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Equity Bank Customer Care Contacts in Kenya

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Equity Bank Kenya has a variety of ways in which you can communicate directly with the head office customer care desks from anywhere in the world.

You can reach Equity Bank customer care, not only through telephone numbers but also through social media channels and virtual assistant chatbot, EVA on messenger or WhatsApp.

This article lists several ways you can reach Equity Bank for whatever assistance you might need.

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How to Contact Equity Bank Customer Care

1. Visit the nearest Equity Bank branch

You can find an Equity Bank branch near you quite easily and visit the customer care enquiries desk for any banking assistance you might need.

The Equity Bank head office is located on the 9th Floor of Equity Centre, Hospital Road, Upper Hill,  Nairobi.

2. Call the customer care desk

You can contact equity head office through the mobile numbers 0763063000 and 0763000000.

3. Submit a question to Equity Bank’s Talk to Us website

  • Go to the Equity bank’s Talk to Us webpage
  • Enter your Names and contact details as indicated
  • Select the Incidence type, Product, and then Category where your query lies
  • Next, type your question and attach any document you want addressed, where applicable
  • Lastly, click Submit.
  • A support team agent will reach to you shortly through the contact details you provided.

4. Use private inboxes on social media

Reach the Equity support team on the following social media channels:

  • Facebook Page:
  • Twitter Handle: @KeEquityBank
  • Instagram Page:

5. Use Equity Bank’s Chatbot to have your issues addressed

Contact Equity Bank customer care using their chatbot.
Equity Bank’s automatic Virtual Assistant chatbot, EVA.

You can have your questions addressed by chatting with Equity Bank’s chatbot EVA.

Here is how you can access the Equity Virtual Assistant:

  • On WhatsApp – Save the number 0763 000 000 in your contacts and start chatting with EVA by typing Hello
  • On Facebook Messenger – Search for EquityEva or follow the link
  • On Telegram – Search @Equitychatbot or follow the link

6. Send them an email

Contact Equity Bank through the email:

7. Send a letter

If your enquiries are not urgent, you can send a letter to Equity Bank through the following address:

P.O. Box 75104 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

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