Markatable subject combinations for secondary school teachers pursuing education course in Kenya.

Best TSC Marketable Subject Combinations for Secondary Schools

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When you are just starting out with the education course in Kenya you might be a bit confused as to what subjects combination you should take. This article will guide you through some of the TSC marketable subject combinations in Kenya today.

Every year, the Teachers Service Commission publishes an advert for the replacement of teachers who have exited the teaching service, maybe through retirement or natural attrition.

Also, the government may time to time provide funds to the TSC to recruit teachers under what is called the mass recruitment of teachers exercise.

The terms of recruitment can be permanent and pensionable, and sometimes on a contract basis. Teachers who serve on contract are normally given priority in interviews when teacher jobs are announced.

Before enrolling for any secondary school education, you must have scored a mean grade of at least C+ in KCSE, and C+ in the two subject combinations you wish to pursue.

TSC allowances, house allowance per region and job group in Kenya
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We have gone through the TSC teacher adverts and taken note of the most marketable subject combinations, which are normally presented to TSC by the respective secondary schools.

It is worth noting that getting a teaching job with the TSC depends on three factors;

  • Subject combination
  • Length of stay after graduation and
  • Willingness to work in any part of the country
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Most Marketable Subject Combinations for TSC Job

Here are the best marketable subject combinations for TSC in Kenya today:

  1. Biology and Chemistry
  2. Mathematics and Physics
  3. Physics and Chemistry
  4. Mathematics and Chemistry
  5. Biology and Agriculture
  6. Computer/Mathematics or Computer and any other combination
  7. IRE and any combination e.g History

These subject combinations appear very often in the TSC list of post-primary school teacher vacancies.

Other common subject combinations in Kenya include;

  1. Kiswahili and CRE
  2. English and Literature
  3. Kiswahili and History
  4. Kiswahili and Geography
  5. History and CRE
  6. History and Geography
  7. Geography and CRE
  8. Mathematics and Biology
  9. Mathematics and Geography

There is a rare combination of Business/Geography, that has started to come up, but currently, few schools are filing for vacancies in this category.

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