KICD approved textbooks and learning materials for grade 1 to 5

List of Grade 2 CBC Course Books Approved by KICD

KICD has published a comprehensive list of course books and other instructional materials under the Competency Based Curricum (CBC) approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) for use in learning activities covering grade 2 in lower primary.

You are advised to confirm the title of the approved grade 2 CBC course books and the learning areas & activities against the listed publishers before purchasing.

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Grade 2 CBC Books and Learning Materials Approved by KICD

Here is a list of CBC books for grade 2 approved by KICD and MoE. The publishers are in brackets:

  1. Kiswahili Angaza Grade 2 (EAP Publishers)
  2. Nyota ya Kiswahili (JKF)
  3. Stadi za Kiswahili Shughuli za Lugha, Kitabu cha Mwanafunzi (Moran)
  4. Kiswahili Dadisi Mazoezi ya Lugha (Oxford University Press)
  5. Kurunzi Ya Kiswahili (Spotlight Publishers)
  6. Kielekezi cha Kiswahili (Mentor Publishers)
  7. Kusoma na Kuandika Katika Kiswahili (Longhorn)
  8. Soma Nasi Kusoma na Kuandika (Oxford University Press)
  9. KLB Visionary English Literacy Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  10. Longhorn English Literacy Activities (Longhorn)
  11. Spotlight English Activities (Spotlight)
  12. New Progressive Primary English Activities (Oxford University Press)
  13. Longhorn English Activities (Longhorn)
  14. New Primary English Learners Activities (JKF)
  15. Falcon English Activities Grade 2 (Phoenix)
  16. Mentor English Activities (Mentor Publishers)
  17. Primary Mathematics Learner’s Activities (JKF)
  18. Longhorn Mathematics Activities (Longhorn)
  19. Have Fun Mathematical Activities (Herald Education Publishers )
  20. KLB Visionary Mathematical Activities Grade 2
  21. Let’s Do Mathematics Activities (Oxford University Press)
  22. Spotlight Mathematics Activities G2 (Spotlight)
  23. Focus on CRE Activities (Focus)
  24. KLB Visionary CRE Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  25. Great Minds CRE Activities Grade 2 (EAEP)
  26. Know More CRE Activities (Storymoja)
  27. Growing in Christ CRE Activities (Oxford University Press)
  28. MTP CRE Activities G2 (Mountain Top)
  29. Know more Hygiene & Nutrition Activities (Storymoja)
  30. Spotlight Hygiene & Nutrition Activities (Spotlight)
  31. Focus on Hygiene & Nutrition Grade 2 (Focus)
  32. Mentor Hygiene Activities Grade 2 (Mentor Publishers)
  33. Everyday Hygiene & Nutrition Activities (Oxford University Press)
  34. Signal Hygiene & Nutrition Activities Grade 2 (Signal)
  35. Our lives Today Environmental Activities (Oxford University Press)
  36. Spotlight Environmental Activities (Spotlight)
  37. Summit Environmental Activities (Phoenix)
  38. KLB Visionary Environmental Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  39. Our world Environmental Activities (Moran)
  40. Have fun Environmental Activities (Herald Education Publishers)
  41. KLB Visionary music Activities (KLB)
  42. Foundation Music Activities (JKF)
  43. Atfaal IRE Activity pupils Book Grade 2 (Atfaal Publishers)
  44. Visionary IRE Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  45. KLB Visionary Art and Craft Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  46. Know More Art and Craft Activities (Storymoja)
  47. Foundation Art and Craft Activities (JKF)
  48. KLB Visionary Movement Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  49. Foundation Movement Activities (JKF)
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Approved CBC Supplementary Materials

The following books are approved as supplementary materials:

  1. Hatua Za Kiswahili Rasmi (Phoenix Publishers)
  2. Mentor Mathematics Activities (Mentor)
  3. Enjoy Mathematics Activities (Moran)
  4. Great Minds in English Language Activities (EAEP)
  5. KLB Visionary English Activities Grade 2 (KLB)
  6. Skills in English Activities (Moran)
  7. Mentor CRE Activities (Mentor)
  8. Our faith CRE Activities (Moran)
  9. Signal CRE Activities (Signal)
  10. Summit CRE Activities (Phoenix)
  11. Sharp kids CRE Activities (Spearsharp)
  12. Spotlight CRE Activities (Spotlight)
  13. Longhorn Primary CRE Activities (Longhorn)
  14. Together In Christ (JKF)
  15. Mentor Environmental Activities (Mentor)
  16. Environmental Activities (Targeter Publishers)
  17. Foundation Environmental Activities (JKF)
  18. Environmental Activities (Bookmark Afrika)
  19. Signal Environmental Activities (Signal)
  20. Sharp Kids Environmental Activities (Spearsharp)
  21. Distinction Environmental Activities (Distinction)
  22. Longhorn Primary Environmental Activities (Longhorn)

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