KNEC KCSE Physics Exam Topics Tested in Paper 1 and Paper 2

The beauty of KNEC KCSE physics exam papers is that the questions tested are normally organized according to topics. That is, topics are grouped in form of papers, paper 1 and paper 2.

There are 19 topics that are normally set in KNEC KCSE physics paper 1 and some 22 topics in paper 2.

These lists of topics will guide you as the student to know the areas that are usually set in each paper.

This will save you time so that during your study, you will only focus on specific areas set in paper 1 or paper 2 when studying for that paper.

Topics Set in the KNEC KCSE Physics Paper 1

Topics set in KCSE physics paper 1

Topic Level
1 Introduction to Physics F1
2 Measurement 1 & 2 F1 & 2
3 Force F1
4 Pressure F1
5 Particulate Nature of Matter F1
6 Thermal Expansion F1
7 Heat Transfer F1
8 Turning Effect of Force F2
9 Equilibrium and Centre of Gravity F2
10 Hooke’s Law F2
11 Fluid Flow F2
12 Linear Motion F3
13 Newton’s Laws of Motion F3
14 Work, Energy, Power and Machines F3
15 Quantity of Heat F3
16 Gas Laws F3
17 Uniform Circular Motion F4
18 Floating and Sinking F4

KNEC KCSE Physics Paper 2 Topicskcse physics paper 2 topics

Topic Level
1 Rectilinear Propagation of Light and Reflection at Plane Surfaces F1
2 Cells and Simple Circuits F1
3 Electrostatics 1 & 2 F1 & 3
4 Magnetism F2
5 Reflection at Curved Surfaces F2
6 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current F2
7 Waves 1 & 2 F2 & 3
8 Sound F2
9 Refraction of Light F3
10 Current Electricity F3
11 Heating Effect of Electric Current F2
12 Thin Lenses F4
13 Electromagnetic Spectrum F4
14 Mains Electricity F4
15 Electromagnetic Induction F4
16 Cathode Rays and Cathode Ray tube F4
17 Photoelectric Effect F4
18 X – Rays F4
19 Radioactivity F4
20 Electronics F4

There you have it! I hope these KNEC KCSE physics exam topics will guide you to understand and know exactly the areas tested in each physics exam paper.

Areas that are mainly set in KCSE physics paper 3 include Mechanics, Optics and Electricity.

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