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We provide teachers schemes of work and notes in editable Microsoft word and pdf formats, ready to be used by teachers in Kenya.

To download the schemes of work for your subject, scroll down until you get your subject and your intended class. The word document will start downloading immediately once you click on it.

When the download is complete, locate the document in the download folder on your computer or under downloads in android smartphones.

You can download all the free resources on this page.

You can also get the schemes by clicking this link.

Apart from the schemes of work, we also have teaching notes for various high school subjects in Kenya.

The notes will be available in either pdf form or Microsoft word form, which can easily be opened by your smartphone or computer.

We shall keep on updating the notes so that you get up to date resources and also the once that were not available before.

So keep checking this page and site to know when the missing notes are available. We will try our best to update and avail resources as soon as we get them.

You will find notes by clicking on the same link above or by following this link.

To help you organize your lessons in a professional way, we have also included a section on the accredited KICD syllabuses.

We provide these syllabuses in either pdf form or word form, again so that your smartphone or computer can easily open them.

You are free to contact us at info@jitimu.com to request any teachers’ schemes of work and notes or any related material.

We shall try our best to get your requested material as soon as we get hold of it.

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