List of Accredited Engineering Courses in Universities in Kenya

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For a student to be certified as an accredited engineer, he or she must have been enrolled in one of the accredited engineering courses in Kenya for a period of 5 years or more. The Engineers Board of Kenya is the board mandated to accredit engineering degree programs in Kenya, before private and public universities are allowed to offer the programs to students.

Accreditation of engineering programs, being offered in Universities in Kenya, is the process of assessing the adequacy and relevance of these courses against the available facilities.

Accreditation helps the engineers’ board identify the engineering programmes that meet the criteria for accreditation.

Upon graduating with one of the accredited engineering degrees in Kenya, the graduate can now apply to the EBK for a registration certificate as a qualified engineer.

Take note that you cannot get employed or practice as an engineer in Kenya if you pursue a course that is not accredited by EBK. You will be wasting your fees if you pursue engineering degrees not recognized by EBK in that university.

Some members of EBK at University of Eldoret for capacity building and accreditation of engineering degrees

Some members of EBK at the University of Eldoret for capacity building and accreditation of some engineering degrees.

Accredited Engineering Courses in Kenya per University

Only a total of 48 engineering degree courses in Kenya are accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya.

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Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DEKUT)

DEKUT offers the following  4 accredited Bachor of Science engineering degrees:

  1. BSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Mechatronic Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Civil Engineering)
  4. BSc. – (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Egerton University

One of the oldest universities in Kenya and has only one accredited engineering course: BSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

JKUAT has 8 accredited engineering courses:

  1. BSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Civil Engineering)
  4. BSc. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  5. BSc. – (Mechatronic Engineering)
  6. BSc. – (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)
  7. BSc. – (Marine Engineering)
  8. BSc. – (Mining and Mineral Engineering)

Kenyatta University Accredited Engineering Courses

Kenyatta University has only 3 engineering courses accredited by EBK:

  1. BSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Civil Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology

MMUST offers these 3 accredited engineering programs:

  1. BSc. – (Civil and Structural Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Electrical and Communication Engineering)

Moi University Accredited Engineering Courses

Moi University has the highest number of accredited engineering courses. Here are the 13 engineering courses at Moi University accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya:

  1. B.Eng. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
  2. B.Eng. – (Chemical & Process Engineering)
  3. B.Eng. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
  4. B.Eng. – (Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering)
  5. B.Eng. – (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  6. B.Eng. – (Industrial & Textile Engineering)
  7. B.Eng. – (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)
  8. B.Tech.-(Electrical and Communication Engineering)
  9. B.Tech.-(Civil & Structural Engineering)
  10. B.Tech.-(Textile Engineering)
  11. B.Tech.-(Chemical & Process Engineering
  12. B.Tech.-(Production Engineering)
  13. B.Tech.-(Mechanical & Production Engineering)
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Multimedia University of Kenya

Multimedia University has only 2 courses accredited by the  engineers board:

  1. BSc. – (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering)

Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

TUK has 2 accredited engineering programmes:

  1. B.Eng. – (Civil Engineering)
  2. B.Eng. – (Mechanical Engineering)

Technical University of Mombasa (TUM)

Technical University of Mombasa has 3 accredited engineering programmes:

  1. BSc. – (Civil Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

University of Eldoret

Here is a list of the 3 accredited engineering degrees at the University of Eldoret:

  1. B.Eng. – (Civil & Structural Engineering)
  2. B.Eng. – (Mechanical & Production Engineering)
  3. B.Eng. – (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)

University of Nairobi (UON) Accredited Engineering Courses

Only 6 engineering degrees are accredited at UON:

  1. BSc. – (Civil Engineering)
  2. BSc. – (Agricultural Engineering)
  3. BSc. – (Mechanical Engineering)
  4. BSc. – (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  5. BSc. – (Electrical Engineering)
  6. BSc. – (Biosystems Engineering)

Please do due diligence before pursuing any engineering degree in Kenya to avoid certification problems in the future. Take note that some universities in Kenya are accused by EBK of offering engineering degrees that are not accredited.

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