, in the media, can easily land you a job in one of the media houses.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Accountants are still being sort after by the corporate world. You can work in academic institutions, banks, SACCOs, and other companies.

Most companies would require the services of an accountant.

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

You can gain credible knowledge to open your own chemist or become employed in pharmaceutical companies or hospitals in Kenya.

So there you have it. These are some of the marketable diploma courses in Kenya well sort after by employees. However, it is good to know what you love and take this as a guide in your career success.

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