Register for NHIF in Kenya and requirements

How to Register for Self Employed NHIF Membership Online

NHIF membership is available to all Kenyan citizens who are 18 years of age or older. Individuals can apply for the membership for themselves or for their families, including their spouses and children under 18 years of age. For self-employed individuals or those in the informal sector or retirees, NHIF registration is open and voluntary.

However, for those employed by the government or are in the formal sector, NHIF deductions are mandatory and are deducted automatically through check of system, according to this current NHIF rates table for employees.

Online NHIF Registration Requirements for Self Employed

To successfully complete online registration with NHIF as a Kenyan citizen, the following documents must be scanned and attached:

  • A copy of your original identification document
  • A recent passport-sized photo of yourself, as well as one of your spouse if applicable
  • A sworn affidavit or marriage certificate if adding a spouse to your registration.

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NHIF Registration Requirements for Foreign Residents

For NHIF registration, individuals holding foreign identification must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of their passport or alien certificate
  • A recent passport-sized photo.

How to Register for NHIF Online

First of all, make sure all the required documents listed above are available. Then follow the steps below to apply for Self employed NHIF membership online:

  • Visit the NHIF registration link
  • Click on the Self Employed menu (at the top) and select Register Now
  • A new form appears where you are required to carefully fill in the registration details
  • Select your identification type; either Kenyan Identity Card or Alien Identity Card
  • After filling in the required information, attach your member identification document and your passport photo
  • Attach any other required document, like marriage certificate or sworn in affidavit, where applicable
  • Confirm that the details you have entered are correct and then click the link, CLICK TO CONFIRM, just below the form
  • Save your details
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After successful registration, NHIF will send you an SMS confirming your registration status. You can now begin making your monthly contribution of KSh 500 to begin enjoying NHIF services. However, you must wait for at least three months for your NHIF card to be active.

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Change outpatient hospital using NHIF app
Change NHIF outpatient by app

NHIF Dependents and Spouse Registration

To add your spouse and dependents, you will need to visit your nearest NHIF centre or Huduma Centre.

You will need to take the following documents physically with you:

  • Copy of your ID and that of your spouse
  • Copy of Birth Certificates (or birth notification for children below 6 months)
  • A coloured passport sized photo of spouse and children
  • Sworn affidavit or marriage certificate

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