Grade 7 CBC books approved by KICD

Grade 7 Junior Secondary Textbooks Approved by KICD

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Design (KICD) has published a list of approved textbooks and novels for all the learning areas (subjects) in the CBC curriculum for junior secondary school grade 7 level in Kenya. Parents and schools are advised to buy books from the list of textbooks and publishers approved by KICD.

The government supplies the required CBC textbooks to all public primary schools in Kenya. The GOK books supplied to public schools have the Republic of Kenya’s emblem in addition to the words “NOT FOR SALE” clearly shown.

Approved Grade 7 Junior Secondary CBC Textbooks

Grade 7 English Textbooks

Roots English Learner’s BookRoots
Roots English Teacher’s GuideRoots
Spotlight English Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight English Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
MTP English Learner’s BookMountain Top
MTP English Teacher’s GuideMountain Top
Head Start English Learner’s BookOxford
Head Start English Teacher’s GuideOxford
Smart Minds English Learner’s BookEAEP
Smart Minds English Teacher’s GuideEAEP
Skills in English Learners BookMoran
Skills in English Teacher’s GuideMoran
KLB Top Scholar English Learner’s BookKLb
KLB Top Scholar English Teacher’s GuideKLB

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Approved Grade 7 Kiswahili Textbooks

Akili Pevu Kiswahili Kitabu Cha MwanafunziEAEP
Akili Pevu Kiswahili Kitabu Cha MwalimuEAEP
Stadi za Kiswahili Kitabu cha MwanafunziMoran
Stadi za Kiswahili Kitabu cha MwalimuMoran
Lainisha Kiswahili Kitabu cha MwanafunziPezi
Lainisha Kiswahili Mwongozo wa MwalimuPezi
Top Scholar Kiswahili Kitabu cha MwanafunziKLB
Top Scholar Kiswahili Mwongozo wa MwalimuKLB
Longhorn Mwanga wa Kiswahili Kitabu cha MwanafunziLonghorn
Longhorn Mwanga wa Kiswahili Mwongozo wa MwalimuLonghorn

Home Science Course Books

Distinction Home Science Learner’s BookDistinction
Distinction Home Science Teacher’s GuideDistinction
Spark Home Science Learner’s BookStory Moja
Spark Home Science Teacher’s GuideStory Moja
MTP Home Science Learner’s BookMountain Top
MTP Home Science Teacher’s GuideMountain Top

Agriculture Course Books

TopScholar Agriculture Learner’s BookKLB
TopScholar Agriculture Teacher’s GuideKLB
Foundation Agriculture Learner’s BookJKF
Foundation Agriculture Teacher’s GuideJKF
Enrich Yourself Agriculture Learner’s BookEvangel
Enrich Yourself Agriculture Teacher’s GuideEvangel
MTP Agriculture Learner’s BookMountain Top
MTP Agriculture Teacher’s GuideMountain Top
Moran Agriculture Learner’s BookMoran
Moran Agriculture Teacher’s GuideMoran
Streamline Agriculture Learner’s BookPezi
Streamline Agriculture Teacher’s GuidePezi
Sharp CBC Agriculture Learner’s BookSpear Sharp
Sharp CBC Agriculture Teacher’s GuideSpear Sharp
Spark Agriculture Learner’s BookStory Moja
Spark Agriculture Teacher’s GuideStory Moja
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Approved Grade 7 Integrated Science Textbooks

Streamline Integrated Science Learner’s BookPezi
Streamline Integrated Science Teacher’s GuidePezi
Smart Minds Integrated Science Learner’s GuideEAEP
Smart Minds Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideEAEP
Bookmark Integrated Science Learner’s BookBookmark
Bookmark Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideBookmark
Distinction Integrated Science Learner’s BookDistinction
Distinction Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideDistinction
MTP Integrated Science Learner’s BookMountain Top
MTP Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideMountain Top
Spark Integrated Science Learner’s BookStory Moja
Spark Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideStory Moja
Active Integrated Science Learner’s BookOxford
Active Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideOxford
Companion Integrated Science Learner’s BookMalezi
Companion Integrated Science Teacher’s GuideMalezi

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Life Skills Books

Distinction Learner’s BookDistinction
Distinction Teacher’s GuideDistinction
Spotlight Life Skills Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Life Skills Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
Mentor Life Skills Education Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Life Skills Education Teacher’s GuideMentor
Better Living Life Skills Learner’s BookOxford
Better Living Life Skills Teacher’s GuideOxford
Thriving Life Skills Education Learner’s BookMoran
Thriving Life Skills Education Teacher’s GuideMoran

Grade 7 Approved Mathematics Textbooks

Mentor Mathematics Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Mathematics Teacher’s BookMentor
Longhorn Mathematics Learner’s BookLonghorn
Longhorn Mathematics Teacher’s GuideLonghorn
Express Mathematics Learner’s BookOne Planet
Express Mathematics Teacher’s GuideOne Planet
Smart Minds Mathematics Learner’s BookEAEP
Smart Minds Mathematics Teacher’s GuideEAEP
Spotlight Mathematics Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Mathematics Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
Active Mathematics Learner’s BookOxford
Active Mathematics Teacher’s GuideOxford

