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Okoa Jahazi: Charges and How to Check Balance and Limit

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The Okoa Jahazi service allows Safaricom PrePay subscribers with a line that has been active for the last 180 days to request airtime, SMS or internet bundles credit advance depending on their set credit limits.

Initially, it was not possible to Okoa more than once until you pay off the credit you borrowed. Now, with the new Multiple Okoa, Safaricom has made it possible for subscribers to get advance credit as many times as possible up to their weekly credit limit.

To use Multiple Okoa credit, your line only needs to be active for at least 15 days. This is good news to new Safaricom subscribers.

Okoa repayment period is set at 5 days. However, each additional Okoa credit loan you take has its own 5-day validity lifespan.

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You can use the Okoa credit as you normally do with any other credit you load, e.g make calls to other networks and browse the internet. However, you cannot Sambaza your Okoa Jahazi to any number.

Okoa Jahazi Charges for Airtime

Safaricom will charge an advance fee of 10% for each Okoa Airtime credit you request. You can borrow credit as little as 5 shillings provided you have a balance of less than 2 shillings in your Airtime account.

The table below shows the service fee for each request and the actual airtime you can get into your account:

Requested Amount (Ksh) Service Fee (Ksh) Airtime Received (Ksh)
500 50 450
250 25 225
100 10 90
50 5 45
20 2 18
10 1 9
5 0.50 4.50

How to Know Your Weekly Okoa Limit and Request Okoa Airtime

  • Dial *131#.
  • You will be presented with information showing how much you can Okoa, and in what denominations.
Safaricom Okoa Jahazi airtime steps menu
Okoa Jahazi Menu
  • Select the credit you want to borrow and Send.
  • The next screen indicates your existing unpaid Okoa (if any) and your new Okoa request.
  • Next, Select Accept, and Send.
  • You will then receive a confirmation SMS message from Safaricom confirming the Okoa Jahazi request and the amount credited to your account.

You can Okoa Airtime as many times as possible as long as your maximum denomination limit allows it.

How to Check Okoa Jahazi Balances

To check your Okoa Jahazi loan balance dial and call he USSD code *144*4#. You will receive an SMS indicating all your unpaid Okoa Jahazi credits.

You can also dial *131# and select option 0 to check your Okoa Jahazi balances.

How to Repay Okoa Jahazi Credit Loan

You just have to load credit to your Safaricom line, as usual, using any means like scratch cards, M-Pesa, or from another Safaricom subscriber.

Safaricom will deduct the Okoa credit from each top-up you make until fully recovered.

Take note that if you fail to repay your Okoa credit by day 6, Safaricom will blacklist you from accessing this service.

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