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KUCCPS: How to Apply for Inter University Transfer for 2020/2021

Every year, KUCCPS gives students a time frame to change the universities and colleges placed to. 2019 candidates have between June 15 to August 15, 2020, to do their transfer application. In the KUCCPS university transfer process for 2020, I will guide you step by step on how to do it.

Apart from KUCCPS inter-university transfer or institution transfer, you can even do a change of course if you need to.

In May, the year 2019 candidates who had applied for their second revision through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service board (KUCCPS) had a chance to know the courses and institutions they have been placed in.

While the majority of the 2019 candidates are happy after having been placed in the courses and institutions they chose, quite a number are not satisfied with the results.

Normally, all TVET and undergraduate courses are allocated by KUCCPS against the backdrop of the stated capacity in the particular institution the student wants to pursue a course.

Competition and cluster points also come into play when the capacity is very low.

Sometimes when a student does not meet the minimum requirements for the choices he/she applied for, then the board will put the student in any other course available, even if the student never applied for the course.

There are reasons why you may want to change an institution. Maybe you want to do Nursing and it is not being offered in the university you were placed.

Whatever the reason, use the following guidelines to apply for transfer from your current institution to another of your choice:

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Step 1: Requirements for Inter-University Transfer

Do note that the transfer window is from June 15, 2020, to August 15, 2020

  • To be eligible for transfer, KUCCPS must have placed you in the programme you want to transfer from.
  •  You should confirm that you meet the minimum requirements for the course you want to pursue. Some courses like education do require students to have scored at least a mean grade of C+ and at least C+ in the two subjects the students want to teach. At this point, you should check the core subjects required for your desired course and minimum grades affixed to them.
  • You should meet the cut-off point for the course in the respective placement year. In this case year 2019.
  • The course you applied for must have been offered in the year you were placed.
  • You can only apply to transfer to one programme.
  • You will only transfer once for the duration of the programme placed.

Step 2: Login to KUCCPS portal

Head over to the kuccps.net website and click on Student’s Portal. Click on Login and enter your login details:

Your KCSE full index number, the year you did your KCSE, and the password. Password is your bath certificate number or your last KCPE index number.

When you hit ENTER, you are brought to the Dashboard. There should be a message congratulating you and indicating the course and institution you have been placed in.

If you are happy with the results then you don’t have to change the university or college. Otherwise, read on.


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Step 3: Selecting the Course

Click on the Programmes tabs to go to the programmes page. You will see categories of courses grouped as Degree Programmes, Diploma Programmes, Certificate, and Artisan Programmes.

Scroll down or search the course you want and follow the link to reach the minimum requirement page for that particular programme.

Under available programmes, look for the university or college you want to transfer to. You may want to click on the institution acronym to reveal the full name of the institution.

Check your cut-off points against the current year’s cut-off points (for example 2019 cut-off) column. Your points should either be less or equal to that of the institution you want to transfer to.

Once you have settled on the program you want to undertake, note down the 7 digit programme code for that particular institution you want to transfer to.

Step 4: Apply for the transfer

Click on the Transfers tab and go through the instructions in the Transfers dashboard. Once you are satisfied, click on the Transfer Application tab.

You will see your initial placement and a box to enter the 7 digit code you noted down earlier.

Enter the code into the box and move to finalize the application details and state the reason for the transfer.

Step 5: Application fee payment

An application processing fee of Ksh1,000 is charged per application. A prompt for the M-PESA transaction code will appear at the point of submission. Keep the transaction code safe as it may be required again.

CAUTION! Do not make any payment before you are prompted to pay or after the application deadline has passed!

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Only pay when you reach the stage you are told to pay the processing fee. The pay bill number and the full account number will be displayed at this stage.

Payments to KUCCPS are made through the Business Number 820201. The account number follows the format; enter your KCSE Year and KCSE Index Number (no space).

Step 6: Submit the application to the Receiving institution

Upon receiving the application, the receiving institution, or the institution you want to go to, will endorse the transfer applications through their online portal and submits.

The releasing institution (where you are currently placed) will then receive the applications and clear you through their institutions portal and submit.

The endorsed applications reach the KUCCPS CEO for approval. At this stage, KUCCPS will generate a transfer letter which can be accessed by you the student and the two institutions involved.

Step 7: Download the transfer letter

You can then download the approved transfer letter through the KUCCPS portal and present it to the new institution for admission.

Remember the online application for transfer runs from 15th June 2020 to 15th July 2020.

Once you have made an application for transfer, you can monitor the progress of your application via the KUCCPS student portal.

We have reached the end. Thank you for reading.

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