Grade 7 CRE Textbooks

Top Scholar Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookKLB
Top Scholar Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideKLB
Foundation Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookJKF
Foundation Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideJKF
Distinction Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookDistinction
Distinction Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideDistinction
MTP Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookMountain Top
MTP Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideMountain Top
Knowing God Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookOne planet
Knowing God Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideOne planet
Alive Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookOxford
Alive Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideOxford
Mentor Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideMentor
Love Thy Neighbour Christian Religious Education Learner’s BookMoran
Love Thy Neighbour Christian Religious Education Teacher’s GuideMoran
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Grade 7 IRE Textbooks

Top Scholar Islamic Religious Education Learner’s BookKLB
Top Scholar Islamic Religious Education Teacher’s GuideKLB
Atfaal Islamic Religious Education Learner’s BookAtfaal
Atfaal Islamic Religious Education Teacher’s GuideAtfaal

Grade 7 Visual Arts Textbooks

Top Scholar Visual Arts Learner’s BookKLB
Top Scholar Visual Arts Teacher’s GuideKLB
Foundation Visual Arts Learners BookJKF
Foundation Visual Arts Teacher’s GuideJKF

Arabic Textbooks

Mayamin Arabic Learner’s BookMayamin
Mayamin Arabic Teacher’s GuideMayamin

French Textbooks

Foundation French Learner’s BookJKF
Foundation French Teacher’s GuideJKF
Longhorn French Learner’s BookLonghorn
Longhorn French Teacher’s GuideLonghorn

Physical Education & Sports Textbooks

Spark Education and Sports Learner’s BookStory moja
Spark Education and Sports Teacher’s GuideStory Moja
Spotlight Physical Education and Sports Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Physical Education and Sports Teacher’s GuideSpotlight

Grade 7 Social Studies Textbooks

Smart Minds Social Studies Learner’s BookEAEP
Smart Minds Social Studies Teacher’s GuideEAEP
Spotlight Social Studies Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Social Studies Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
Moran Social Studies Learner’s BookMoran
Moran Social Studies Teacher’s GuideMoran

Grade 7 Health Education Textbooks

Mentor Health Education Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Health Education Teacher’s GuideMentor
Health Education in Action Learner’s BookOxford
Mentor Health Education Teacher’s GuideOxford
Smart Minds Health Education Learner’s BookEAEP
Smart Minds Health Education Teacher’s GuideEAEP
Spotlight Health Education Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Health Education Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
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Performing Arts Textbooks

Distinction Performing Arts Learner’s BookDistinction
Distinction Performing Arts Teacher’s GuideDistinction
MTP Performing Arts Learner’s BookMTP
MTP Performing Arts Teacher’s GuideMTP
Foundation Performing Arts Learner’s BookJKF
Foundation Performing Arts Teacher’s GuideJKF

Grade 7 Business Studies Textbooks

Spotlight Business Studies Learner’s BookSpotlight
Spotlight Business Studies Teacher’s GuideSpotlight
Mentor Business Studies Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Business Studies Teacher’s GuideMentor
MTP Business Studies Learner’s BookMTP
MTP Business Studies Teacher’s GuideMTP
Business Studies Today Learner’s BookOxford
Business Studies Today Teacher’s GuideOxford
Streamline Business Studies Learner’s BookPezi
Streamline Business Studies Teacher’s GuidePezi

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Pre-technical Textbooks

Mentor Pre-technical Studies Learner’s BookMentor
Mentor Pre-technical Studies Teacher’s GuideMentor
Moran Pre-technical Studies Learner’s BookMoran
Moran Pre-technical Studies Teacher’s GuideMoran
Pre-technical Studies Today Learner’s BookOxford
Pre-Technical Studies Today Teacher’s GuideOxford
Top Scholar Pre-technical Studies Learners BookKLB
Top Scholar Pre-technical Studies Teacher’s GuideKLB
Pre-technical Studies Learners BookOne Planet
Pre-technical Studies Teacher’s GuideOne Planet

Grade 7 Computer Science Textbooks

Longhorn Computer Science Learner’s BookLonghorn
Longhorn Computer Science Teacher’s GuideLonghorn
Computer Science Today Learner’s BookOxford
Computer Science Today Teacher’s GuideOxford
Blue Mark Computer Science Learner’s BookBlue Mark
Blue Mark Computer Science Teacher’s GuideBlue Mark

Grade 7 Approved Novela

Strange HappeningsOne Planet
Mji wa MatarajioOne Planet
Uteuzi wa ChaleOne Planet
Daughter of Nature and Other PoemsAccess Publishers
Mshale wa MatumainiAccess Publishers
Beka’s Misfortunes and Other StoriesEAEP
The Hidden PackageEAEP
Toby’s DiaryEAEP