In today’s digital world, Kenyans are increasingly embracing mobile wallets for their convenience and security. Among the prominent players is KCB Vooma, a service by KCB Bank. But is it the perfect fit for you? Let’s dive into a comprehensive review, exploring its features, fees, benefits, and security to help you decide.

What is Vooma?

Vooma is a mobile wallet app and USSD service from KCB Bank that enables you to manage finances right from your phone. It allows you to:

  • Send and receive money: Transfer funds instantly to anyone in Kenya, even those not registered on Vooma.
  • Pay bills: Settle utility bills, airtime, subscriptions, and more directly through the app or USSD code.
  • Shop with ease: Pay for goods and services at partnered merchants across the country.
  • Save and grow: Open a savings account and earn interest on your wallet balance.
  • Top up airtime: Conveniently top up airtime on your phone or for friends and family.
  • Borrow affordably: Access instant, affordable loans with flexible repayment periods and rates as low as 0.2% depending on your transaction history and creditworthiness.
  • Invest for the future: Explore KCB’s investment products like fixed deposits and bancassurance.

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Vooma is available on all major networks in Kenya: Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

No matter your mobile provider, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Vooma’s robust security features. With features like PINs, MPINs, and transaction approvals, you can manage your money with confidence.

Every transaction is notified and requires your approval before completion. This keeps your savings and payments safe.

How to Get Vooma

You can access Vooma in two ways:

1. Download the Vooma App:

The Vooma App is available for free download on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery. Once downloaded, simply launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to register.

You’ll need a valid Kenyan mobile number and government-issued ID like a National ID, passport, or Alien ID.

2. Use USSD *844#:

  • Dial *844# on your mobile phone.
  • Follow the prompts to register
  • This also require a valid Kenyan mobile number and government-issued ID.

Remember: You do not need a KCB bank account to use Vooma. Registration is free, and usually takes a few minutes. Once registered, you can start using the app immediately.

KCB Vooma Charges

Vooma charges various fees for transactions made through the app or USSD. The maximum transaction limit is KSh 100,000 per transaction and KSh 250,000 per day. KCB account holders enjoy a higher daily limit of KSh 1,000,000.

Here are fees for sending money to registered and unregistered users:

Vooma charges for sending money

And here are the withdrawal charges from Vooma:

Vooma withdrawal charges

Please note that fees are subject to change at Vooma’s discretion. For the latest information, visit their official website (

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.


Vooma offers a convenient and secure way to manage your finances on the go, all from your smartphone. Whether you’re sending money, paying bills, saving for the future, or even accessing small loans, it caters to diverse needs.

Here’s what stands out:

  • Effortless access: Manage your money anytime, anywhere, without needing a bank account.
  • Security first: Vooma prioritizes your safety with PINs, MPINs, and transaction approvals.
  • Competitive fees: Enjoy costs comparable to traditional banking methods.
  • Grow your savings: Earn interest on your wallet balance while saving for your goals.

Remember, it’s important to compare Vooma with other options and choose the one that best suits your individual needs and financial goals.