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How to Check KASNEB Exam Results in 2024

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KASNEB has availed several ways in which students who have completed various KASNEB examinations in different courses can access and view the exam results once they are ready. KASNEB students can view their exam results either through an SMS or through the ekasneb students portal.

If you wish to undertake KASNEB examinations can register for courses at any of the institutions accredited by KASNEB.

You will then be needed to pay various fees, both for the course at the hosting campus and for KASNEB registrations and exam bookings. You can check the various fees for KASNEB services here: Revised KASNEB Examination Fee Structure and how to pay

Towards the end of the course, you are required to book for exams and pay the booking fees in advance, before you are allowed to sit for the papers.

How to Check KASNEB Exam Results

KASNEB students using phone to access resources and exam results
A KASNEB student using a phone to access KASNEB services

You can access your results by sending an SMS to 20558 in a given format. You can also view results by logging in to the ekasneb portal.

Here is how you can access your KASNEB results in the two ways:

1. Access KASNEB Results by SMS

The SMS method is only applicable to Safaricom subscribers only.

Send an SMS to the number 20558 using the following format, to access your examination results:

Kasneb/registration number

For example, ATC/87061 where ATC/87061 is the registration number of the candidate. The SMS service will charge you at a premium rate of Sh. 10 per SMS.

2. Access KASNEB Results through the ekasneb Portal:

Before you can access the student portal, you first have to create an account by following easy steps.

You can find out how to create an account on the ekasneb portal by following this simple article: How to Create Account and Login to KASNEB Student Portal.

If you already have an account, you can proceed to sign in by providing your email and password. After successfully logging in, click on resources and select examination results.

From this page, you can get access to the exam papers you sat for. You can view, download or print your results as you desire.

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