How to Sign Up for Netflix in Kenya – Simple Steps

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How to sign up for free Netflix account in Kenya

As of November 1st, 2023, Netflix no longer offers the free mobile plan for viewers in Kenya. However, you can take advantage of the reduced subscription charges for all Netflix packages. To watch Netflix in Kenya, you must first sign up as a member and then download the Netflix mobile app, watch online or on smart TV. Signing up is very easy and you can set up your Netflix account in a few minutes and start enjoying your favourite TV shows.

There are no contracts with Netflix. You just sign up, subscribe to a plan, and start watching a wide range of select TV shows, movies, series, documentaries and animations. You can also download a movie to watch later while offline.

In case you are wondering how to pay for Netflix in Kenya, worry no more. You can always pay for your favourite package using the M-Pesa Global Pay, which you can set up from the comfort of your phone, hassle-free.

Unlike Showmax Kenya Packages, you cannot pay for Netflix directly with M-Pesa paybill option.

However, since Netflix only accepts Visa and Credit cards, you can use the GlobalPay service which enables M-Pesa users to generate a virtual Visa card. You can then use the card details generated to link your Netflix account to your M-Pesa wallet.

Netflix on mobile phones

Watch Netflix mobile package on phone and tablet

If you are new to the premium package, Netflix offers you a 30-day trial period to sample and enjoy premium content before you can commit your money.

Take note that the Netflix packages differ by the type and number of devices you can watch on. But the content across the packages is mostly the same.

How to Sign Up for Netflix in Kenya

  1. Download and install the Netflix app
  2. Open the app or go to the Netflix website
  3. Enter your email address and click Get Started
  4. Confirm that you are over 18 years
  5. Enter your preferred password
  6. Renter your password to confirm it is correct
  7. In a short while, your account will be created
  8. Proceed to the Netflix app and sign in with the details you created

You can now enjoy a wide variety of Netflix content free from adverts. You also have the option to create and manage a kids’ profile that will only show kids’ content.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade a package, you can do this very easily from the app by clicking on Upgrade, choose a package and then proceed to make your payment.

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