List of Undergraduate Courses Offered at Moi University

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Courses offered at Moi University

Moi University is one of the oldest public universities in Kenya and among the best universities in Africa. The Moi University main campus is located in Kesses area in Eldoret, off the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway. This article presents a list of undergraduate courses offered at Moi University.

You can find the Moi University student portal at

Moi University has a number of campuses including:

  • Coast Campus, Liwatoni Rd, Mombasa
  • Eldoret West Campus
  • Kitale Campus
  • Nairobi Campus, located along Moi Avenue, at the junction of Biashara street, Nairobi CBD, Bazaar Plaza
  • Alupe Campus College, Busia
  • Bomet University College
  • College of Health Sciences, located at the  Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Nandi road, Eldoret

Undergraduate Courses Offered at Moi University

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Community Development)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (French)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics, Media & Communication)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Music)
  7. Bachelor of Arts (Penology, Correction and Administration)
  8. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  9. Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)
  10. Bachelor of Arts (with Education)
  11. Bachelor of Business Management
  12. Bachelor of Business Management (Civil Aviation Management)
  13. Bachelor of Business Management (Marine Business Management)
  14. Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  15. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  16. Bachelor of Education (Arts) – Business Studies)
  17. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary Education)
  18. Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Counselling)
  19. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  20. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education) – Primary Option
  21. Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education) – Secondary Option
  22. Bachelor of Education (Technology Education)
  23. Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical & Process Engineering)
  24. Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural Engineering)
  25. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  26. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Telecommunication Engineering)
  27. Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing, Industrial & Textile Engineering)
  28. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
  29. Bachelor of Hotels & Hospitality Management
  30. Bachelor of Laws
  31. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBCh.B)
  32. Bachelor of Science
  33. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)
  34. Bachelor of Science (Communication & Journalism)
  35. Bachelor of Science (Communication & Public Relations)
  36. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  37. Bachelor of Science (Entrepreneurship Studies)
  38. Bachelor of Science (Graphic, Communication & Advertising)
  39. Bachelor of Science (Informatics)
  40. Bachelor of Science (Information Sciences)
  41. Bachelor of Science (Media Science)
  42. Bachelor of Science (Project Planning & Management)
  43. Bachelor of Science (Strategic Management)
  44. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management)
  45. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics & Resource Management)
  46. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing)
  47. Bachelor of Science (Counselling Psychology
  48. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health )
  49. Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Management)
  50. Bachelor of Science (Medical Psychology)
  51. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  52. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  53. Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)
  54. Bachelor of Science (with Education)
  55. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
  56. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education
  57. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Studies
  58. Bachelor of Science in Project Planning Management
  59. Bachelor of Sports Management
  60. Bachelor of Tourism Management
  61. Bachelor of Travel & Tours Operations Management

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