Kenya Institute of Management courses offered in certificate, diploma and professional courses

Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Management, Fees 2023

The Kenya Institue of Management, KIM is a well-regarded college in Kenya and across the East African region for producing top-notch graduates equipped with practical managerial and leadership skills in certificates, diplomas, and KASNEB professional courses. Courses offered at the Kenya Institute of Management are accredited by TVET and validated by KNQA.

KIM boasts of over 65 years of experience and a network of 19 branches distributed around the country.

The Kenya Institute of Management offers academic programs ranging from short professional certification courses of about 3 months to certificate programs that take 6 months.

KIM also offers diploma courses that take a duration of up to 24 months to complete.

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Diploma Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Management, Requirement, Fees

Diploma courses at KIM college come in 4 modules and take up to 24 months to complete. The fee for the diploma course is Ksh. 110,000.

Module I is the direct entry-level and requires at least any of the following:

  •  KCSE Mean grade C- with D+ in English and Maths/Accounting/Business Studies/Economics/Commerce.
  • Division II in KCE
  • One Principal Pass at the KACE
  • Completion of KNQA Level 5
  • A certificate of experimental learning issued by KNQA
  • University students
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Module II requires a degree from a recognized institution while for Module III you must have progressed from Module II.

The fee for KIM Diploma Module 1 is Ksh. 3,000 while for Module II and III the fee is Ksh. 35,000.

Module IV has a fee of Ksh. 10,000.

Here is a list of diploma courses offered at the Kenya Institute of Management:

  • Diploma In Business Management
  • Diploma In Human Resource Management
  • Diploma In Purchasing & Supplies
  • Diploma In Office Management
  • Diploma In Sales & Marketing
  • Diploma In Archives & Records Management
  • Diploma In Project Management

Certificate Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Management, Fees and Duration

Certificate Level 4 

Courses in Certificate level 4 take 6 months at a fee of Ksh. 40,000. The course requires a KCSE certificate or a certificate of Experimental Learning issued by KNQA.

  • Certificate Course in Management

Certificate Level 5

This level has two modules which take a duration of 12 months. The fee for a certificate course in this level is Ksh. 60,000

The criteria for admission for a course in this level include:

  • KCSE Mean Grade D with D-(minus) English and Maths/Accounting/Business Studies/Economics/Commerce
  • Division III in KCE
  • Completion of KNQA Level
  • A certificate of experimental learning issued by KNQA

Level 5 offers certificate courses in:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchasing & Supplies
  • Office Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Archives & Records Management
  • Project Management
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Professional Certification Courses Offered at Kenya Institute of Management

These are short courses that take 2.5 – 3 months to complete. Here is a list of professional courses offered at KIM and the course fee:

  • Certification In Supervisory Skills Development (Ksh. 15,000)
  • Certification In Strategic Management & Leadership (Ksh. 38,500)
  • Certification In Entrepreneurship (Ksh. 38,500)
  • Certification In Monitoring & Evaluation (Ksh. 62,000)
  • Certification In Automation Of Records And Info. Systems (Ksh. 52,000)
  • Certification In Environmental Impact Assessment (Ksh. 44,500)
  • Certification In Quality Management (Ksh. 62,000)
  • Certified Human Resource Management (fee varies per section)
  • Certified Procurement & Supply Professional of Kenya
  • Associate in Procurement
  • KASNEB Courses CPA, CS & ATD
  • Certificate in Tours and Travel Management (12 Months at Ksh. 30, 000)

KIM also trains in ICDL which takes up to 6 months to complete at a fee of Ksh. 37,500.

KIM also offers selected  E-Learning (Distance Learning) online courses on its online learning platform.

CPA and ATC Courses at KIM

Kenya Institute of Management partnered with the examination body, KASNEB to offer CPA and ATC courses.

Accounting Technicians Certificate, ATC, requires a minimum of D+ in KCSE or any KASNEB technician qualification or a certificate/diploma accredited by KASNEB.

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To register for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA), you require at least C+ in KCSE and C+ in both Mathematics and English, or a KACE with 2 principal passes or more.

You can also register with a degree from a recognized institution or a KASNEB technical examination certificate.

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